Wonderful Videos Of Nature Around Us

1. Have you ever been to Australia? The amazing coastline you can only see in Australia

From  @mochileros.viajeros

2. A honeymoon in Thailand, what an amazing white sand beach with a view

From @sunny_rung

3. An epic waterfall in Dalong Cave Scenic Area

From @khanjipeerwala

4. Named for three big limestone formations along its shore, Tatlong Pulo ('Three Islands')

is home to a small fishing community in the Philippines, known to serve home-cooked meals to bikers after conquering the rocky and hilly terrain of Guimaras. From uphill, the rock formations are a sight to behold, especially after the 1.5-kilometer hike from the main road

From @eypeekaamino⁣

5. A hike to remember, The beauty of a summer day in Oeschinensee, Switzerland

From @free_spirit_traveler

6. Is this how heaven looks like? Lake Como’s appeal is a timeless one. Who would you travel here with?

From @alexpreview

7. What a magnificent place, at Chile

From @josemostajo

8. Are you excited for the next summer? Incredible gorgeous sunset scenery

From @sunny_rung

9. A video definition of Serenity of sunset in Alaska

From @johnderting

10. A flying car? Not yet unfortunately, just driving above the clouds at Mount Haleakalā. Tag your road trip buddy

From @hannahcolby

11. The iconic view of the Fredvang bridges glazed in white, in Lofoten, Norway

From @tord.larsen

12. Best bar is a sandbar, at Thailand

From @sunny_rung

13. The 3 islands, in Koh Haa, Thailand, you can also swimming at the big island

From @patoss

14. Heaven is a little bit closer in the mountains, at Colorado, USA

From @itsmarcosparra

15. Have you seen a Volcano eruption? If not here is your to take a look, Volcano outbreak in Chile

From TT

16. The Danish Coast, Is Denmark on your bucket list?

From @mattberthou

17. Who knew, such a beautiful world awaits underwater? At Alaska

From @johnderting

18. Padar Island is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park area

after Komodo Island and Rinca Island. The island is relatively closer to Rinca Island than to Komodo Island, which is separated by the Lintah Strait

From @_jartifical

19. A good way to spend your weekend? A river boat trip like no other

From @beutefulplace

20. Just another beautiful day in Australia, at 
Byron Bay

From @merrwatson

21. This incredible glacial footage was shot in Alberta, where winter usually ends around March. Are you sad that winter's ending or excited for warmer weather?

From @thecolindougan

22. Good morning from Bali, what a beautiful day

From TT 

23. Are you a mountain person? If yes, you can enjoy such beautiful mountain sunrises in Bayern, Germany

From @_marcelsiebert

24. Would you go for a swim? Stormy day on Grace Bay Beach in Turks & Caicos, Miami, Florida

From @sanddollarimages

25. Wonderful aerial view of stunning place at Cetina

Sometimes you just have to change your perspective to understand the real meaning of what is happening. 115m deep and about 5 ° C. Who would like to jump in here?

From @yazzy_10

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