Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #24



1. Have you ever tried looking up in Paris?

From @saaggo 

2. Firá, Santorini Island is a city of whitewashed, cubic-shaped houses with low ceilings

The capital of Santorini, is located on the western edge of the Caldera cliffs

Santorini Island was also known as Strongili, which means round in Greek. An enormous #volcano eruption, is what formed the island and gave it its current shape, thousands of years ago

From @george_kormpos

3. Advice on the best places to visit in Latin America. What’s your favorite place?

From @oneoceanaway_ 

4. Trust me,There are no better reflections than the ones in Finland

From @saaras.pics

5. Croatia’s beauty in our eyes! Is Croatia on your bucket list?

From  @timotej

6. 5 top beaches in Seychelles

📍 5 Anse Volbert ( Praslin )
📍 4 Baia Lazare ( Mahè )
📍 3 Anse Georgette ( Praslin )
📍 2 Anse Lazio ( Praslin )
📍 1 Anse D'argent ( La Digue )

From @carminepone

7. A sample of beautiful auroras in beautiful Finland

From @jaasiiim

8. Snaps and shots of beautiful Finland

From @postcards_from_helsinki

9. A hidden paradise at France

From @ellareesetravels

10. What’s better than a sunset with man’s best friend? At Hailuoto

From @kaffegram

11. A palace floating over the golden sand beach of Anavyssos

Castus reinvents the meaning of spiritual entertainment

Castus beach bar is located straight on the Castus beach. Enjoy cocktails and delicious seafood overlooking the water. With plenty of shade it's a great spot for a hot day or even cooler nights

From @travelsaround__

12. Always create memories, at Portugal

From @roamwithfabio

13. Santorini, Greece can be a tease indeed

From @elleshungry

14. Can't believe a place as beautiful as Seychelles exists! And on top of these breathtaking islands, some of the most top-notch beaches

Add these top 5 beaches to your list: ⁣⁣
- Anse Major ⁣
- Curieuse ⁣
- Anse Source d'Argent
- Anse Lazio ⁣
- Beau Vallon ⁣

From @thecrazyjetsetter

15. Clear water, clear minds

From @viajandocomamor

16. Don’t mind living in Thailand forever

From @shev_n_dev

17. Exploring Lofoten and Iceland in style

From @frank.dahl

18. Exploring paradise in Philippines

From @pikeitup07

19. Found paradise in Greece, what a stunning view

From @andreavetrano

20. POV: You’re happily running in the middle of Brooklyn bridge, at NYC

From @followme__nyc

21. The look on her face is priceless! Would you do it? At Poros Island, Greece

Life is short, go to Greece and make some memories

From @eric.sierra

22. The marvelous Reichenbach waterfall in the Bernese Oberland

From @switzerland_lalaland

23. Venice in just 5 seconds

From @bbokas

24. What more would you need other than this magical santorinian display?

From @mona.reddi

25. What’s better than a small house in the middle of tulip fields at Netherland?

From @nick_skeyes

26. What’s better than a vacation in the Maldives?

From @tropical_aviator

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