Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #110



1. Ice skating in Seoul ⛸️❄️🤍

Can you believe I only spent 1,000 won for an hour of fun?

Right outside 📍exit 5 of line 1 City Hall station (시청역 1호선 5출구)

You can go and pay for an hour there! They have the time schedules right at the ticket office and it comes with the skates!

Don’t forget to bring your own gloves and grab a helmet by the lockers~

This is a yearly event so if you miss out this year save this video for next year 🤍

📆 until February 11th, 2024

From wanderwithgaby

2. An awesome place where you have to visit in 2024📚

Do not miss this stunning starfield library when you come to South Korea to travel ✈️🇰🇷

📸Photo Tips
The entrance is on 4F
best photo zone is on 5~6F
📍수원 스타필드 별마당도서관 (Starfield Suwon)
경기 수원시 장안구 수성로 175 스타필드
🕙10:00 – 22:00
🚆Subway Line 1 to Hwaseo station, Exit 1

From y.enna_

3. Dive into a K-pop-infused living symphony, seamlessly woven into Korea’s vibrant culture!💜🌟🏙️

From @yarennatayy

4. Step into the footsteps of BTS and feel the pulse of their extraordinary journey!🚌💜🫰🏻

From @aaaudreyrose

5. Step into Gwangjang Market – a culinary haven where traditional flavors unfold!🍜🥟🍘🤤

From @yoyoeatsss

6. Taking a thrilling ride through Cape Town’s majestic mountains! 🚗🏞️

From sophieelr TT

7. Snowflakes dance upon the rooftops of Hallstatt, Austria

From @max_pawlikowsky

8. Tranquil waters of Sylvan Lake, where every ripple tells a story of peace and every view is a masterpiece of natural beauty

💡Sylvan Lake, known for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque setting, is often surrounded by lush forests or dramatic rock formations, depending on its location. It’s a popular destination for activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and picnicking, offering a peaceful retreat into nature. The lake’s serene environment and natural beauty make it a favorite among photographers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking tranquility and scenic landscapes.

From @gigglymai

9. Top attractions in South Dakota for your next visit! 🐂❤️

From @marta.szajek

10. Vanlife amidst the rugged beauty of Badlands National Park, where every view is a postcard from the wild

💡Vanlife in Badlands National Park, South Dakota, offers a unique experience amidst striking geological formations, vast prairies, and rich wildlife. This rugged landscape provides a dramatic backdrop for vanlifers to explore, with scenic drives like the Badlands Loop Road, offering breathtaking vistas and numerous pullouts for photography and hiking. The park’s campgrounds, such as Sage Creek, allow for immersive stays under star-filled skies, making it an ideal destination for those seeking solitude and a deep connection with nature’s raw beauty while on the road.

From @leavethemap

11. Embraces Banff’s stunning landscapes, where adventure beckons at every turn⛰️🤩At Alberta, Canada

💡 Banff National Park is home to a rare and elusive population of white-tailed ptarmigans, perfectly adapted to survive in the harsh mountain environment.

From @vanessa.vermaas

12. Lost in the wilds of Arizona, where every breath is a story and every view, a masterpiece. 🌿🏜️

From @jasmineventurez

13. Swinging in an ice in Iceland!😍

💡Iceland boasts breathtaking ice caves formed by glacial meltwater. While swinging within these caves isn’t a common activity due to safety concerns and potential damage to the fragile formations, some guided tours offer limited interactions with the ice formations, including carefully touching or even crawling through specific sections.

From @noemi_frayre

14. Exploring the mesmerizing beauty of Badlands National Park, South Dakota

From @sarahjkolb

15. Exploring vast landscapes, where rugged terrains and majestic hills paint a picture of wild beauty and frontier spirit, at South Dakota

💡In South Dakota:

-Black Elk Peak stands as the state’s highest peak, offering hikers stunning vistas from the summit within the Black Hills National Forest.
-Badlands National Park is characterized by its dramatic landscapes of layered rock formations, steep canyons, and sprawling grasslands, providing a unique backdrop for outdoor activities.
-Custer State Park spans over 71,000 acres, renowned for its scenic drives like the Wildlife Loop, granite spires, and large bison population, encapsulating the natural beauty of the Black Hills.
-Needles Highway is a scenic drive through Custer State Park, named for its needle-like granite formations, offering spectacular views and access to adventure in the surrounding wilderness.

