Wonderful Travel Destinations To Wander #103



1. Elevate your snack game as you indulge in these special chocolate bars!💜🫰🏻🍫

From @foodieonfleek

2. Have you experienced the magic of this year’s lantern festival?🌟🏮At Gwanghwamun Plaza and Cheonggyecheon

From @ssteart

3. Only in Korea 💙

From @laiapags

4. This is your sign to visit this beautiful pink hill in Gyeonggi 💕🩷

From @yen_pic

5. Seoul on a snowy day? Yes please! ❄️🥰

From @yongfeel

6. We are all Korean, but we are not the same.😉

From  @seung847

7. Giant tteokbokki, anyone? 🔥😋

From @fullbellytravels

8. We can’t wait for South Korea to look this beautiful 🌸

From @yeoyu_roi

9. Discover the ultimate shopping haven at Daiso, Seoul

From @sallyfromseoul

10. Enjoy the warm winter in Seoul, Korea.❄️

From @toyoung.ah

11. Immersed in the electrifying energy of Myeongdong, Seoul! 🌟

This bustling district is a sensory delight, with vibrant street markets, trendy boutiques, and an array of tempting street food stalls. 🛍️✨ The lively atmosphere, filled with locals and travelers alike, creates an unforgettable experience. From skincare havens to unique fashion finds, every corner has a story to tell. 🌆✨ Exploring Myeongdong is like stepping into a dynamic tapestry of culture and style ✨❤️‍🩹

From fifigraphy

12. “We want ARMY to be happy through our music, and we will be there for you, with love,” V said.💜

From @aliciaacas

13. When someone asks why you wanna move to South Korea this is why!😍

Who wants to move to South Korea?👇🏼

From @jaeyeoncchoii

14. Korean street food is HEAVENLY 🤤😍

From @salonishazma

15. Things you will only find in Korea : Chair socks 😂

From extratomyordinary

16. Catching the last few moments of Seoul’s winter lantern festival along the Cheonggyecheon. 💖✨

(Not sure what happened to the quality of this, but the feeling is there. Enjoy the peace of this clip. 😌)

From hannah_intl

17. A library in a shopping complex | Starfield Library Seoul, South Korea

An enormous bookshop inside a shopping complex, the Starfield Library, organized on two floors: the structure collects thousands of international books and magazines. Enjoy the spectacular architectural details, fine floors, refined furnishings. The welcoming and informal atmosphere is perfect for lulling visitors into their reading

Most visitors visit the library for the pictures than reading 😂| An photoable spot you must not miss!

From extratomyordinary

18. Exploring the tranquil beauty of Bongeunsa Temple! 🌸

This ancient temple, nestled amidst the bustling city, is entry free 💲🍃 The intricate architecture andpeaceful gardens make it a must-visit in Seoul. 😍

From fifigraphy

19. A must-try experience in South Korea – rent a Hanbok and step into tradition

Hanboks are traditional Korean clothing that are often worn on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and ceremonies.

Hanbok Rental Guide In Seoul
This ultimate guide on hanbok rental in Seoul will show you how to rent hanbok in Seoul 

From deetravelstories

20. Beat the winter blues in Korea🩵❄️🌊

Gangneung remains to be my fave place in Korea as it reminds me of my hometown in the Philippines (La Union) – big waves, sandy shores, and sunshine vibes, even on winter! 🏝️☀️

Plus, it’s so easy to get here from Seoul. Jump on a two-hour cozy train or a three-hour bus ride, and before you know it, you’re sipping coffee by the coast at Gangneung’s Coffee Street ☕️

If you’re looking for something new to do this winter, swap the city chaos for serene beach strolls. There’s just something about Gangneung in winter that feels like a warm hug amidst the cold; a fail-proof antidote for the winter blues ❄️🩵

Have you been to Gangneung on winter? 🌊

From janineanne__

21. We takes you guys to the best hotteok place in Korea!🍘🤤At Namdaemun Market, Gate 2

From @ahnestkitchen

22. How to rent a Hanbok in Korea?😍(Prices included)

✨ There are soooo many rental shops so make sure to compare prices and hanbok styles they have available! I found the ones closer to the main street more expensive.
✨ You can rent the hanboks for different time periods like 2 hours, 4 hours and 24 hours so prices will vary depending on this.
✨ Prices will also depend on what type of hanbok you choose and the place I visited ranged from 10000 KRW to 50000 KRW.
✨ Look out for additional charges of certain things! (I didn’t realise the charges for the underwire skirt etc. Hairstyle and accessories are usually an additional charge!
✨ No bookings are required because the process is actually very quick!
✨ Try to go earlier in the day so you have a bigger range of styles and colours to choose from!

📍Onelharu Hanbok (Naver address: ‘Oneul Haru Hanbok’ - 21 Jeokseon-dong Jongno-gu Seoul)

From karen.explores

23. It was a freezing cold snowy night in Seoul ❄️

From @koreankimchi_official

24. Counting the days till South Korea looks this beautiful 🌸At Yeonji Park, Gimhae

From @1amny

25. We are mind-blown by how cool and convenient this is! ☔️

From @fede.ktv

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