How To Keep Safe and Healthy During the Excursion

The fear is present for everyone when visiting somewhere. But it does not mean you just shut the door up. You need to prepare.

Whatever and whenever you travel, you should prepare when it comes to your health and safety. How do you keep safe and healthy during your excursion? If you are worried about how secure it is to do your traveling plan, this guide is for you. You will release the risk of getting sick and travel problems.

How to stay safe and healthy while traveling

Before you go

Before the trip, you will need to pre-plan for your travels and predict any problems that might arise.

Check your health status

Make sure that your health is good before planning your journey. If you are sick, you will spread diseases to other passengers. Recognize your health status to plan your route wisely. When you get sick, you should postpone the trip and stay at home for a while.

Arrange to get shots

Your practitioner ought to recommend you get vaccinated before you go. Show your route to them so that they can advise you on what types of medications and vaccines you should have. Arrange your schedule to get some shots at least a month initially. Well, some vaccines possibly take two or four weeks to be fully effective.

Get to know the destination

Do your research about the destination before arriving. Spend time reading all traveler reviews and consult a local agent. By doing this, you will know the safest places to travel and stay. You even are wary of incidences of crime.

Another attention point is that you should know whom to call in an urgent situation. It is not a bad idea to seek information from the local police station or emergency departments.

Do not forget the health kit

When packing your luggage, remember to bring your health kit. It might include:

  • Your health plan ID card
  • Your regular medication (tablets, pills, and prescriptions about your common remedies such as stomach issues, colds, allergies, headaches, and other pain relief symptoms)

  • Some medical devices could rescue you on the air if you have chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc. They should go with you. Ask the airline clerk to know that your medical devices will be in the passenger compartment or checked with your baggage. In case you use a private vehicle, medical devices are not a big matter.
  • Hygiene supplies (hand sanitizer, tissues, and face masks) can reduce the symptoms of colds, flu, and sneezing. Always store them in your suitcase or carry-on.

Choose and check your destination

It is so exciting to select and decide the destination. You will discover new land and enjoy the moment. Aside from that task, do not forget to check the health advice of the destination. Depending on where you will plan and what you will be taking, check all information about the place.

Consider health insurance

Some tourists do not care about their health insurance and I would say that it is a vast mistake. This is because you do not know what will happen on your next trip. Therefore, you should think of health insurance for travelers.

  • Trip cancellation insurance: this covers your financial investment in your journey.
  • Travel health insurance: in case your health insurance policy does not include, you should consider additional insurance. If not, you will pay for all the services when you have to go to a hospital or a clinic overseas.
  • Medical evacuation insurance: if you get injured or sick in a country where medication is not included, medical evacuation insurance might rescue you a lot. It will cover the transporting cost to a place where you receive a high-quality care system.

Protect your house when you are away

Before you enjoy the trip, you should stop receiving emails. You know, overflowing mail in your mailbox is a great sign for thieves. They will realize that your house is empty.

At that time, important documents will be stolen from the mailbox. Besides, you need to lock the electricity and water system so that your house will be safe. Please keep in mind that you are not an attractive target when traveling.

Pack smart

Now, you have the right excursion. It is time to get a suitcase and supplies. Clothes, shoes, health kits for traveling, health records, and small accessories – are the most vital. Furthermore, you should add some items such as masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wet wipes, disposable gloves, and plastic bags to remove old gloves.

Pack your favorite snacks and bottled drinks to reduce the time to contact others. It is a good idea to get a bag for clothes, especially your underwear because it ensures that those will be clean. Moreover, you could bring your drape to cover the bed sheet at the hotel.

Your electricity device will also be protected if you cover them in special bags. It is also better to carry power sockets as some countries use different sockets from your smart devices.

Keep records of crucial documents

If your wallet or any document is stolen during the trip, you should calm down. It is crucial to know what is missing. Before you enter the trip, take note of all the information from your credit and debit cards, regular medical insurance (if relevant), bank accounts, and driver’s license. This will support you to figure out who to call after theft and what you will tell them.

Learn some common travel scams

Whether you visit a fancy cruise or a resort, you will always meet people ready to trick you. If you are lucky enough, they will not damage you. However, there are much craftier and more professional con-artists out on the place. How could you learn about popular travel scams? Read the newspaper, follow the local news, and join the local community.

Learn some basic self-defense

You do not have to get black-belt skills, but participating in a few self-defense classes is a worthy investment for your safety. You even join in a street-effective class like Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

While you are traveling

Now, you are out on your trip with your family or friends. Here are a few tips to check out and protect them and yourself.

Head out your intended route

Unless you start a safety peril, maintain your intended track during your trip. This is because your emergency contact will not recognize your new plan. And it will be complex for rescue authorities to find you.

Be suspicious of public Wireless

The convenience of Internet access could confuse your judgment. When you use public Wireless, hackers can steal your information such as social security numbers and your credit card. If you need Internet service, you could establish a virtual private network. It will enable you to access the Internet securely while traveling.

Shield the hotel room

Every hotel has strong security measures, but it does not mean your hotel room is harmless. You should take some further steps to make your room safer.

  • Always keep all windows and small doors shut
  • Lock the main door and other doors
  • Use a jammer to take under the door as an extra layer of protection
  • Place the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the main door
  • Turn on the light in front of the main door (if relevant). Everyone knows that you are always in the room

  • Use curtains on all doors
  • Never let strangers into the room (even if they say that they are hotel employees. Call the receptionist to make sure that someone is the hotel staff and they are coming to your room)

Ask advice from locals

If you want to know whether the place is safe or not, you should ask a resident. Most of the time, locals are friendly and they will warn you about dangerous points in the area. If a stranger gives you any advice, you need to get a second opinion – how much taxi fares, where to find a good place to eat, etc.

You can get a small talk from a taxi driver, but always pay attention to the real situation. Some people could be fantastic sources to get information. Others are assholes who might scam you or lead you into any trouble. When taking a local taxi or a private car, remember the taxi driver's name and the number shown in the car.

Always update your trip to your family and friends

Once you have landed on the trip, make sure that your family and friends know. In case you travel with your family or friends, it is necessary to call or email other members. Where you are going, what your general plans are, when you should come back – these are vital information to let your family members or close friends know.

Be wary of your drinks

Drinks are a part of any party, especially during the trip. You will have fun, taste lots of local brews, and dance. However, do not lose your control in a strange place. You do not know what your drink contains. Someone might drop drugs on your cocktail! The most vital factor in keeping safe in a foreign environment is to stay in the monitor your situation and be aware of your surroundings.

Pay attention to food

When traveling, do not be frightened of the food. Eating new food could be a marvelous experience for you on an adventure around the world. To get food safety, you can try these small tips:

  • Find popular places to eat (I mean food stalls, small restaurants, and food courts)
  • Try to discover how food is prepared
  • Bring some pills for your stomach
  • Wash fruits before eating to avoid bacteria

Bottom line

If you comply with those tips in my guideline, you have a better opportunity to avoid hazardous circumstances while traveling. Some bad situations take a long time to return to normal states. And you do not want to have an awful experience, right?