Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #2



1. The most insane place I have ever seen is the Iceland highlands

From @indefinitely_lost

2. The breathtaking Paris captured beautifully. Is Paris in your bucket list?

More than just love, the romantic side of Paris, wake up others emotions thanks to its beautiful and unique architecture and places. The Basilica Sacré Coeur, the Arc de Triomphe,etc.. are a proof of the wonderful historic Parisian architecture that makes of Paris the most romantic city on Earth

From @valentin_sauerbrey

3. Showing you guys how to get a free Vintage photoshoot near the Eiffel Tower

For 130 years, the Eiffel Tower has been a powerful and distinctive symbol of the city of Paris, and by extension, of France. At first, when it was built for the 1889 World’s Fair, it impressed the entire world by its stature and daring design, and symbolized French know-how and industrial genius

From @subhikshavenkat

4. Let's cancel our tickets home and stay in Iceland forever

From @josemostajo

5. Reykjavík, Iceland by night

The world’s northernmost capital city by night. Looking out over the infamous Skólavöðustígur which leads to the majestic Hallgrímskirkja. Góða nótt

From @leroysdf

6. Drives through the amazing Grindelwald village

Grindelwald is easily one of the best places in Switzerland and well worth a visit. While many visits for skiing in the winter, there are plenty of things to do in Grindelwald in the summer. The Grindelwald village is like a movie set that looks too good to be true, like something you see in movies

From @swiss.beautiful_

7. 5 things that are so cool in Japan and we just can’t get over

From @violetvik via TT

8. A few days of fresh tuna and endless waves, at Costa Rica

Sailing around the world is a dream many sailors and cruisers share. It involves getting thousands of nautical miles under your belt, exploring new countries and tasting new cuisines, stargazing in the middle of an ocean, experiencing exotic cultures, making lots of new friends from all over the world, and much more

From @un.tide

9. POV: You just arrived in Mykonos and this is the view from your suite

From @andreavetrano

10. Cavo Tagoo is a unique luxury hotel near Mykonos town

With its luxurious barefoot chic aesthetic, its distinctive architecture, versatile services, and respect for traditional elements, Cavo Tagoo unfolds as an unparalleled experience to its guests

From @momentsofgregory

11. The best place to spend the day with your soulmate, at Mykonos, Greece

From @kenxtori

12. This is your sign to pack your bags and go on a romantic getaway with your soulmate, at Santorini, Greece

From  @raz_kind

13. Tag someone you would bring here. Perfect honeymoon night at Greece

From @juliagal_

14. Everything you can eat on Japan Airlines flying premium economy from London to Tokyo

What’s your favorite part of this meal?

💡Main Course

- Stir fried pork “ponzu” flavour with steamed rice
- Japanese “soba” noodles
- Beansprouts and carrot namul
- Mortadella ham and fusilli salad
- Fresh salad
- Shortbread
- Ice cream
- Udon de sky instant noodles
- Lemon cheesecake flavoured “dorayaki” Japanese pancakes


- Ankake meatballs with egg rice
- Mango and vanilla yogurt
- Fresh cut fruits


15. Have you ever been shopping in a boat! Head to Venezia Mega Outlet

Built to resemble the city of Venice, this outdoor outlet has most of the Turkish (& some international) brands. A canal with gondola rides & quaint streetscape decor add to the Venetian theme of this big mall

From @iam_istanbul21

16. Osmeña Peak is a must-visit when travelling to Cebu Island

Osmeña Peak is most famous for being the highest point on Cebu Island and it’s one of the best adventures to have in the South Cebu region in the Philippines

From @travelwithmel1689

17. The Amsterdam in snow vibes

From @velvet.boulevard

18. I fall in love with Amsterdam a little more each time I go back! Can highly recommend visiting in autumn too

From @leeshbrock

19. Amusing things in Amsterdam

From @girlgoneabroad

20. Roemer Visscherstraat, Amsterdam. Built in 1894, each of houses has a different represent to the country and architecture.

From @_justorangee

21. Tag someone you’d like to visit Amsterdam with

From @simon_amste

22. The famous yellow Tram 28 of Lisbon

The number 28 tram in Lisbon connects Martim Moniz with Campo Ourique, and passes through the popular tourist districts of Alfama, Baixa, Estrela and Graca

From @valentin_sauerbrey

23. The mind blowing View flying into Sydney, at rate this view from (1-10)?

In 1851, the first major gold rush in Australian history began near Bathurst, New South Wales. This led to a massive influx of people and money into Sydney, which helped to fuel its development into a major metropolis

From @jessonhertravels

24. Ski day, at Grächen, Switzerland

From @sennarelax

25. Climbing up the Grossglockner - the highest Peak in Austria

From @piet_flosse

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