Wonderful Travel Around New Zealand

1. Kaikōura, New Zealand gets some special visitors in 

Migrating whales like humpbacks, pilot and blue whales stop off for a snack on their way to the tropics. This humpback whale is going for a dive

From @allancronin_wildlife

2. Take a moment to embrace New Zealand spring, just like this native Tui bird is doing, at Hamilton, New Zealand

From @matthew_xavier_lehnsherr

3. Soaring over the peaks, What a gorgeous land

Did you know the Remarkables are one of the only mountain ranges in the world to run directly north to south? The only other range are the Rocky Mountains

From TT

4. Explore hard-to-reach penguin colonies on the subantarctic Antipodes, at New Zealand

From DOC, Sabine Burnet, Miles Holden

5. This marine reserve and iconic diving spot is a haven for unique species and sea creatures, at Poor Knights Islands

From @reubenroams

6. These stunning rock formations make for an otherworldly sight, at Clay Cliffs, New Zealand

From @skyviewphotographynz

7. Some things just look different from above, at Milford Sound Airport

The first landing in Milford Sound was in 1938, since then many people have seen the majestic fjords from the air. On clear days you can see for miles and spot wildlife like penguins and dolphins splashing below

From @laurie_winter

8. Can you spot the kākāpō? Took me a few seconds! That’s cool

Duke can! Duke helps  with their work protecting kākāpō, the world's only flightless parrot. We might struggle to see kākāpō in the forest but Duke is specially trained to find them with his strong sense of smell. Duke spotted this kākāpō on Whenua Hou, a sanctuary island near Stewart Island / Rakiura

From @docgovtnz

9. Discover hidden kākāpō on Codfish and Anchor Islands

From DOC, Sabine Burnet, Miles Holden

10. A Tongikura from Aotearoa (A proverb from New Zealand)

We're sending a tongikura (Māori proverbial saying) from Aotearoa to wherever you are in the world. ​ Feel the wairua (spirit) of our beautiful land and that the shimmer of light dances across your pathway. ​

From TT

11. From the summit of Aoraki/Mount Cook, what an amazing sunset

From @williampatino_photography, @navaneeth_unnikrishnan, @markclinton, @junjitakasago, @lwimages_studio

12. Mt. Sefton watches over Mueller Lake, which can be seen from the Hooker Valley Track

These cool ice stacks form when ice on the lake starts to melt and break up. The water below then pushes sheets towards the shore, layering the stacks

From @leecook_images

13. I can feel the blue of this beautiful water, at Blue Pools, Haast Pass

From @divakn @a_home_in_a_thousand_places @10stopphotography @tonymacstevensphotography @leecook_images

14. Do you know where in New Zealand this geothermal wonderland is? If your guess was Orakei Korako, then yep!

It's New Zealand's largest geyser field​
Ruatapu Cave, one of only two in the world known to exist in a geothermal field, is found here​
It's home to Emerald Terrace, the largest terrace in New Zealand (after the Pink and White Terraces)

From @navaneeth_unnikrishnan

15. Looking forward to heading down the hooker lake valley in a few weeks time to soak up the vastness of New Zealand’s national park, at Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

From @10stopphotography

16. Watching the sunrise over the Tararuas, at Powell Hut, Tararuas

Did you know the Tararua Forest Park is the largest conservation park managed by Department of Conservation in the North Island?

From @juliac_nz

17. Did you know that the Māori name for Franz Josef Glacier is Kā Roimata o Hinehukatere which means "The tears of Hinehukatere"?

Local legend tells of the tragic love story of Hinehukatere and Wawe. Hinehukatere had a passion for mountaineering and took her sweetheart Wawe into the mountains with her. He tried to keep up but was not as agile and lost his footing, falling to his death. Hinehukatere was heartbroken and cried and cried. As a memorial to her sorrow, the gods (Atua) froze her tears into a giant river of ice, forming the glacier that we see today!

From @roadynz

18. Soak in the views on the Kepler Track, one of Fiordland’s Great Walks

From DOC, Sabine Burnet, Miles Holden

19. A New Zealand sea lion it whakahao as it came ashore at sunrise, at Dunedin, New Zealand

Whakahao are only found in New Zealand around the bottom of the South Island, Stewart Island and subantarctic islands

From @allancronin_wildlife

20. Behind the fogs, is the snow peak, what an amazing, at New Zealand

From @williampatino_photography, @navaneeth_unnikrishnan, @markclinton, @junjitakasago, @lwimages_studio

21. Take me to the Redwoods and let's get lost among the giants, at Redwoods, Whakarewarewa Forest

From @a_home_in_a_thousand_places

22. Roadway to Aoraki Mount Cook under the beautiful pink and pastel color

From @leecook_images

23. Geothermal waters of Wai-O-Tapu from aerial view, how amazing

From @navaneeth_unnikrishnan

24. Contemplating infinity, at Lake Tararewa

From @tonymacstevensphotography

25. Views over Lake Hāwea

Lake Hāwea lies in a glacial valley surrounded by mountains in the South Island. It runs nearly parallel to Lake Wānaka, at their closest point (called 'The Neck') the lakes are only 1km apart

From @williampatino_photography

26. The best hike ever, amazing with the view

From @lwimages_studio

27. Tekapo in New Zealand is approved as one of the top three dark-sky parks

in the world by International Dark-sky Association. Beautiful flowers of lupines bloom in November and December, and at night their brilliant blue tones with the starry sky co-create a mystic atmosphere. Although lupines are a non-native plant, they still bloom beautifully in Tekapo as one life on planet Earth

From @junjitakasago

28. If you need a moment to yourself, then head here, at Doctors Point, Waitati, New Zealand

From the Far North down south to the Canterbury Plains, let the beautiful sounds of New Zealand nature refresh your wairua (spirit)

From @dilon_wj

29. The iconic Roys Peak. This 8km track takes in the incredible views of Lake Wānaka and Mount Aspiring/Tititea

From @tonymacstevensphotography

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