Top 8 Best Countries To Travel In May 2022 - The Ultimate Guide

May is the perfect travel time for many parts of the world: to go hiking, enjoy a cold beer, enjoy the great weather, take a dip on the beach, and experience special art and culture. Whether you are making a plan for a long trip or simply a short break somewhere sunny, please find below our recommended list of the top 8 best countries to travel to in May 2002:

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1. Vietnam

May is the ideal time to travel to explore all parts of Vietnam. The beauty of Vietnam stretches across the country and you can come here all year round. Let's take a look at the famous destinations of the three regions of Vietnam:

Moc Chau – plum season

If you travel to Vietnam in May 2022, you should immediately visit the Moc Chau dairy plateau. Visiting Moc Chau plateau in the ripening plum season, you will experience picking plums at garden houses in Na Ka valley, Mu Nau valley,... Not only can you enjoy them on the spot but you can also buy plums as a gift. In addition to the enchanting plum valleys, do not forget to visit the green tea hills and beautiful waterfalls like a fairy scene such as Dai Yem waterfall, Chieng Khoa waterfall, etc when you travel to Moc Chau in May 2022.


You can also visit Ha Long Bay, an island recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage; Take photos at the blue Co On the beach or taste grilled hill chicken in Mai Chau, etc.

Da Nang - Hoi An

Where should you travel in May in Central Vietnam? You should visit the heritage road Da Nang - Hoi An. Along with the ancient space and beautiful check-in places. And of course, Hoi An cuisine with delicious dishes such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, or Mót's traditional herbal drink are also attractive to tourists. In particular, visiting Hoi An in May, you can enjoy playing at the emerging destination of Cu Lao Cham with crystal clear water to the bottom. This is an important world biosphere reserve in Vietnam, so it still retains its original beauty.

In addition, you can sip cocktails while watching the sea at Surf Bar, Quy Nhon, visit Cham Towers and My Son Sanctuary, and play thrilling games at Vinpearland Nha Trang, etc.

The West - fruit season

The fruit capital of the Western region will be an interesting destination for you and your family in the upcoming May trips with the durian, rambutan, and mangosteen,... have just reached the ripe fruit season, giving off a sweet and fruity aroma. Visiting these gardens, you can personally pick summer fruits and enjoy them on the spot. You can also buy fruits as gifts at extremely low prices. In addition to fruit-laden gardens.

Do not forget to visit other attractive Western tourist destinations such as Cai Rang floating market, Tra Su melaleuca forest, Binh Thuy ancient house, etc.

Phu Quoc - Resort of paradise

One of the most ideal vacation destinations for May 2022 in Vietnam is the Phu Quoc city on the island with beaches as smooth as cotton ice cream. Although the weather in the South is at the beginning of the rainy season in May, Phu Quoc beach still has not had many heavy and heavy showers of rain, so the waves are calm and it is still sunny.

In addition to enjoying a vacation, we recommend you add a brand new destination that has just been opened, which is Phu Quoc United Center - a super population that does not sleep with the poetic scenery of the canals just like the romantic European land. Not only that, but you can also participate in many interesting entertainment activities: Casino, Hong Kong market, Vinpearl Safari, 18-hole golf course, etc.

Bustling Ho Chi Minh City or Vung Tau with blue sea, white sand, glorious sunshine, etc are also destinations not to be missed in South Vietnam in May 2022.

2. Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the favorite destinations of every tourist when they travel to Europe. It is a peaceful, quiet country, distinguished by its diverse culture. If you want to discover the rich history of Dutch art, relax or enjoy a taste of fine draft beer, the Netherlands is the place you should visit on your next vacation in May 2022.

If you want to experience the Dutch lifestyle, you can visit the country at any time of the year. Because this country of windmills organizes hundreds of festivals and special events throughout the year. So, if you are relaxing along the canals in Amsterdam, walking outdoors, or having lunch in Rotterdam, do not wait any longer because this season is the perfect time to visit the Netherlands.

April and May are the best times to visit the Netherlands, especially for visitors who love to see the world-famous tulips. Tulip season lasts until May, but early May is the time when these flowers are in full bloom. Spring is the season for tulips to bloom, so you will have the opportunity to see this breathtaking natural landscape all over the country.

