Where To Travel This January 2023

1. Croatia, you have our hearts forever

Croatia is home to what was once the smallest town in the world in the Guinness Book of Records. The town called “Hum” has a population of only 17 people

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2. Santa Claus series, at Finland

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3. The winter in Norway is epic

In winter, the average temperature in Norway is -6.8 degrees Celsius, but the local conditions may vary quite a lot. Around Oslo, snowfall is common and the average winter temperatures are just below zero

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4. Berlin, you had me at hallo

People tend to assume Venice or Amsterdam would have the most in Europe but Berlin trumps them both with over 180 kilometres of navigable waterways

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5. As the locals say, one beach for each day of the year! At St Johns, Antigua and Barbuda

In Antigua And Barbuda, You can count 365 beaches

When it comes down to it, the reasons to love Antigua are all tied into the things the island is most known for: its beautiful white sand beaches, sailing, the 18th century Nelson's Dockyard, its culinary delicacies, the largest nesting colony of frigate birds in the Caribbean, and much more

From @guy_wassermann

6. Auroras are nature’s way of saying I win

Auroras constantly change shape. The patterns and shapes of auroras are determined by the changing flow of charged particles and the varying magnetic fields

From @momentsofgregory

7. You need to witness at least one Californian sunset in your life

Did you know the name California comes from a 16th century Spanish novel that describes a mythical paradise called California?

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8. Beautiful sights only in Bahia de Santa Marta, Colombia

Enjoy the peace of the bay because of the protection offered from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada – the highest coastal mountain in the world. They become a natural barrier that blocks the choppy waters and storms, even hurricanes that rip through other Caribbean paradises don’t bother visiting this bay

From @metrosarriba

9. Top 6 hotel with incredible views through our eyes

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10. Bora Bora Island, Vaitape, French Polynesia is in an island state of mind

Bora Bora is actually a little island that is made up of 3 villages: Anau, Faanui and Vaitape. There are fewer than 9,000 permanent residents. The total area of 29.3 km, is so small that there are no forms of public transit. If you plan to visit, be prepared to either walk or rent a car, bike or two-seater buggy

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11. City of dreams, at Hong Kong

Hong Kong is officially known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong has one of the world’s most thriving economies and is a hub for international trade and investment. A cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong weaves Western and Asian influence into a world-class center of business, culture, and trade

From @derryainsworth

12. A day at Mount Taranaki

Do you know that Mount Taranaki is also known as Egmont. It is well known of its group of volcanos.

Places to visit:

1. Poukakai Reflective Tarns

2. country retreat glamping

3. Kent Road

4. Lake Mangamahoe

5. Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

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13. This guy casually gliding through the sky, at DZ Skycenter Puschino, Russia

When you think of professional skydivers you think of crazy people, am I right? Crazy BEAUTIFUL people that is. There is not one single skydiver who isn't so incredibly awesome. The skydiving world is full of a very eclectic and amazing group of people to say the least

From @a_slepnev

14. Girls trip to spend Christmas in Europe = best idea ever. Our itinerary below

- Amsterdam (2 days)

- Bruges (1 day)

- Alsace (1 day Colmar, 1 day Strasbourg)

- Tyrol (2 days)

- Vienna (2 days)

We explored European Christmas markets, saw Christmas lights and giant Christmas trees, ate tons of yummy Christmas food and drank mulled wine, bought Christmas gifts, played in the snow and made tons of memories in this winter wonderland!

From @sammcclendon

15. Roggenburg abbey is one of the very few examples in South Germany where the vision of a baroque monastery complex was completed

From @baroqueblockbuster

16. She sharing with us her 4 day trip to Algarve

From @aureliestory via TT

17. Put the problems away and just enjoy the view of Norway

The natural landscapes in Norway are wonderfully diverse. For instance, you could soak up culture on a city break in Oslo or venture north to the Arctic Circle. And you can even stay in a snow hotel on a Norway winter tour

From @cheaviajar

18. Best spots in Oahu, Hawaii

Top activities to do in Hawaii:

1.) Spot the turtles at Punalu'u Black Sand Beach

2.) Get up close with a Volcano

3.) Watch the Sunrise on Haleakala

4.) Swim with the sea turtles

From @aureliestory via TT

19. Imagine having your wedding here in Bellek Castle & Museum

The castles holds one of the finest collections of antiques, Jurassic Fossils, Medieval weapons and Medieval Armour in Ireland! Other curiosities include the last wolf shot in Connaught & the bed of Grace O’Malley, Ireland’s Pirate Queen

From @mato.ondrus

20. When you are in Venice don’t forget to watch the sunrise

If you want to see the sunrise, the perfect place to see it is in St. Mark’s Square. Which place in Venice you’d watch the sunrise from

From @gondolasanmarco

21. There is nothing Greece cannot fix

One of the most surprising facts about Greece reveals that the majority of the country is actually mountains

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22. One life. One world. Explore 

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23. A view that could make your heart beat faster, at Lille, France

Lille wows visitors with its lofty bell towers, art collection at Palais des Beaux-Arts (considered the second largest general-interest museum in France, after the Louvre) and famous stuffed waffles at the Méert pâtisserie

From @jusanders23

24. Wander as far as your feet carry you

Known for world-class galleries and museums, fantastic shopping, impressive architecture and fabulous nightlife, there are plenty of reasons that make this Madrid a bucket list destination

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25. Somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s New York

New York City is the most populous city in the United States, with around 8.5 million residents

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26. Flying above the world’s oldest desert while greeting the first sunrays was one of the most mind-blowing moments of this trip, at Kulala Wilderness Reserve, Namibia

Enjoy the landscapes and the awe-inspiring display of nature when sun rises above the horizon and brings desert to live. Witness how the oryx sprint and sway the vastness of the desert. Breathe in, breathe out and connect all your senses to this visually striking scenery

Big hearts

Namib Sky Balloon Safaris gives its visitors not only an unforgettable experience, but also stands for the environment and does big steps towards creating awarness to both visitors and the local community. They are looking for more sustainable ways of living (using solar energy, gardening, water conservation), work-ethics and plans to help the community. Namib Sky founded and constantly supports the first Early Childhood Development and Primary School in the area

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27. Just a normal day in Madrid

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