Wonderful Destinations To Travel This December 2022

1. Wonderful sunset burning sky at Greek islands

From @loukas_g

2. Fun times and Tan Lines, in Loìza,Puerto Rico

Loíza is a town and municipality on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico, north of Canóvanas; east of Carolina, Puerto Rico; and west of Río Grande, Puerto Rico. Loíza is spread over five barrios and Loíza Pueblo. It is part of the San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo Metropolitan Statistical Area

From @claylltom

3. Praça D. Pedro IV from different perspectives. What's your favorite spot in Lisbon?

From @b2graphy

5. A view of Pont Neuf from above that captures hearts, at Paris, France

The Pont-Neuf, ‘New-Bridge’ in French, is actually the oldest bridge in Paris, dating back from the early 17th century

From @world_walkerz

6. Just can't get enough with Santorini view


7. For the tranquility of Greek islands. Greece has an impressive coastline about 16,000 kilometers

From @momentsofgregory

8. A breathtaking reflection, at Colombia

Did you know that Colombia’s surface is equivalent to the sum of France, Spain, and Portugal

From @metrosarriba

9. A walk in heaven

Panama is only the size of South Carolina - yet it has a great variety of attractions: exotic tropical rainforests, beautiful mountain refuges, Caribbean-style beaches and 1000 islands, one of the best birding sites worldwide, seven living Indian cultures, a Miami-style sophisticated capital city with a vibrant night life, Spanish colonial historical sites, golf, diving, snorkeling, not to mention that 8th wonder of the world and engineering marvel, the Panama Canal

From @bomkanari

10. Budapest at night through our eyes

Underneath the city is a massive reserve of spring water that produces 70 million liters of thermal water a day which makes Budapest the richest city with the medical waters on the world

From @justanother_travelblog

11. Can you believe there is a salt lake that is pink, at Hutt Lagoon, Australia

The lake is given its incredible pink color through the presence of carotenoid-producing algae, which is used in everything from cosmetic products to food coloring

From @vanlife_craiglauren

12. We are on another planet! Locations below. Please Leave No Trace and travel responsibly

As vibrant as they seem, every place has its own charm, its own spell. Filled with nothing but tranquility and beauty, nature never fails to surprise


-Death Valley

-Saxer Lücke

-Mt. Rainer

-The Wave


-Blue Lagoon


From @theloverspassport

13. Around the Switzerland with this groomy weather

From @justiintravels

14. Italy is just too amazing to see

From @roman_adamovich

15. Over the edge, at Portugal

From @daniel.budaes

16. Best medicine view, at Turkey

From @alexandkatetravel

17. Chichen Itza is one of the Mexican ruins near Cancun, so it makes an easy day trip

The centuries-old ruins of Chichen Itza undoubtedly are one of the most visited archeological sites and tourist attractions in Mexico. Chichen Itza grew to prominence from the 6th century A.D. onward. By the 10th century, Chichen Itza was a sprawling city with a dense trade network that reached as far as the Caribbean coastline

From @food_and_travel0

18. Good morning, Hawaii, at Kailua Town

Throughout the year, the earliest sunrise in Hawaii is typically around 5:50 a.m., and the latest is around 7:15 a.m

From @s2rp3roi

19. European nature is the best medicine, at Romania

From @paiualex

20. Just can't get enough of Portugal. What's your favorite activity to do while traveling?

Ultimate 4 Day Portugal Road Trip Itinerary:

1. Stop 1: Porto (1 night)

2. Stop 2: Douro Valley (2 nights)

3. Stop 3: Serra da Estrela Natural Park (1 night)

From @natomanzolli

21. Make sure to add these top 4 activities to your Kauai, Hawaii bucket list

1️⃣ Watch sea turtles of Poipu Beach

2️⃣ Helicopter ride

3️⃣ Na Pali Coast

4️⃣ Tunnels Beach (Makua)

From @jad.holland

22. Maldives is the literal definition of peace of mind

In 2009, the cabinet of the Maldives held an underwater meeting, making the Maldives the first country in the world to place a governmental meeting on scuba. Appropriately, this cabinet meeting highlighted climate change. Many Maldivians fear that as the climate continues to change and sea levels rise, they will soon find themselves underwater

From @rafflesmaldives

23. Moments when life feels unreal

The Maldives is home to five of the seven species of marine turtles in the world! These are the leatherback, Olive Ridley turtles, loggerhead, green turtle and hawksbill

From @valentin.ayupov

24. Most wonderful views you’ll ever see, at Seychelles

The Seychelles is comprised of 73 coral islands and 42 inner islands, including Mahé and Praslin, which are formed by granite. These 42 additions to the archipelago are the only islands in the world that have no coral or volcanic elements. Granite rocks can be found clustered along many of the inner islands’ beaches, bringing with them a charm that gives the Seychelles its label as one of the most fascinating destinations in the world

From @flywithsilvy

25. Some moments in the Ayada Island, Maldives just feel unreal

Unlike its western counterparts, the country of Maldives does not recognise Saturday and Sunday as the weekend, but Friday and Saturday. So don’t be surprised when you see people working on a Sunday

From @ayadamaldivesresort

26. Sunsets in Puerto Madero , Buenos Aires can melt your heart

Puerto Madero is a revamped dockside area. Its converted redbrick buildings contain upscale steakhouses popular with tourists and business lunchers. Sleek skyscrapers house multinational corporations and high-value apartments

From @mary_mur

27. The only kind of sunsets you don’t want to miss are the ones above in Savannah’s skies

Is Savannah, Georgia On your 2023 bucket list?

From @savannahandbeyond

28. The sea is where we truly belong, at The Exumas, Bahamas

The Exumas are renown for their sapphire-blue waters—waters so stunning, their brilliant colours are visible even from outer space. This chain of 365 islands is home to secluded footprint-free beaches, deserted cays, and ultra-exclusive resorts

From @nouraboulela

29. What’s better than hopping on a hot air balloon to enjoy Cappadocia’s charm, at Turkey

Did you know Cappadocia’s landscape was formed by volcanic erosion?

From @picturesbyhd // @picturesbyhd on TT

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