Referring to the Netherlands, the tourist destination that almost everyone knows is Hoge Veluwe National Park. This park is located in Gelderland province. Coming to this park, you will be immersed in nature with primeval forests, plateaus, etc. You also can observe many kinds of animals.

Heading to the countryside, places like Alkmaar, Haarlem, or Delft, you can cycle around the city and escape the bustle of Amsterdam. This is also the time for unique events and festivals, such as the Canal Festival and the Amsterdam Pride Parade.

Keukenhof Flower Festival is a festival held from March 20 to May 18 every year at the Keukenhof flower garden. This is a flower garden with about 7 million flowers. This flower festival has a separate theme with different programs and allows visitors to understand the legendary stories about tulips.

When they refer to the famous tourist destinations in the Netherlands, it is worth mentioning the Amsterdam canal - a tourist icon of the Netherlands. Amsterdam Canal has a length of more than 100km with 1500 bridges and 1550 monuments along the canal creating a poetic picture. The tourist attraction of the Amsterdam canal is that in addition to the busy shopping centers and vibrant life, there are also hundreds of years old architecture. You can rent a boat to float around the old town, and admire the peaceful, ancient houses hiding behind trees, and green and mossy gardens.

Kinderdijk windmill village is also a famous tourist destination in the Netherlands with a system of 19 nearly 300 years old windmills. Kinderdijk windmill village in South Holland province is the largest concentration of windmills in the Netherlands and was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. Coming here, you not only admire the veteran windmills that are still preserved intact but also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful land of Kinderdijk with winding trails, enjoy the peaceful, cool atmosphere of the countryside and watch the romantic sunset beside a certain wooden house along the road.

3. South Africa

Located in the southern region of Africa, located in the Southern Hemisphere, South Africa's climate year-round is quite pleasant. South Africa is surrounded by the sea on three sides, the altitude increases gradually to the north, South Africa has many climate zones but is quite temperate.

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May is the right time for excursions around the wildlife parks because the weather is very favorable. Moreover, this is also the low season to visit, the national parks are almost not crowded, except for Kruger park. Going to South Africa, once sitting in a cabin exploring a vast nature reserve, and suddenly seeing strange animals make everyone's heart flutter before the majestic but simple beauty of wild nature.

KwaZulu-Natal is one of South Africa's smallest provinces. Otherwise, it is more than offset by a fascinating mix of safari trips in private reserves and national parks, beaches sandy subtropics, the dramatic Drakensberg Mountains for hiking, and a host of historic landmarks including important battlefields and the site where Nelson Mandela was eventually arrested by police. Book now if you want to go on wildlife-watching trips to places like Phinda Private Nature Reserve and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi National Park start to get crowded as the drier and cooler weather kicks in.

The Eastern Cape Province is a great place to end a self-drive on the Garden Route or join a “beginner wildlife adventure”. Aside from the usual "Big 5" - lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, and rhinos - the third-largest national park in the country has a marine reserve where you can spot great white sharks and south whales.

Cape Town is one of the most attractive destinations on the planet because of its vibrant pace of life, multi-ethnic culture, and nature itself. This young city is also the capital of the Western Cape province, the legislative capital of South Africa (alongside Pretoria and Bloemfontein).

Cape Town is famous for many tourist attractions that visitors can hardly ignore once they arrive here such as Table Mountain, Lion's Head, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, False Bay, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope - the southernmost point of Africa.

Coming to Johannesburg, visitors will have the opportunity to set foot in the world's largest diamond mines, and admire the extremely splendid, luxurious, and precious diamonds.

4. Korea

It seems that there are 1001 good reasons to visit Korea on glorious Maydays. In addition to the pleasant weather, with the lowest temperature being 13 degrees Celsius and the highest one being 23 degrees Celsius, the sky is clear, and flights are also often reasonably priced because the peak season is March-May and September – November.

What makes Korea become a “hot” tourist destination in Asia in May 2022 is the extremely special festivals. Annual Damyang's Bamboo Festival takes place in early May, with the opportunity to enjoy wine made from bamboo stalks, make bamboo crafts by hand, and fish with bamboo baskets. There is also the Boseong Green Tea Festival.