Have you ever been to South Dakota ?✨

From @trekkertradingco

16. We just can’t wait for canoe season in Alberta! ✨🛶

From @lostcoordinate

17. Have you really been to Canada if you didn’t hike in PNW! 🏔️🥾

From @priscillaatran

18. Aptivated by the ethereal glow of Iceland’s Northern Lights ☘️🤍

From @whereisweatherby

19. Enjoy the midnight sun in the north of Iceland where the sun never sets!😮🌅

💡If you go to Grímsey Island you will actually have a literal 24 hours of sunlight. That's because the island is far enough north for the sun not to set for almost an entire month. Grímsey is the best place to see the midnight sun in Iceland.

From @drew.simms

20. Embark on a visual journey to the awe-inspiring Ama Dablam peak in Nepal’s Khumbu Valley

💡Where towering majesty meets breathtaking beauty. Standing tall at 6,812 meters (22,349 feet), Ama Dablam is renowned among trekkers and climbers for its challenging yet rewarding ascent. As a beacon along the trail to Everest Base Camp, Ama Dablam captivates adventurers with its steep slopes, dramatic ridges, and stunning vistas of the surrounding Himalayan landscape.

From @gesmantamang

21. In the heart of Austria’s Alps, Hallstatt exudes timeless elegance ❤️

From @taniakoleska

22. Embark on an epic adventure along the challenging Chihuahua Lake Trail

💡Where every step unveils the beauty of Colorado’s rugged wilderness. With a distance of 7.2 miles and an elevation gain of 1,879 feet, this trail promises both physical exertion and breathtaking views.

From @colorado.hikes

23. Whale watching in Norway, where every sighting is a moment to treasure

From @olivierwaalberg

24. The Hawaii of Europe, where volcanic beauty meets Atlantic charm in an island paradise

From @myelatedodyssey

25. Discover the Thrills of a Swiss Winter Adventure

💡 Switzerland transforms into a winter wonderland, offering a myriad of activities that promise both adrenaline and serenity against a backdrop of breathtaking Alpine views. From the exhilarating First Glider ride in Grindelwald to moon biking in Engelberg and alpine coasting at Glacier 3000, the adventure is limitless. Immerse yourself in unique experiences like a hot tug journey on Lake Brienz or a scenic helicopter ride over the majestic Alps. Embrace the thrill of husky sledding near the iconic Matterhorn or enjoy snow tubing in Leysin’s tobogganing park. Each activity offers a unique way to enjoy every second of your Swiss winter vacation.

From @wirth.a.trip

26. soaring above the sea of tulips in South New Zealand - nature’s artwork from a new angle!🌷✨

💡Tulips typically bloom in the spring, and the exact timing can vary depending on the climate and location. In New Zealand, the tulip season may start around September and last through October or even later.

From @photodane

27. Meet the adorable Highland calf in a snowy setting at Smedisgården, Finland

💡The sight of a Highland calf in the snow is an enchanting winter spectacle, especially at Smedisgården in Finland. These young calves, with their fluffy coats and endearing eyes, are incredibly cute against the snowy backdrop. Originating from the Scottish Highlands, these calves are naturally equipped to handle snowy climates, making them perfectly at home in the Finnish winter.

From @smedisgarden

28. In awe of Norway's pristine beauty, where every vista is a masterpiece. 💜✨

From @sofiejorgensen

29. exploring the untamed wonders of Olden, Norway’s natural paradise!🌳🌊

💡Norway’s breathtaking outdoors is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its stunning landscapes of towering mountains, deep fjords, and pristine forests, Norway offers an unparalleled outdoor experience.

From @beautyof.norway

30. Captivated by Norway's breathtaking landscapes, where nature reigns supreme.🌄❤️

From @gianluigi.palomba

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