Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #3



1. Singapore is such a dreamy and magical place to be

Thanks to its amazing airport as well as being so safe, well-organized, and mostly English-speaking, Singapore makes for a perfect launching pad into Southeast Asia

From @voyagefox_

2. For the love of Appenzell, Switzerland

Winter walking and cross-country skiing are very widespread in the hilly Appenzell landscapes. A wide network of around 200 km of cross-country ski trails extends through Appenzell

From @vayam_photography

3. Come to Japan

Japan is known for everything from onsen hot springs and kabuki baths (dating to the 6th and 16th centuries, respectively) to all-night neon-lit dance parties, anime, and sushi boat restaurants, all of which are decidedly more modern

From @bbbbbb.blair

4. Dubai Miracle Garden is indeed a dream

The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world's most extensive natural flower garden, occupying over 72,000 square meters. The garden has over 50 million flowers and over 250 million plants, providing a magnificent view to everyone visiting the location

From @dubaimiraclegarden

5. Seoul from far, far away

Seoul originated from the Korean word “seo’ul” meaning “capital city”. An etymological hypothesis presumes that the origin of the native word “seo’ul” derives from the native name Seorabeol, which originally referred to Gyeongju, the capital of Silla, then called Geumseong

From @g_ram_photo

6. Imagine living by the shore

Posillipo is a hilly area of Naples, one of the most magnificent and prestigious areas of the city. The places to visit there are many and surely worth the visit

From @anakena88

7. Amazing Mt. Fuji view

Mount Fuji, with its graceful conical form, has become famous throughout the world and is considered the sacred symbol of Japan. Among Japanese there is a sense of personal identification with the mountain, and each summer thousands of Japanese climb to the shrine on its peak

From  @_h1roya

8. Amazing Amalfi Coast, here we go!

From @positanese.tour

9. Things to do on the Amalfi Coast: Admiring the beauty of the sea views!

From @delafuentecam

10. Breakfast with a view of Amalfi Coast, a masterpiece of natural beauty

From @fashioninmysoul

11. The Amalfi Coast viewed from the sea is simply stunning

From @positanese.tour

12. Boat Experience Atrani, Positano. The best way to relax

From @boatexperiencepositano

13. Such a lovely view from Amalfi Coast, Positano

Positano is famous for being a scenic seaside paradise in Italy. You’ll be blown away with the colourful, cliffside villas overlooking the sunny Amalfi Coast. The sound of waves crashing against the pebbled shores is heaven for beach lovers

From @sorrentosocial

14. Here’s another version of paradise

The Villa del Balbianello is a villa in the comune of Lenno, a province in the north of the Lombardy region of Italy, overlooking Lake Como. It is located on the tip of the small wooded peninsula of Dosso d’Avedo on the western shore of the south-west branch of Lake Como, 1500 meters east from the Isola Comacina

From @gmarcod91

15. POV: it’s summer time and you’re in Korčula Island

Like most of Croatia, Korčula is brimming with natural beauty. But Korčula is also home to a spectacular wine culture, a stunning old city, a collection of hidden beaches, endless olive groves, and some unique dining specialties. Korčula is well known, but it’s not as busy or overcrowded as other Croatian islands

From @shiivangie

16. Showing you guys our favourite Tenerife Landscapes

The oldest mountain ranges in Tenerife rose from the Atlantic Ocean by volcanic eruption which gave birth to the island around twelve million years ago. The island as it is today was formed three million years ago by the fusion of three islands made up of the mountain ranges of Anaga, Teno and Valle de San Lorenzo,due to volcanic activity from Teide

From @shot.byjose

17. Shibuya Sky, Tokyo, just too wonderful too see the view

From @felicefefe

18. Sunset at Tachikawa Minami Guchi

From @faisaru_diary_of_nippong

19. Living in Japan diaries

From @cath.jpn

20. Beautiful weather today, at Tokyo, Japan

From @leetuyen239

21. We sharing a Magical moment in London

London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with over a third of its population born in a foreign country. You can find restaurants serving national dishes from almost every country on the planet, which means you never have to go to the same place twice. 2. It has history going way back

From @myperfectlondon

22. Most peaceful & beautiful city in the world, at Etterbeek, Brussels

Belgians do not share one common language, there are 3 official languages in Belgium. In Brussels people mostly speak French and Flemish Dutch, in other parts of country you can also hear German, which is the third language spoken in Belgium

From @kate_and_thecity

23. Let’s have breakfast in Paris, France. Is Paris in your bucket list?

The origin of the croissant can actually be traced back to 13th century Austria, where it was called the kipferl, the German word for crescent. However it was an Austrian artillery officer August Zang who founded a Viennese bakery at 92, rue du richelieu in Paris

From  @hannahdrai

24. Autumn nights in Utrecht, Netherlands are a whole different vibe

Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, and many regard it as the cozier alternative to Amsterdam. The city boasts beautiful canals and parks, lively restaurants and cafés, fascinating museums and remarkable historical buildings

From @photography_by_katinka

25. A moment when life felt unreal, at Pacific Northwest

The region offers endless outdoor opportunities, including camping, hiking, cycling, skiing and mountaineering. Those clouds have a silver lining too, as all that rain translates into a perfect storm of water sports; raft white water, kayak lake and sea, and kiteboard through ripping winds!

From @_antonhugo


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