It is not enough to spend a whole day to tell about traveling to Korea, because this place possesses many ideal attractions. We not only have Seoul but also Busan, Jeju Island, Nami Island, and many more places.

Seoul is not only the capital of Korea but also the tourist center of "Kim Chi land". This place owns many famous places that you should arrange to visit once such as:

Gyeongbokgung Palace – the largest main palace among the 7 palaces:

  1. Namsan Tower, the highest place in Seoul
  2. Lotte World Park
  3. Garden of Morning Calm
  4. Seokchon Lake
  5. Bukchon Hanok Village
  6. Everland Park
  7. Changdeokgung Palace.

Traveling to Korea is not to be missed Busan. As the second-largest city in Korea after Seoul, it is famous for its many scenic spots, especially sunny beaches, and fresh seafood markets. You should spend time visiting many places in Busan such as Beomeosa Temple – the oldest temple in Korea at more than 1300 years old, Oryukdo Skywalk Glass Bridge, Busan Tower to see the whole Busan, Haeundae Beach - the most beautiful beach in Busan with a length of up to 12km, with smooth golden sand, clear blue sea.

As a famous island in Korea, Jeju has a temperate climate, so it is suitable for relaxing and visiting. Jeju is also famous for Jeju Volcano which is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can plan to visit many places here such as Hamdeok Beach – the most famous beach on Jeju Island, Udo Island – a small island located next to Jeju Island, and Seongsan Peak – a volcano that has been dormant for more than 4000 years. As a place to watch an extremely beautiful sunrise, you can also enjoy visiting and taking photos for yourself here.

Korean tourism is not only on Jeju Island if you have seen the movie "Winter Sonata", but Nami Island is also the main scene in that movie. Nami Island has a wonderful beauty, the weather is quite pleasant with many majestic natural landscapes, many impressive ancient architectures, and even man-made waterfalls.

5. Germany

Going to Germany in the period from May to September is the best choice. Despite occasional showers, the warm weather and long days make May the best month to fully explore Germany.

The weather is usually mild and pleasant in late spring. Regardless of the weather, there are plenty of interesting events in Germany from May to September. Whether it is Hamburg's Hafengeburtstag, Berlin's Karneval, or Munich's world-famous Oktoberfest, you will enjoy your time here.

The warmer weather comes just in time for the locals to enjoy the many holidays and parties in May, which begins with Labor Day at the beginning of the month. Berlin is especially bustling on this day, filled with street parties and parades. During the latter days of the month, inspired by Rio de Janeiro, Berlin hosts the Carnival of Cultures – a four-day festival that celebrates the city's cultural diversity – while Hamburg hosts concerts, fairs, and fireworks during the Hafengeburtstag festival. If you prefer a little more seclusion, head to Göttingen for the International Handel Festival's classical concerts and opera performances.

Beer is an important part of German culture and perhaps nowhere offers a better beer culture experience than one of the five cities: Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Nuremberg.

Germany's island of ancient forests, fanciful lakes, rolling, vineyard-filled hills, and windswept Baltic coast, it is no wonder that hiking is considered one of the best activities when you travel to this country. Germany's most popular entertainment. To discover the most diverse and beautiful nature walking routes, please visit: Lohmen, Saxony; Blankenburg, Saxony-Anhalt; Ilsenburg, Saxony; Anhaltl Sebnitz, Saxony; Masserberg, Thuringia.

If you are looking for a place for the whole family to play together, Germany is the ideal destination for a water park trip. Whether you would like to surf down a winding slide or float in the waves in the middle of a vast lake, there are the top water parks for both indoor and outdoor activities. Get ready for your bathing suit and explore the country's amazing water attractions at: Aqualand Freizeitbad, Cologne; Galaxy Erding, Erding; Tropical Islands, Krausnickl Europabad Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe; Bayern-Park, Reisbach.

If you want to get away from the heat of summer and dispel the fatigue of daily work, come to Europe in May 2022, and visit the island of Sylt to soothe.

