Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #18



1. Cochem castle with sunrise moment, at Cochem, Germany

The castle is open from 9 AM until 5 PM. Guided tours take place every 15 minutes.

From @momentsofgregory

2. Strolls through Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

The best time to visit Singapore is between February and April when the weather is conducive for outdoor activities and the city's famous events such as Chinese New Year and the Singapore Food Festival are held. Avoid visiting between December and January as it's the peak tourist season and accommodation and travel costs skyrocket.

From @dreamybazaar2

3. Having a blast in Pileh Lagoon

Pileh Lagoon, located on the island of Koh Phi Phi Leh, is one of the most stunning destinations in Thailand.

From @caitdurette

4. Mackinac Bridge

Fun fact:

When the Mackinac Bridge was complete, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Have you ever visited Mackinac Bridge in real life? Tell us down below

From @burgerplex

5. Today we showing you guys the beauty of the Amman citadels at sunset

The Amman Citadel is an archeological site at the center of downtown Amman, the capital of Jordan. The L-shaped hill is one of the seven hills that originally made up Amman.

From @sarisbuzz

6. Waking up to the best view ever! At Irene Resort, Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is the southernmost island in Thailand and is located almost on the border with Malaysia.

From @sunny_rung

7. Enjoying a beautiful day in La Vesse

The Beach of La Vesse is a leisure site to discover during your holidays when staying near Le Rove (Bouches-du-Rhône, Provence-Alps-French Riviera). This site is popular among tourists passing through the region

From @valentin_sauerbrey

8. Duomo di Milano. Have you ever visited the Cathedral of Milan? Don't forget to save for your next visit !

This is one of the world’s largest Gothic cathedrals, located in the heart of the city. It is 157m long and 92m wide, 40 000 people can actually fit inside! It is also the most important attraction in Milan so you cannot miss it !

▫️ The inside :
Inside the Cathedral you will see a vast structure made of dark marble plates and also beau marble columns.

▫️ The rooftop :
The rooftop terrace is almost as large as the roof of Cathedral. From the top you have a beautiful view of the city as well as the beautiful the roof's sculptures.

🔹️ For your visit :

🎟 Price tickets :
▫️ Duomo + Roof + Museum : 20€
Children from 6 to 12: 11.50€
▫️10€ to go up by foot, it takes around 7min. Children from 6 to 12: 5€
▫️15€ with the lift.Children from 6 to 12: 7€
⚠️ These last 2 are rooftop only !

🕔 Opening hours :
▫️Cathedral: Every day from 8 am - 7 pm
Museum: Thursday to Tuesday from 10 am - 6 pm
▫️Baptistery: Every day from 9 am until 6 pm
▫️Archaeological area: Every day from 9 am until 7 pm
▫️Rooftop terrace: Daily from 9 am until 7 pm
▫️Santa Maria Annunciata in the Cemetery: Monday - Friday: 12:30 pm - 2 pm

⛔️ Make sure you cover your shoulders and knees otherwise you cannot fo inside the Cathedral.

From tricia.traveltips

9. Burano, Italy. This is the most beautiful and colorful island I have never seen !

Located in the north of Venice near Torcello, this island it is also very famous for its lacemaking.

Fact : If people who live in the island want to paint their houses, they are not allowed to choose the color ! Instead they are notified of the specific shade according to where their residence is located.

What to do and see in Burano :

▫️ Piazza Galuppi.

▫️ Visit the lace museum.

▫️ Leaning tower of Burano.

▫️ Three Bridges. (Photo spot)

▫️ Istrian well stone.

▫️ Get lost in the beautiful colorful streets.

🔹️ For your visit :

⛴️ The best way to get to Murano is by water bus from Venice.

🎟 Water bus ticket : Pass for 1 day 21€ and you can use all boats and buses (except the bus that goes to the Airport).

Have you ever visited Burano ?

From @tricia.traveltips

10. A floating breakfast is the best breakfast in Bali

Many bloggers will have you believe that floating breakfasts are exclusive to certain resorts or hotels. But the truth is, you can find floating breakfasts all over Bali. You just have to know where to look.

