Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #107



1. Embarking on the ultimate thrill of water sliding in Costa Rica!🤩

💡A unique outdoor activity where natural water slides weave through the lush landscapes, creating an exhilarating aquatic adventure! Did you know that Costa Rica offers various locations, like the Rio Celeste Waterfall, for this adrenaline-pumping experience.

From @doslocosdeviaje

2. Embracing the serene beauty of winter at Garden of the Gods, Colorado!❄️🏞️

💡Where snow-dusted red rock formations create a breathtaking contrast against the crisp blue sky! Did you know that Garden of the Gods transforms into a winter wonderland, offering peaceful trails for snowshoeing and capturing the magic of the season.

From @swagath_vk

3. Finland’s night sky painted with the northern lights

From @pebuyck

4. Journeying across Zillertal’s panoramic bridge 🌁😍

From @michael_simonlehner_photo

5. Explores the clearest lake in the world! 😍At Paisupok lake, Banggai islands, Indonesia

💡Often described as a hidden gem, this picturesque lake boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters, lush greenery, and a serene atmosphere, making it a sought-after destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

From  @danielkordan

6. Where tranquility flows like the gentle currents of Bull Creek Greenbelt Trail, Austin, Texas, USA

💡 Bull Creek is located in Austin, Texas, running through the western part of the city. It’s a major tributary of the Colorado River.

Bull Creek District Park and Greenbelt is a popular recreational area along the creek, offering hiking trails, swimming holes, and scenic spots ideal for picnicking and nature observation.

From @guthrie.atx

7. Capturing the majestic stride – the cowboy walk of a bald eagle in Alaska!🦅🤩

💡Where these iconic birds showcase both power and grace! Did you know that bald eagles, symbolizing freedom and strength, boast an impressive wingspan of up to 7 feet.

From @markian.b

8. Dive into relaxation at Charlotte Hot Springs, the new oasis in Buena Vista, Colorado

💡With three pools of varying temperatures and enchanting botanical gardens, this quaint haven invites you to unwind. Did you know they offer a package of 10 soaks for $150.

From @coloradomountaintowns

9. You are witnessing some amazing climbers at Fisher Towers. 👀 

These rock formations are so majestic and challenging, you wonder how they do it. Respect! 🙌🏼

You feel the adventure living in the blood of south westerners. They are always seeking new heights and horizons, exploring the beauty and diversity of this land. You are inspired by their spirit and courage. Maybe one day you’ll join them.

You can see the red sandstone towers rising from the desert floor, contrasting with the blue sky and the green vegetation. You can hear the wind blowing and the climbers shouting. You can smell the fresh air and the dust. You can feel the thrill and the awe. You are living the moment. 🙏🏼

From ig4len

10. Unlock the Charms of Quebec City: A Journey Through Time and Culture

From @thenationalparktravelers

11. Exploring the stairway to heaven of Taiwan

💡This epic forest hike is located in the Pingxi district of northeastern Taiwan. The route has it all with hundreds of stairs, cloud forests, caves, beautiful views and of course an adrenaline rush with narrow climbs.

From @jackson.groves

12. A boat’s bold journey through ice in Västerbron

From @visualtale

13. Powder perfection in the Swiss Alps! ⛷️

💡St. Moritz is a world-renowned ski resort town located in the Engadin Valley of Switzerland. It is known for its luxurious hotels, sophisticated atmosphere, and challenging skiing terrain. The ski season in St. Moritz typically runs from December to April, with excellent snow conditions throughout the season.

From @marcomrheiniger

14. Indulging in the vibrant flavors and charming ambiance of Cartagena’s must-visit café, at Colombia

From @theeverywhereblonde

15. Exploring the enchanting halls of Lismore Castle

From @henderso1

16. This captures towering giants in Sequoia National Park’s sky🌳 ☁️

💡 Sequoia National Park is home to the General Sherman Tree, which is not only one of the tallest trees on Earth but also one of the oldest living organisms, estimated to be around 2,200 years old.

From @wanderin2wellness

17. Immerses in Glacier’s pristine beauty, where mountains whisper adventure’s call⛰️🎨At Montana, USA

💡 Glacier National Park, located in Montana, is known for its stunning glaciers, with once over 150 glaciers that have significantly receded due to climate change.

From @go4theglobe

18. Exploring the captivating beauty of San Andrés, where turquoise waters meet golden shores, creating a paradise like no other. 🏝️☀️

From @theguidedtravels

19. Explore the stunning swiss lakes, at Switzerland

From @swiss.beautifuls

20. Captivated by Arizona’s surreal sandstone waves, a journey beyond imagination✨🏜️

💡 The Wave in Arizona boasts stunning undulating patterns and is composed of Jurassic-age Navajo Sandstone, which originated around 190 million years ago.

From @travelwiththeoneyoulove

21. You stand at the edge of the salt flats, mesmerized by the sight of the sun setting over the distant mountains, At Death Valley National Park

The sky is ablaze with orange, pink, and purple hues, and the water reflects them like a giant mirror. You feel a sense of awe and gratitude for this moment, as you remember the recent floods that brought life to this barren landscape. You snap some photos and caption it: “When nature throws us flood, we appreciate reflections.

As you watch the sun dip below the horizon, you feel a surge of positive emotions. You feel connected to nature and yourself, as you experience the beauty and wonder of the world. You feel calm and peaceful, as you let go of your worries and anxieties. You feel inspired and generous, as you realize how precious and fragile life is. You feel satisfied and grateful, as you acknowledge the gift of this day and this moment. You smile and sigh, as you prepare to leave this magical place. You hope to return someday, and witness another glorious sunset

From ig4len

22. Exploring where adventure meets paradise! 😍

💡From captivating waterfalls, to surreal cave adventures, and exciting hikes through vibrant landscapes, there’s so much to do in the region. I’m convinced Mexico has it all! Not to mention, immersing yourself in the rich indigenous culture and food!

From @eyeofshe

23. Discovers the ultimate winter hike in Rocky Mountain National Park🥾❄️

💡 The Emerald Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park is approximately 3.6 miles long, making it a moderately challenging yet rewarding hike for visitors.

From @the.worried.wanderer

24. Because I could watch you for a single minute and find a thousand things that I love about you.❣️

From @loucheuse

25. Weekend getaways for every traveler exploring Austria

From @danieljschwarz

26. This is how the shots from moving car are filmed for K-drama! 🤩

From @piyuchino

27. This is your sign to travel to Korea this spring 🤩

From @__kuznecova__

28. A winter day in Eobi Valley 🩵

📍어비산장 (this is the destination you want to put in Naver Maps)
📍민기남씨네솥뚜껑닭매운탕 (this is the restaurant we went to afterwards with spicy chicken— fire burning pan with many famous visitors and a place only Koreans would know)

From seoulfuldiaries

29. Embarking on a literary journey at the enchanting Starfield Library in Seoul! 📚✨

Nestled within the iconic COEX Mall, this bibliophile’s paradise boasts a vast collection of books that reach for the sky, creating a breathtaking visual spectacle

🏰📖 Wander through the towering shelves, immerse yourself in diverse genres, and feel the magic of literature come to life 🫶🏻🥰Starfield Library is not just a library; it’s a cultural hub that invites you to get lost in the pages of your favorite book or explore new literary treasures

From fifigraphy

30. Something you should definitely do with someone you love! 🔐At Seoul, South Korea

From @abroad_inseoul

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