Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #72



1. Bali, Indonesia's paradise, enchants with lush landscapes and vibrant culture

Bali is dreamy. It is a tropical island paradise with beautiful beaches, lush rice fields, towering volcanoes, and ancient temples. It is also home to a rich culture and friendly people. Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure, or culture, Bali has something to offer everyone

From @thehoneydreamers

2. A symphony of colors painted across the sky, matching the grandeur of the Sydney Opera House

Australia is well-known for its iconic landmarks. The Sydney Opera House, with its sail-like design, is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world

From @jniza.images

3. Lost in the beauty of Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach is not only a popular swimming and sunbathing spot, but it also has a rich history. The beach is named after Lord Nelson, the first Duke of Bronte, who was an influential British naval commander known for his victories during the Napoleonic Wars. The area where the beach now stands was originally granted to Nelson as a reward for his services

From @abela.photography

4. Forever chasing sunsets in Singapore

Sunsets in Singapore are glorious to look at and such a fun experience to share with the kids. From Marina Barrage to Raffles Marina Lighthouse, there are tons of great places including parks to catch sunsets in Singapore

From @mycamerasoheavy

5. enjoying the life in Australia

💡The Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Queensland, is the largest coral reef system in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular destination for snorkeling, diving, and marine exploration.

From @joslaloh

6. Exploring the timeless beauty of Italy, one city at a time

💡 Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, with 58 sites recognized for their cultural and natural significance.

From @saraveigaa

7. The guardians of the sea by preserving turtles in DR

💡The Dominican Republic is home to several species of sea turtles, including the hawksbill, leatherback, and green turtles. These turtles nest on the country’s beaches, especially along the eastern coast. Conservation efforts are in place to protect their nesting sites and raise awareness about their importance in maintaining marine ecosystems.

From @tonitimberland & @thewildxperience

8. 72 hours in Maine!

Packed with lots of great food, walking, shopping local goods, driving through Maine and exploring smaller historic towns, spending time out on the water, and visiting the LL Bean flagship store! 🗺️🤩

Maine will leave you planning your next visit already! so you can explore more of Maine's history, stunning national parks, and of course, more restaurants

From @kat.eats

9. As the day comes to a close, the warm hues of orange and pink bathe the city in a serene and romantic light

💡Florence is famous for its high-quality craftsmanship and artisan traditions, particularly in leatherwork, ceramics, jewelry, and fashion.

From @claggie

10. Dancing with the waves, where every moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of serenity, at Dominican Republic

💡The Dominican Republic is the second-largest Caribbean nation by area, covering approximately 48,442 square kilometers (18,704 square miles).

From @deysmith05

11. Dawn’s embrace over El Hoyazo, San Juan, DR, painting the sky in hues of hope 🌅

💡San Juan is the capital city of the San Juan Province and is known for its agricultural production, particularly its cultivation of coffee, cacao, and tobacco. The region’s fertile soil and favorable climate contribute to the success of these crops, making agriculture an important economic activity in the area.

From @gonzaleznoel17

12. Discover the preserved paradise of the Komodo Islands

Sail to the dazzling pink beach, swim alongside majestic manta rays, and meet the legendary Komodo dragons in person
Embark on a unique experience that transports you to the heart of Indonesia's untamed wildlife and beauty
What's your favorite spot?

From krys.traveladdict

13. Dipping my toes in Punta Cana’s paradise, where every grain of sand whispers tales of the ocean’s embrace

💡Punta Cana is a renowned resort town located on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. It’s known for its stunning white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs, making it a popular destination for tourists seeking sun, relaxation, and water sports. The area is also home to a variety of luxury resorts, golf courses, and a vibrant nightlife scene, making it a well-rounded destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and entertainment.

From @maedeorigami

14. Dive into adventure: exploring the HMAS Hobart Shipwreck at Rapid Bay Campground, South Australia

💡 It is a popular diving location due to the nearby shipwreck of the HMAS Hobart, which was intentionally scuttled in 2002 to create an artificial reef & It is home to a diverse range of marine life, including leafy sea dragons, which are unique to the waters of southern Australia.

