Virtual Wander Around The World

1. Up for an underwater stroll in the Bahamas?

From @andremusgrove

2. A perfect cornet at Milan,Italy

From @sennarelax

3. Morning breakfast at Amalfi Coast, how amazing view is this

From @andreavetrano

4. Aerial view of one of the most busy dock at Capri, Italy

From @markoconforti

5. Venice, Italy for sunrise, enjoy the life

From @gianmarco.gabriele

6. Welcome to Rome, Italy, enjoy the night and ready for the sunrise tomorrow

From @markoconforti

7. Special guests, at Vermiglio, how cute are they

From @takemyhearteverywhere

8. Maldives is a must, at Diamonds Athuruga Beach and Water Villas

From @fitondalipi

9. Meaning of seahorse, would you ride on this? At Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

Note that horses are born with a natural instinct to swim that they got from a time when, living in the wild, they needed to be able to cross deep water in order to either escape danger or reach new places for self feeding, and that's why today its part of their natural skills. If you go to most beaches today the chances of seeing horses swimming is low but that doesn’t mean to say that they can’t, or shouldn’t. In fact, swimming with horses is becoming more and more popular these days, not just for the therapeutical benefits it can have for the person who experience this with the horse

From @jennasilver_

10. From the magic of Es Vedrà & unimaginable sunsets in the west, to the iconic old town in the south & the awe-striking and serene coast in the north, the destination has something for everyone

From  @matiasderada + @lizzymcole

11. Dreamy and extravagant Cappadocia mornings where you can witness the iconic scenery of hot air balloons ebbing and flowing above valleys and "fairy chimneys"

Hot air ballooning is one of the most popular activities in Cappadocia. Though it's available almost all year round, the best time to experience it is from April to November, when weather conditions are more favorable.

From @muratkoksalart

12. Wandering around the black sand beach, at Iceland

From @asasteinars

13. The lonely village, at Iceland, be one with the natural

From @asasteinars

14. Iceland has so many ice cave like this, and all of them are beautiful

From @asasteinars

15. Mesmerizing clip of a massive, multi-colored wave for today's quick breather, at New South Wales, Australia

Lying between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia has no shortage of heavy swells and enormous tides. Because of this, hordes of surfers flock to the country's coastline all year round, as well as wave photographs and videographers

From @ryanpernofski

16. Ever want to visit the glass cabin at Iceland? At night in this place, you can see wonderful stars

From @asasteinars

17. Stella Island Resort in Crete, Greece is a dream

From  @karpathakis.experience

18. Stetinden, Norway in a beautiful day, taking pictures of those magical mountains at the roadway

From @seffis

19. Beautiful green aurora at night in Stetinden, Norway

From @seffis

20. Here truly is the end of the mountain, how amazing is this! At Hamnøy, Norway

From @seffis

21. Aerial view of Aurland, Norway, where you can enjoy the view with the atmosphere

From TT

22. On my way to Stetinden, for one of the most beautiful trekking trip ever

From TT

23. New friend at the middle of the trek, at Tromsø, Norway

From TT

24. Peaceful village at Pulpit Rock, Norway, where you can enjoy the day

From TT

25. Exploring the forest at Tromsø, Norway. How beautiful green is this

From TT

26 Just can not wait till visit Marmelkroken, Norway this Christmas again.

From TT

27. Sit down and enjoy the calm at Pulpit Rock, Norway

From @pilotviking

28. Being one with the ocean, At Queensland, Australia. Would you like to relax underwater with Guru Turtle, too?

Queensland is an Australian state that's home to some of the most important marine turtle nesting sites in the world. Not only is the state's coast blanketed with sunshine, but its picturesque landscapes are also brimming with an impressive population of native animals. From seeing hatchlings make their way to the sea to encountering adult turtles in their natural habitat, there's always a magical sight to behold here. Tag your animal-loving friends!

From TT

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