Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #85



1. Prague: Where fairytales leap from the pages and into reality

From @julian.hluberiaga

2. The night lights of Netherlands are so magical

From @basbangaphotography

3. A slice of pure paradise, at Whitehaven Beach, Australia


4. A luxurious escape with nature's beauty🌿At Bali

From @nastya_proenglish

5. Nothing feels better than sailing from shore to shore, discovering the tales of every island's lore! 💙✨

From @escape2thai

6. Nature's own celestial fireworks, painting the night sky with enchantment. 🌌✨

From @vincentledvina

7. "Lemons" in the Dominican Republic

📍Lemon Lagoon, El Seibo Province
📍Cayo Limón, Samaná
📍 Salto de Limón, Samaná
📍Playa el Limón, Samaná

From razom_razom

8. Süleymaniye Mosque captured from the sky

From @istanbulskyinsta

9. Send this to the one you want with you for the next sunset in NYC! 😍

From @adelaideinnewyork

10. Let nature be your alarm clock as you wake up to the stunning beauty of Bali

From @sunny_rung

11. POV: you’re watching the Champs-Élysées Christmas Lights with your loved ones. 😍❤️

From @parisaholicgram

12. The ultimate guide to Zanzibar. Make sure to save the guide for later!

⛵️Go for a Safari Blue trip (visit the safari lagoon, island & the sandbank)
🏝 Visit Prison Island (feed the turtles and explore the island)
⛵️Take a boat ride to Nakupenda (the most beautiful sandbank in Zanzibar)
🌿Visit the Spice Farm & try local spices
🦧Visit the Jozani Forest to meet Zanzibar red monkeys
💎Spend some time at the hidden Mtende Beach
🗺Visit the Shwali Cave
🦞Go for a lunch at The Rock Zanzibar (reservation needed!)
🤿 Go snorkeling around Mnemba Island to meet dolphins and the most beautiful fishes
🏖Get some tan at the most beautiful beaches as Kendwa,Nungwi, Paje, Pingwe (find more recommendations in my zanzibar guide/ story highlights)
🐢 Visit Baraka Natural Aquarium - this definitely can’t be skipped

From @mgypsea

13. So next time you're in Leiden, take a moment to look up at the sky. You might just be surprised at what you see!🥰😍

From @reezyard

14. Things to know before coming to the Philippines

🩵 Plan your trip before
The Philippines are divided into many islands🏝️ and between the main destinations to visit there are big distances. So be aware of taking domestic flights, long boat rides and buses if you want to see a lot and try to plan your trip in advance as much as possible ✈️

🩵 eTravel
❗️When entering and leaving the country you have to register yourself and get an eTravel QR Code for the travel declaration❗️
Without this travel declaration you are not allowed to enter or leave the country.
👉🏼 You can do it online 72 hrs before your travel or directly at the airport when arriving

🩵 Public transport
The public transportation in the Philippines is cheap but there is no real planning with time schedules 👀 If you need to drive long distances and you have to be at a place for a special time try to avoid public buses.
There are no big streets, so for around 200 km you need 5 hours on every island.

🩵 Payment in cash
In the Philippines the main payment accepted is cash. If shops, restaurants or travel agencies give you the possibility to pay by card they charge you 3-4 % on top 🤑
The best way to withdraw money is at Philippine official banks, try to avoid the Euronet ATM when possible ⛔️

🩵 Cost of living
If you compare the Philippines with Thailand or other countries in south east Asia we would consider it as definitely more expensive then the other countries. Day trips, private tours, transportation, food and especially the accommodations are more expensive than in other countries in Asia 💸

From @memoriesfromabroad_

15. You should visits this panoramic tower!🍂

From @ariadnatraveler

16. Lost in the colors of Hawaii’s vibrant landscapes. 🍀💦

From @evkoenig

17. Illuminate your feed with the City of Lights, at Paris, France

From @julianontheroute

18. Immerse in the Christmas cheer, as NYC transforms into a twinkling holiday masterpiece! 🎄🏙️❄️

From @vickirutwind

19. Discovering the hidden treasures of Zanzibar’s turquoise waters! 🐠😍

From @jessmelu

20. In the vibrant heartbeat of Brussels, it’s always the perfect time and place to be! 🌟


21. In the vibrant heartbeat of Paris, it’s always the perfect time and place to be! 🌟


22. This is your sign to book the trip to NYC around Christmas time and experience the magic

From @kaileytinline

23. Iceland's beauty is unfiltered, untamed, and undeniably breathtaking. 🏞️ 😍

From @whereisweatherby

24. Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting allure of Hawaii’s waterfalls

From @dbtv_

25. Where movie magic becomes reality at Universal Studios 🎬🪄

From @universalstudiosfun

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