Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #122



1. These Canadian roads will always hold a special place in our heart! 🏔️🇨🇦

💡Canada is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, offering a diverse range of natural attractions. From the rugged coastlines of the Atlantic provinces to the majestic Rocky Mountains in the west, Canada’s nature is truly breathtaking. Visitors can explore vast forests, pristine lakes, towering mountains, and vibrant wildlife.

From mika.sak

2. Feeling free in County Sligo, Ireland

this is definitely a must visit county in Ireland for poetry, nature, and adventure lovers.
I found this to be quite the surprise, exploring beyond the city of Sligo you can find some pretty epic experiences.
Started off my day exploring Mullaghmore and seeing the beautiful Classiebawn Castle, to visiting the area around Benbulben.
See or hike to Ireland’s tallest waterfall- Devil’s Chimney.
Relax at beautiful beaches such as Strandhill Beach.
If you are a fan of W.B. Yeats enjoy the Yeats Trail to see things such as Lissadell, and while not technically in Sligo head to Glencar Falls (literally on the border).
In Sligo Town visit the Sligo Abbey, eat awesome Asian food and enjoy the farmers market at Sligo Institute of Technology on Saturdays.

From travelsofsarahfay

3. Discover the magic of Zion National Park, the ultimate winter getaway! ❄️

💡Zion is full of sandstone cliffs, mountains, and natural arches that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Some of these rock formations are over 200 million years old! Zion is home to one of the largest natural arches in the world, Kolob Arch.

From @suzionthemove

4. From towering peaks to serene lakes, discover the beauty of America’s national parks 🌲🏞️

💡 Here are the top National Parks to visit in the US:

1. Glacier: Known as the “Crown of the Continent,” this park in Montana features diverse landscapes from glaciers to alpine meadows .

2. Grand Teton: Famous for the towering Teton Range and pristine alpine lakes in Wyoming.

3. Olympic: Located in Washington, it’s celebrated for its diverse ecosystems, including rainforests and coastal tidepools.

4. Bryce Canyon: This Utah park is renowned for its unique hoodoos and natural amphitheaters.

5. Yosemite: Known for its waterfalls, giant sequoias, and iconic rock formations like El Capitan in California.

6. Zion: Features steep red cliffs and scenic canyons in Utah, with popular hikes like The Narrows and Angel’s Landing.

From @georgeandcris

5. The amzing HOI AN

The enchanting glow of these boats illuminates the Hoai river filling the night with magic.

🏮 As the sun sets, the river comes alive with the soft glow of lantern boats, painting a picture of pure serenity.

From nomadicfoodiereeth

6. Nature's skyscrapers: standing tall among giants at Sequoia National Park 🌳😍

💡The trail is a short loop of approximately 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometers) in length. The Big Trees Trail is a relatively easy and accessible trail suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is wheelchair accessible and has interpretive signs along the way. The trail is renowned for its impressive groves of giant sequoia trees. These ancient and massive trees are among the largest and tallest living organisms on Earth.

From @aprilchutravels

7. If you think Maine is just a summer destination, think twice! 😍❄️☃️

Step into the enchanting winter wonderland of Maine, where the magic of the season unfolds in a dazzling spectacle! Picture-perfect landscapes draped in glistening snow beckon you to dive into thrilling adventures and embrace the chilly enchantment. Whether you’re shredding the slopes, frolicking in the snow, or snuggled up by the fire with a steaming mug of cocoa, Maine’s winter charms captivate all who dare to explore its icy delights! ❄️✨

From @camtravelz

8. Join with us on a journey through Colorado’s cherished parks!😍🌲

💡State Forest State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Jackson and Larimer counties east of Walden, Colorado, United States. The 70,838-acre park was established in 1970 in the Medicine Bow Range of the Rocky Mountains.