From @sarahandkeelan.travels

15. From exploring its iconic landmarks, to cable cars and festivals, this city has it all

One of the city's most iconic landmarks is the Golden Gate Bridge. It's known for its distinctive orange-red color and spans the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. However, the bridge is often shrouded in fog, affectionately known as "Karl" by the locals. It creates a mystical and enchanting atmosphere, and catching a glimpse of the bridge emerging from the fog is a memorable experience

The cable cars of San Francisco are another beloved symbol of the city. These historic transportation vehicles climb steep hills and offer fantastic views of the cityscape. Jumping on a cable car is not only a convenient way to get around but also an essential San Francisco experience. 🚡

San Francisco loves to celebrate its multicultural heritage, and festivals are a big part of the city's culture. The mention of the Bastille Day festival indicates that the city embraces events from around the world. It's a vibrant occasion filled with live entertainment, traditional costumes, and delicious food!🌯

Fishermen's Wharf is one of the city's most popular tourist destinations. It's a vibrant waterfront area known for its souvenir shops, entertaining street performers, and, of course, the iconic seals lounging on the docks! 🦭

And finally, no visit to San Francisco is complete without indulging in some of its famous desserts. Humphry Slocombe is renowned for its inventive ice cream flavors, and trying one is a treat not to be missed!🍨

Always fun. Always unique. Always San Francisco!🤩

From @eatingwithcatherine

16. Have you been to this beautiful restaurant? At Greece

From tifffantasia

17. How to reach Bawah Reserve a remote island retreat in Indonesia where you can sleep in an overwater bungalow ?

Just follow these steps ⬇️

1. Fly to Singapore: Start by flying to Singapore’s Changi Airport, which is well-connected internationally.

2. Transfer to Batam: From Changi Airport, take a ferry to Batam, Indonesia. Ferries depart from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and arrive at Batam’s Sekupang Ferry Terminal.

3. Arrive at Batam: Once in Batam, you’ll need to clear immigration. Afterward, you will be escorted to the Bawah Reserve seaplane private terminal.

4. Seaplane: Embark on a 70-minute scenic flight that will take you directly to Bawah Reserve.

6. Arrival at Bawah Reserve: Upon reaching Bawah Reserve, you’ll be greeted by the lovely staff who will assist you during your stay.

From thehoneydreamers

18. In Florence, even the ordinary becomes extraordinary – a city that sparks inspiration at every corner

Florence is the capital city of the Tuscany region in central Italy. It is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant art scene

From @thedishstance

19. Lost in the rhythm of the waves and the whispers of the palm trees, at Dominican Republic

The Caribbean Sea is home to the deepest point on Earth, the Challenger Deep, which reaches a depth of approximately 25,216 feet (7,686 meters). This incredible fact showcases the hidden depths of beauty within this stunning region

From @vitwinsea

20. Pov: You're chasing lighthouses in Maine

Maine is renowned for its picturesque coastline and iconic lighthouses that dot its shores. Chasing lighthouses in Maine is not just a thrilling adventure but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich maritime history and breathtaking natural beauty of the region. Maine's lighthouses serve as beacons of safety, guiding ships through treacherous waters and foggy conditions. They are symbols of resilience and strength, standing as testaments to the enduring spirit of the coastal communities

From @kat.eats

21. Serenity meets the shoreline at Playa Fronton

Playa Fronton, located in the Dominican Republic, is renowned for its stunning rocky cliffs, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and its popularity among adventurous travelers and surfers due to its powerful waves and rugged beauty

From @mitja_baran

22. Sun, sand, and serenity that’s exactly Isla Saona vibes

Isla Saona is a picturesque tropical island located off the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Known for its stunning white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and diverse marine life, Isla Saona is a popular destination for tourists seeking a tranquil and idyllic getaway

From @theadrenalinetraveler

23. Throwback DR independence day honoring the history, culture, and resilience of a nation on this special day

The Dominican Republic celebrates its Independence Day on February 27th, commemorating the day in 1844 when it gained independence from Haitian rule. This event marked the restoration of the Dominican Republic as a sovereign nation

From @carlostorresrd

24. Where the sands welcome both sunbathers and gentle sea turtles alike

Several beaches in the Dominican Republic serve as important nesting grounds for sea turtles, including the leatherback, hawksbill, and loggerhead species. These beaches, such as Playa Grande and Macao Beach, play a vital role in the conservation of these endangered creatures. Local efforts and initiatives aim to protect nesting sites, monitor turtle populations, and educate visitors about the importance of preserving these remarkable marine animals and their habitats

From @thewildxperience

25. Witnessing an enchanting Florentine sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo, where time stands still and dreams come alive

This hilltop square offers stunning panoramic views of the city and is the perfect spot for sunset watching. But it’s not just the view that draws crowds here visitors also love to relax on the steps, have a picnic, and soak up the lively atmosphere. Don’t forget to snap a selfie with the iconic bronze statue of David by Michelangelo

From @martina.bormolini_

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