Virtual Travel To Norways

1. Building a snow couple, at top of the mountain of Breiskrednosi

From @unnida

2. Southeast of Oslo, you'll find the charming city of Fredrikstad

situated in beautiful surroundings by the Oslofjord. The best-preserved fortified town in Northern Europe offers a rich blend of culture, history, and enjoyment

From TT

3. Street Art at Kristiansand, Norway

From martinwhatson @vlekart

4. Need some tasty waves? Take your art experience to the next level in Oslo

The Oslo Tree" Towering over 14 meters tall, the public art installation pushes the boundaries of art, nature and technology. At night, the tree comes alive. Each of its 15,000 leaves will turn a myriad of ever swirling colours, captivating anyone in the tree’s vicinity. This re-imagined tree aims to provide joy, amazement, and connection for the people of Oslo

From TT

5. One coffee, one waffle with the view please!

From @unnida

6. A walk in Nupenparken, Discovering the granite fountains by Norwegian artist Kjell Nupen

From @margrethe66

7. Look at that beautiful house with reflection water, at Ålesund, Norway

From  @tokemathias

8. Artscape Nordland, Glass construction with transparent and reflecting walls "Uten Tittel" by artist Dan Graham

From @enighuitravel

9. Full autumn hiking party on the top of the Unesco World Heritage listed Nærøyfjord (1189 metres below you)

From @unnida

10. Hi! What's going on here? It is just 100 days to Christmas. celebrate it

From @alpakkavandring

11. Narvik from the heights. How about a lift to the mountain above the city?

From @runedahl

12. Amazing morning view from Breiskrednosi

From @unnida

13. 2021 Refresh with this kind morning vibes, perfect sauna

From @kortreisteturer

14. Amazing art in town, at Kristiansand, Norway

From  @myfrenchmap

15. Can not wait till I can comeback Breiskrednosi for this hike view again

From @unnida

16. Close encounter with the Arctic Fox

From @eventyr

17. Those prefect street art only at Kristiansand

From @martinwhatson

18. Norway’s second largest city is known for its UNESCO listed Hanseatic wharf, is Bergen, Hordaland

lively music scene, cool street art, and gastronomical dining adventures. At the same time, you get the intimate atmosphere of a cute village, and seven mountains within hiking distance

From @micchii

19. Aerial view of Ålesund city, Norway in a beautiful morning

From @tokemathias

20. Need some space? Norway's got it, amazing sunset at Kirkeporten

From @maalinandersen

21. Beautiful flowers in a gloomy day, at Ålesund, Norway

From @marianne_haga_kinder

22. The smiling capital of the south, beach day is the best day, at Kristiansand, Norway

From @eplands

23. The summer is coming to its end, and autumn is coming! At Tromsø, Norway

Known as the Paris of the north and the Arctic City, Tromsø is a student metropole with every special vibe. Discover the best nightlife north of the Arctic Circle – whether your idea of fun is to stay indoors in cozy pubs and bars, or venture outside to see the northern lights in winter and midnight sun in summer

From @jensenmedia

24. The Angry Boy, at Oslo Vigeland Park

called "Sinnataggen" by Gustav Vigeland is one of the most popular sculpture in Vigeland Park and in Oslo. The sculpture is widely considered the most famous sculpture made by Vigeland. Sinnataggen sculpture shows deeply emotional expressions. Many people connect this little boy to Oslo

It has been both stolen and vandalised on several occasions.

During winter time, people find amusement in dressing it up in clothes. Maybe because it looks so angry and frosty by itself

From @oslo4me

25. Norwegian Brown Cheese Soft, sweet and sharp - all at once. How do you like your brown cheese?

From on video

26. Have you ever tried sauna at morning in Gaustablikk, Rjukan?

From @kortreisteturer

27. One of the many Happy places in Norway, at Sunnmørsalpane

From @laboonthewhale

28. In the middle of the green forest color, at Kristiansand city

From @visitkrs

29. Nothing is better than a morning sauna dip at Gaustablikk, Rjukan

From @kortreisteturer

30. Beautiful morning vibes at Kristiansand city of Norway

From @susannekilen 

31. Trondheim has it all, Situated on a fjord, the city offers a vibrant city experiences along with stunning natural surroundings

From @ragnhild.harbo

32. Kristiansand, the capital of the south

Kristiansand is the largest city in Southern Norway's region with tons of small-town charm. It offers a great mix of cultural entertainment and long walks along the beach or in nearby forests


33. Here in Fjord Norway, the nature looks just like a painting

Fjærlandsfjorden, the fjord arm that branches off the main Sognefjord to the north, is no exception.

A scenic and majestic fjord with Glacier-capped Mountain peaks. The water has a bright green colour because of the melt water from the glaciers that flows into the fjord.

At the end of the fjord, the famous Norwegian book town, Fjærland and the Norwegian Glacier Museum

From @jannhark

34. Norway’s third-largest city Trondheim has a thriving cultural scene

Think cool neighbourhoods with lots of art, charming cafés, and locally produced food, but also plenty of outdoors activities like hiking and cross-country skiing. Plus the world’s northernmost Gothic cathedral

From @sandbox_as

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