From @mountainkimbo

9. Sick of the hustle and bustle? Here’s your quick fix!👇🏼

While Lake Charles may be known for their casinos, there’s so much more to explore! Embark on an unforgettable journey to explore Lake Charles’ great outdoors, where nature’s wonder unfolds at every turn. Discover scenic waterways, lush landscapes, and captivating wildlife, as you immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this enchanting destination!🍃🏞️

Here are our top unmissable outdoor adventures in Lake Charles, LA!📌

1️⃣ Creole Nature Trail All-American Road, a mesmerizing 180-mile driving trail that unveils the untamed beauty of Louisiana’s wild landscapes! Here are the best stops to save ⬇️
- Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point
- Peveto Woods Bird & Butterfly Sanctuary
- Cross over using the Cameron Ferry
- Rutherford Beach
- Pintail Wildlife Drive & Boardwalk

2️⃣ Sam Houston Jones State Park
This is one of the best state parks in southwestern Louisiana. There are several hiking trails winding through the park to choose from, which makes strolling or serious hiking super enjoyable!
- Riverwalk Trail – 1.6 miles
- Cypress Tupelo Trail – 0.5 mile
- Swamp Walk Trail – 1.1 miles
- Longleaf Pine Trail – 3.5 miles

From @beckystravellist

10. Vøringsfossen, Norway: a masterpiece of nature's design, captured in a moment of serene magnificence. 🏔️

From @spectacularnorway

11. Indonesia 3 week itinerary (Save this post for your trip to Indonesia)

Even though I am pretty happy with my itinerary, knowing what I know today, I would have made the following changes:

Uluwatu (3 days)
Munduk (3 days)
Gili T (2 days)
Gili Air (1 day)
Nusa Penida (2 days)
Nusa Lembongan (3 days)
Flores (3 days)
Ubud (3 days)

Canggu - it’s a strategic place to start your trip because it’s close to the airport but I didn’t like it. Today I would not have gone there.

Munduk - the north of Bali is really beautiful and way less crowded than the remaining of the island. There you will find the most beautiful waterfalls, calm temples and luxury hotels at affordable prices (compared to the European ones).

Gili Air - If it was now, I would just stay for 2 days and would have gone to Gili T instead. It has better sunsets and most people stay there. At Gili Air, we had the island almost for ourselves and I personally missed a bit of social life.

Nusa Penida - Stay at least 2 days in this island as it is huge! Spend one day exploring the west coast and another on the east coast. It is one of the most iconic islands in 🇮🇩 and has plenty of cool beach clubs.

Nusa Lembongan - I would have stayed there at least for 3 days. By far the most beautiful, non-touristy place. There you’ll find the best beaches to swim, with breathtaking landscapes and also many cool restaurants and beach clubs. Simply loved it! 🌺

Flores - it’s a completely different reality. There I had the chance to do a 3 days boat tour with almost no internet and always surrounded by beautiful landscapes. I visited the famous pink beach, swam with turtles and mantas and saw Komodo dragons! 🐢

Ubud - my favourite city! It has a unique vibe, very welcoming to travellers. Don’t miss the rice terraces, the main temples and, of course, the 🐒 forest

Uluwatu - it’s all about surf and chilling vibes. The city it’s full of life as well. Spoiler alert, you’ll find many Portuguese people there 😉

From catiaa15

12. Embark on an exhilarating adventure fly lining through the stunning landscapes of Grindelwald

💡”Adventure in Switzerland” likely refers to the plethora of outdoor activities and experiences available in the country known for its stunning Alpine landscapes. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and water sports in the summer, Switzerland offers countless opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can explore charming villages, pristine lakes, and majestic mountains, making Switzerland a top destination for those seeking thrilling outdoor adventures amidst breathtaking natural scenery.

From @thebucketlistvagabond

13. Share this with someone you want to go to a national park with on April 20, the 2nd free entry day of the year!

From amanda_wanders

14. Switzerland’s enchanting mix of water and greenery casts a spell like no other. 😋

From @mohamad_alnaimi1

15. Embracing the majestic serenity of Mestaa’èhehe Mountain, where nature whispers its ancient stories 🌄😍

💡Mestaa’èhehe Mountain in Colorado is home to a unique Fire Lookout, built in the 1940s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Situated at over 11,000 feet, this lookout offers panoramic views of the Great Plains, Denver, and various snow-capped peaks.

Have you ever experienced the breathtaking heights of Mestaa’èhehe Mountain Fire Lookout in Colorado?

From @mountainkimbo

16. Lake Geneva offers a perfect blend of tranquility and outdoor adventures, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 🏕️🌿⛰️

💡Lake Geneva, also known as Lac Léman, is one of Europe’s largest lakes, situated on the border of Switzerland and France. Surrounding cities like Geneva, Lausanne, and Montreux offer cultural attractions and recreational activities. The lake is ideal for boating, swimming, and hiking, with vineyards and wineries dotting the region. Château de Chillon is a notable historic site, while the Montreux Jazz Festival draws music enthusiasts worldwide.