Berlin is one of the best places to travel to Europe in May. It is known for its vibrant culture, vibrant architecture, flourishing arts, great food, and buzzing nightlife. Places to visit when traveling to Berlin: Go to Berliner Funkturm for a panoramic view of the city, visit the Deutsches Theater, or the Berlin Philharmonic for classical music performances, and visit of historical center Mitte Berlin. What to see in Berlin: Pergamon and Altes, Gemäldegalerie Art Gallery Museum, Bode Museum, Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Stasi Museum, Bundestag.

6. Greece

Greece combines ancient historical and cultural features into the flow of its natural beauty. Possessing much breathtaking beauty, this land will be one of the most attractive countries to travel to in May 2022. If you can travel in May or October it will be ideal! The midsummer season is the best time to cruise through the islands in Greece thanks to glorious weather and frequent ferry services. Most ferry routes open their schedules in May

If you are interested in activities like Greek hiking, island trails, or birdwatching, the best times to visit are in the spring and fall. The mountains and fields are filled with an array of wildflowers during spring and the temperatures are still not too hot to walk all day. Lesvos, Crete, and Tilos are all great for birdwatching in the spring. Belarus is also home to some of the best hiking in Greece, with the famous Samaria gorge being a hotspot.

If you are a passionate swimmer, it is best to enjoy the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Aegean waters.

Many of the Greek islands have been known for their bustling nightlife over the years with everything from '90s clubs to stylish beach bars in Mykonos. Mykonos islands, Paros, Ios, and Skiathos are the best regions for nightlife, with world-renowned DJs playing during the summer months.

If you love romantic sunsets, then Santorini is a destination not to be missed in your summer Europe travel itinerary. The sunset in Oia overlooking the crater is one of the best in the world. Not only that, but the view from the infinity pools on the crater is also amazing.

Traveling to Athens, visitors will be overwhelmed by the ancient, majestic, and magnificent space of works imbued with Roman architecture and culture. You will never forget a capital intact with the outstanding tourist attractions including the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Athena Nike temple, the Acropolis temple complex (the temple of the gods on Olympia), the ancient Agora and the theater of Dionysos, the temple of Zeus, the hill of Lycabettus, the sea of ​​Nea Mark and many more valuable places waiting for you to explore.

Mykonos is one of the best tourist attractions in Greece located entirely in the Aegean Sea. It is a picturesque town with street mazes, whitewashed lanes, and iconic windmills. The nightlife on this island is as diverse and vibrant as a reunion of fun heaven with bars, chic restaurants, and clubs.

Zakynthos or Zante is the third-largest island of the Ionian archipelago. The island is endowed with jagged coastlines, beautiful villages, and unspoiled beaches. Zakynthos is also famous for the endangered Caretta sea turtles frequented and inhabited.

Traveling to Greece will be extremely wasteful if you ignore attractive dishes for your journey. You should look at eateries, restaurants,s or places where indigenous people often go. This will help us find a place that is both ideal and affordable while also satisfying the raging hunger inside you. Typical Greek dishes: Moussaka is made from sliced ​​eggplant, mashed potatoes, and ground meat mixed with spicy sauce and put in the oven; Fasolatha is a soup from white beans, eggplant, then grated with some vegetables such as onions, carrot,s, and celery; Souvlaki is the perfect combination of grilled meat and special Greek sauces; round Koulouri bread with layers of sesame topping surface.

7. Australia

Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. May is the time when the land of kangaroos is entering autumn. The weather at this time is relatively cool and pleasant. Australia looks like an aromantic beautiful painting picture with a clear high sky, the light white clouds, shining glorious sunlight of the sunset

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Traveling to Australia in May 2022, do not forget to visit Mount Field National Park. This is one of the most ideal places for tourists to see autumn leaves. In addition, there is the equally famous Lake St Clair National Park in the theCradlel Mountain range. Coming to this place, you will admire the Fagus beech tree changing its leaves.

Canberra is the heart and soul of Australians. Canberra is most beautiful in autumn. With rows of red-leaved trees stretching, shading the winding small roads.