From @juliane.valentina

11. Floating breakfast is the best way to start the day, at Bali

From @shacharandadi

12. A whimsical oasis amidst the bustling city

Gardens by the Bay is a futuristic nature park spanning 250 acres in the heart of Singapore. It features stunningly designed structures like the Supertrees and Flower Dome, alongside lush gardens that showcase a variety of plant life from around the world. It’s a popular destination for nature-lovers and visitors of all ages.

From @life_in_tokyo

13. Between Heaven and earth, Koh Lipe exists

Did you know that Koh Lipe is the southernmost island in Thailand and is located almost on the border with Malaysia.

From @thailand_adel

14. Feeling the energy and intensity of Van Gogh’s art, a true masterpiece, at Van Gogh Exhibition, IconSiam, Bangkok

The Van Gogh Alive tour is said to be the world’s most visited immersive, multi-sensory experience.

From @petch.pechon

15. Finding my way through the towering buildings and bustling streets of Brickell

Brickell is known as the “Manhattan of the South” due to its towering skyscrapers and dense urban landscape. It has transformed from a quiet residential neighborhood to one of Miami’s most vibrant and upscale areas, with numerous luxury high-rise condominiums, restaurants, shops, and nightlife options.

However, even with all the development, Brickell still maintains some of its old charm through its historic structures, such as the Brickell Mausoleum and the nearby Miami Circle archaeological site. The area has become a favorite spot for both locals and visitors who are looking for a unique blend of business, pleasure, and history.

From @ponticelli

16. Have you ever been to this hidden gem?

This pagoda is Nachi Falls located in Wakayama, Japan.

From @cathysie

17. Museum of Ice Cream - The sweetest spot in Singapore for unforgettable frosty fun!

An experium that inspires imagination and connection Celebrating the universal joy of ice cream. You can play, sing, dance as you explore this Pinterest worthy museum in Singapore 🇸🇬

The UNLIMITED ICE CREAM and cocktails are an added plus. Add this to your bucket list NOW!!

Send this to an Ice Cream lover!

From sonikroonwal

18. My favorite color is the Northern Lights, at  Finland.

Most of the auroral features are greenish-yellow, but sometimes the tall rays will turn red at their tops and along their lower edges. On rare occasions, sunlight will hit the top part of the auroral rays to create a faint blue color.

From @petekarttunen

19. Nothing’s better than summertime in the Maldives

Summer is the ideal season for enjoying a trip to the Maldives as the warm weather allows you to indulge in thrilling water sports.

From @journeyxjameez

20. Rome is a whole different vibe!

Rome is famous for having amazing foods such as spaghetti, lasagna, pizza and gelato. This Capital of Italy is well known for historic sites such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Vatican City. Rome is where the Ancient Romans created systems and structures that we still use to this day

From @explorewithele

21. Thailand was a trip of a lifetime. So grateful to have experienced this on the other side of the world

From logan.bowles

22. The breathtaking beauty of Istanbul

Istanbul is best known for being the cultural capital of different monothetic religious communities, who believe to have their amazing signature of architecture and domes all across the city. There are various famous buildings in Istanbul which display a plethora of legends lived by its great ancient rulers

From @iam_istanbul21

23. This is your sign to visit Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2023!

Ljubljana won the title of European Green Capital in 2016, and remains a leading city in terms of environmental good practices, but it wasn’t always so. In fact, it was only in 1625 that a law was passed ordering people to take their waste out of the city at least twice a week, while it was not until 1784 that another law was passed ordering all swine to be kept in pigsties. Despite this, the first public baths were introduced in 1260.

From @mon1czka

24. Visiting Paris soon? we are showing 5 the best places make sure not to miss

5 spots:

-Rue de l’Universite

-Le Recrutement Cafe

- Av. De Camoens

-Trocadéro Square


From @entravelcouple

25. Who are you bringing to Greece with you this summer?

From nicoleandcolton

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