From @psalm1.0

17. This is your daily reminder to slow down, relax your body and rest your mind for a minute or two.

Stay for as long as you need, and save the video so whenever you need to relax or calm down, you can always find your way back here. 🫶

From ingrid.adventure

18. Bucket-list adventure awaits! 🏂😍
Rangeley Maine 📍

Nestled amidst the majestic mountains and pristine lakes, Rangeley offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of this hidden gem as you hike tranquil trails and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Unwind in cozy cabins, indulge in local cuisine, and witness unforgettable sunsets that paint the sky in hues of gold. If you’re seeking unforgettable moments in the embrace of nature’s splendor, Rangeley is a must-visit for you! ❄️☃️

SAVE for later! 📌
- Snowboarding at Saddleback Mountain
- Take a waterfall hike at Smalls Falls
- Snowshoeing at Rangeley Lakes Trail Center

From @camtravelz

19. Norway’s nature whispers serenity – a tranquil lake embraced by majestic trees. 🌲🏞️

From @mathiasdecoensel

20. Perched high above Norway’s breathtaking fjords. 🥰❤️

💡Trolltunga, the most iconic and unique rock formation in Norway! The hike is 22km hiking the old route, or 24km hiking the new and not as steep route.

From @bomkanari

21. You may have heard of Ouzoud Falls before

as the multi-step beastly collection of flowing water make up one of the tallest falls in North Africa. ‘Ouzoud’ means “the act of grinding grain” in Berber. Emptying into the El-Abid River gorge, they tower 330 feet tall and draw in crowds of locals and tourists alike.

Looking at any pictures of the falls online, one can imagine that you’d have to undertake a strenuous and serious hike to reach these stunning viewpoints. But the reality is quite different.

From unruly_traveller

22. Lost in the wonder of Banff National Park, surrounded by towering peaks and nature’s symphony. 🏞️🏔️

From @coledemarco

23. Exploring the amazing Ticino, Switzerland with its tranquil trees and calming views!😍✨

💡Ticino is a picturesque region located in the southern part of Switzerland, known for its stunning landscapes, Mediterranean climate, and rich cultural heritage. It is Switzerland's only canton where Italian is the official language, reflecting its close proximity to Italy and strong Italian influence.

From @tom_juenemann

24. Experience the wildest ride of your life on the Gelmerbahn Cable Railway, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

💡The Gelmerbahn cable railway is renowned for being one of the steepest funiculars in the world, with gradients reaching up to 106%. It takes you on a thrilling ascent to Gelmer Lake, nestled in a pristine alpine setting.

From @swiss.beautifuls

25. Check out these hikes for your next trip to Loforens, Norway

💡The Lofoten Islands are characterized by rugged, jagged peaks, crystal-clear fjords, pristine beaches, and quaint fishing villages. The terrain is diverse, ranging from challenging mountain trails to more leisurely coastal hikes.

📍Hesten hike in Senja (island beside Lofotens- ferry and 6hr drive)
📍Reinebringen hike in Reine
📍Ryten and Kvalvika hikes near Fredvang
📍Torsketunga hike in Henningsvaer
📍Festvagtind hike in Henningsvaer
📍Floya and Djevelporten hike (Devil’s gate) in Svolvaer

From  @megmitchell123

26. Experience the heart-pounding excitement of Orlando’s roller coasters

From @park_paradise

28. Tulip Season in the Netherlands, a colorful spectacle

💡The tulip season in the Netherlands is a spectacular display of color, starting from mid-April to early May. It’s the perfect time to witness the country’s landscape transform into a vibrant tapestry of flowers.

From @daniel.budaes

29. Discover the beauty of New Zealand’s South Island

💡New Zealand’s outdoor scene is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. With diverse hiking trails like the Milford Track and scenic drives along the Great Alpine Highway, the country’s natural beauty is easily accessible. Thrill-seekers can enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities in Queenstown, while water enthusiasts can explore the coastline and lakes through kayaking and sailing. In winter, ski resorts like Queenstown and Wanaka offer excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Wildlife encounters and unique flora add to the country’s charm, making New Zealand an outdoor playground for all.

From @alyson_kopsack

30. Dive into adventure on the Beehive Loop Trail

💡This 1.5-mile trek offers a thrilling 500 ft elevation gain, including metal rugs, cliffside hikes, and narrow ledges. Not for the faint-hearted – the initial cliff stretch demands courage.

From @nishatandmusa

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