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Some must-see places to visit in Australia include: Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Tower, The Rocks Old Town, Darling Harbor, St Mary's Church, Byron Bay, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Jervis Bay, Parliament House, National Library of Australia, National Museum of Australia, Queen Victoria Market, Australian Animation Centre, Royal Botanica Garden National Park, etc

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It is so exciting to experience the life of a herdsman along with Oodnadatta Track - South Australia, head to green Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory or head to Kununurra in Western Australia to see the majestic Ord Valley Muster, log rafting on Tasmania's wild west coast or fish and camp along the Murrumbidgee River Corridor, near Canberra. Fall is a time of a range of activities, from food and wine festivals to fashion weeks and the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne.

The vivid Sydney Light Festival is held from May to June every year. Coming to Australia at this time, visitors will be overwhelmed by the majestic and elaborate light show. Along with that, there are extremely lively music nights. You can immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere, bustling around the street with beautiful and eye-catching "light parties". Under the colorful LED lights, the Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Hyde Park, etc. become vivid and strangely splendid.

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You also have the opportunity to participate in a unique food festival with many delicious and attractive dishes from all over the country. In addition, visitors will enjoy delicious glasses of wine - a very famous specialty drink here.

8. Hungary

Hungary - the heart of Europe, is remembered and touched the hearts of tourists around the world with its extremely romantic scenes. Along with that, this place also has the most magnificent and massive architecture in the world. So, what kind of scenery and food does Hungary have that attracts so much?

The best time to visit Hungary is summer and autumn. Summer in Hungary is the season of festivals. Cool, dry weather is very suitable for you to have fun. Do not forget to visit the lavender fields as well.

In European countries, the public transport system is extremely developed and modern. Coming to Hungary, you can choose to travel by bus, bicycle, Metr,o or tram on the ground. Usually, for the most convenience, people will often use the Metro to move to the attractions. After that, people will walk between nearby attractions.

The bucket list travel when you come to Hungary:

  • Danube River: The first destination you should visit when you set foot in Hungary is the Danube River. This is the river that divides the "heart of Europe" into two parts. Around the river is a lot of entertainment spots. Especially, standing here, you will admire the wonderful sunset view.
  • Hungarian Royal Palace: Surely you will be amazed at the massive beauty of this place. The palace is located in a very prime location that is in the middle of the city of Budapest. Come here in the evening when the lights are on to see the most shimmering of the palace.

  • Tihany Resort: Come to the resort around May every year to see lavender and almond blossoms in full bloom. The area of ​​the resort is quite small but welcomes a large number of guests every day.

The splendid city of Budapest located on the Danube is a city that you must visit when traveling to Europe in the summer. It is known for its lively old town, magnificent Buda Castle, the beautiful St Stephen's Church and Parliament, its delightful park,s, and historic Heroes' Square. It is a good idea to taste the city's specialties before plunging into the nightlife

The Hungarian Parliament Building is also a famous attraction in Budapest. It is featured domes and towers built in the ancient Gothic style and 88 decorated statues. The Hungarian Parliament Building is located on the peaceful and beautiful banks of the Danube River, highlighting the old architecture of this place.

As Hungary's largest and tallest church on Istvan Square, St. Stephen's is the place to worship the first emperor of Hungary and was canonized in 1083. Especially, the church is also attractive because this is the place to keep and preserve the right hand of Saint Stephen – the hand that was still intact when it was excavated from his crypt.

If Szentendre is famous for its European atmosphere with many great art museums, or Visegrád is the small castle of a Renaissance palace, then Esztergom is the impressive Basilica.

Shopping is one of the most loved activities in travel. If you are wondering what's outstanding in Hungary to buy as a gift, please refer to some of these products: paprika, fashionable clothes, and souvenirs.


Do you want to travel to the best countries in May 2022? Wow! What an interesting idea! You know, May is said to be the ideal time for you to have an attractive trip. The destinations are not too crowded, hotel prices are not high nor 'out of the room', and travel costs also become more economical. The price of tours in May is not only cheap but there are also many promotional packages and a variety of incentives for you to choose from.

However, if you are wondering where to go to explore, where to travel for a better experience? Then we have suggested the countries to travel to in May 2022 above! Because May is a month dedicated to exciting journeys and exciting experiences, do not miss it!