Wonderful Things Around The World

1. Morning sun shine at Greek island

From TT

2. Sending the peaceful beach vibes from the Maldives

From @shifumv

3. Snorkeling and meet new friend today, he is so gentle and lovely

From TT

4. After everything is okay, Greece will be the first place I go to

From TT

5. Where you can take a dip and enjoy the pool in the middle of the jungle, at Bali

From @terplanet

6. Oahu looking beautiful as always, look at that blue sky and the waves

From @shanemyersphoto

7. Mauritius Island, relaxing in the pool and enjoy the fresh air of the beach

From @explorewithkev

8. The hidden gem at Cebu Philippines

From @jess.wandering

9. The sun through the glasses, at Bora Bora

From @onceuponawine_

10. Fall at Switzerland is amazing

From TT

11. The welcome moment at Bora Bora, French Polynesia. amazing view

From @lemeridienbora

12. Enjoy the blue water at Phi Phi Islands Thailand

From @welovevacationn

13. Enjoy the sunset with the amazing view, at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

From @kyrenian

14. Sunset dip and meet new friends, at Hawaii

Hawaii Sunsets
Floating in the sea, and watching this mother sea turtle and her two babies was a highlight of this year. Sadly, she had lost one of her back fins to likely a shark. I could of watched them gracefully dance through the water for hours

From  @thetravelingelf

15. Enjoy the sunset at Greece, how amazing

From TT

16. A view with heart, from Paris, France

From TT

17. The crystal clear water at Ampelostrates

From @giannistsou

18. Now how cool would it be to own a mini island? At Bora Bora

From @jeremyaustiin

19. Sunset with pink pastel sky at the tropical paradise, the Maldives

From @capitaltravel_maldives

20. New friends meet today at the beach, at Aruba

From TT

21. Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

From @kyrenian

22. Good morning, from Santorini, Greece, enjoy the breakfast with the amazing view

From @tropicalfelling

23. Italy sunset, love that burning sky

From  @doctorwithoutborders

24. You can hear the calm waves, at Bora Bora

From TT

25. The tropical island with the amazing resort, at Kandima Maldives

From @kandima_maldives

26. A foggy sunset, at Hawaii

From @olya_valerie

27. Glass Beach, California, have you every see those stones like this before?

From @tidecharmers

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