The Best Destinations To Travel Around Europe This May 2022

The most popular time to visit Europe is early summer, especially from May to July because travelers can swim, sunbathe, visit and participate in attractive festivals. If you are a lover of outdoor activities, you will surely fall in love with Europe's magnificent natural landscapes and wild places.

Culture enthusiasts visit European cities to discover their history, with their grand museums, opulent palaces, splendid castles, and unique artistic heritage. Not only that, vibrant nightlife, colorful festivals, exciting entertainment activities, and wonderful things are waiting for you to discover in Europe this May 2022. Where are the best destinations this summer?

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Corfu, Greece - A summer tourist destination in Europe with mythical beauty

It is no coincidence that Corfu - the second-largest island of the Ionian Archipelago - is always among the top 10 most beautiful islands in Europe, in the Mediterranean, voted by Independent and Reuters. Traveling to Greece and visiting Corfu island is that you have discovered a part of the Ionian Islands, a collection of islands off the western coast of mainland Greece. Compared to other Greek islands, Corfu is much greener, with lush vegetation that benefits from wet winters and hot dry summers. The island is full of olive trees, making it an ideal Mediterranean relaxing destination. Here you can enjoy attractive activities such as swimming and relax on the beach.

In addition to swimming, you can visit the old town of Corfu, one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The streets here are narrow but clean, dotted here and there with fortresses, and classical castles and interspersed with eateries and restaurants. Coming to the green Corfu island, do not miss visiting the d'Amour canal, one of the natural wonders of Corfu, where there are majestic cliffs and caves along the beautiful small beaches.

Not only has charming beauty to fascinate people, but Corfu island also attracts tourists with its mythological nature. According to Greek mythology, Corfu is the place where the hero Hercules rested and was captivated by the Naiad river fairy. This is also considered the place where the hero of the epic Homer: Odyssey stopped in his journey to conquer Troy. In addition, here, visitors will always see the words "agia", "agii" and "agios" appearing in the names of ships, temples, or landmarks. Those are variations of the word "holy". The patron saint of Corfu is Spyridon, or Spiros for short, and here one in four men bears his name.

Paris - fascinating French culture

Paris, the capital of France, Paris is a magnificent city of unique architecture, the elegance of the natives along with the luxury of famous fashion brands, which is one of the worthy destinations. The city is an ideal Europe destination for every traveler.

Paris is one of those cities that keep you busy year-round but in the summer – as in most European cities – locals make the most of the city's attractions. Cafes open to sidewalks, parks become places to meet and socialize, and people enjoy the warm weather with outdoor concerts and other events. All will make you revel in the fascinating culture of this enchanting city and a trip to France is sure to be on your to-do list.

The most popular tourist attraction in Paris is the magnificent Eiffel Tower - the symbol of France, the Champs-Élysées with sparkling lights with luxurious shops, the majestic Arc de Triomphe - marking a milestone in heroic history.

Paris with many other great attractions such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Jardin des Plantes botanical gardens and the National Museum of Natural History, Louvre museum, Versailles palace, Latin Quarter, Square of Tertre, Moulin Rouge, Disneyland Paris and don't miss the peaceful and romantic Seine river cruise to enjoy the panoramic Paris view.

The City of Light has a romantic and ancient shirt with countless famous landscapes. Not only that, but Paris is also the cradle of European culinary art, with hundreds of quality and unique restaurants. These locations will provide European tourists with unforgettable dining experiences of their lifetime.

Dubrovnik, Croatia - a brilliant summer day

A trip to Croatia is a great vacation if you are a lover of sunbathing, seafaring, boating, and beach activities. With unbelievable scenery, crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, and exploring medieval cities, Croatia is a perfect summer European destination. With nearly 1,800km of coastline, Croatia is one of the most popular destinations in the Balkans. Two of the most famous places are the National Parks - Plitvice Lake and Dubrovnik city, both of which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.

You can visit Dubrovnik a beautiful old city located on the Adriatic coast. Especially, the unique cultural features and historical imprints influencing many architectural works with churches built in the 8th century will be the attraction for your dream vacation.

Top Attractions and activities in Dubrovnik: the Old Town for sightseeing, Buza 1 and 2 for cliff jumping, the Adriatic coast for swimming, Lokrum Island for diving and exploring.

What to see in Dubrovnik: Roland's Column, Bell Tower, Sponza Palace, Pile Gate, Lovrijenac Fortress, City Walls, Franciscan Monastery, The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

The best time to visit there is from May to June or September to October when it's not too hot but the sea is warm and there are few tourist crowds.

London - Capital of the United Kingdom

London city is well-known as the capital of one of the most powerful countries in the history of the world. The city was filled with scenes showing the power of the British Royal Family. These include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London watchtower, and St. Paul. If you love art, do not forget to visit the Tate museums and the National Museum.

Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus are also two famous landmarks in London because you can feel the excitement alternating the ancient features of the city there.

Because of the beauty of this place, you should remember to prepare royal-style clothes for memorable photos.

Traveling to London is a way to help you not only understand more about the unique culture here but also be immersed in the world of Harry Potter. Surely this is the place that makes you feel extremely excited when you set foot in London. Coming here, you can experience reality through each scene appearing in the movie.

The stunning studio will give you amazing “behind the scenes” looks and feel and the chance to witness a variety of magical and surreal photosets. You can also take a tour guide to gain more interesting information, and even learn the full Harry Potter filming experience in this studio. To be able to explore the world of Harry Potter, you need to book and pay in advance. Even so, you also need to arrive on time or your ticket will be canceled.

Food in the UK and London is quite enjoyable with many exotic dishes. If you come to London, you should experience a standard English breakfast and enjoy the typical tea drinking style of this country. Fried breaded fish with potatoes is also a good choice.

Venice, Italia

The best time to visit Italy is spring and autumn, but to Venice, it is quite the opposite. Spring and autumn are the rainiest periods of the year, lasting about 6 months (from October to February next year). So if you want to visit this beautiful city, there is no reason to hesitate to book a ticket to Venice this summer.

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Venice is divided by a system of dense canals, threading through colorful old houses and squares. Therefore, the main means of transportation for people and tourists here are boats.

One of the special things that visitors can feel when they visit here is that Venice is very peaceful and quiet because besides walking and traveling by waterways, Venice does not have any other means. Visitors can choose "water bus", "water taxi" or "gondola" to travel around the city. In which the "gondola" is a symbol of the city, this is a type of wooden boat, curved at both ends and the drivers wear sailor's shirts with bow ties.

Bridge of Sighs

The beauty of Venice is also reflected in the age-old architecture. The most famous places are the Doge's Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, the square, and the church of St. Marco.

Doge's Palace

Besides, do not forget to visit attractive destinations such as Pisa Leaning Tower, the Colosseum, and the colorful town of Cinque Terre.

Pisa Leaning Tower

May is the most ideal travel season to explore and enjoy European countries. At this time, Europe is not too crowded, so you can easily experience all the beautiful scenery in the old continent without crowding or too long queuing.

The cost of motels, hotels and other traveling services is also more affordable compared to other times of the year.

The period from May to early September is considered the peak tourist season in Europe. Most restaurants and hotels are operating at full capacity. So if you choose to travel at this time, you should book accommodation a few months in advance and have to spend a pretty high budget on traveling.


Based on these above great recommendations on the best destinations to travel around Europe this May 2022, have you chosen a city for your trip yet? Based on these great suggestions of European destinations as above, have you chosen a city for your trip yet? Book your tickets and fly now. Do not forget to bring your camera. Based on these great suggestions of European destinations as above, have you chosen a city for your trip yet?