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1. Experience summer vibes in fall at this beautiful natural spring, at Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park

The incredible views of a camping trip in Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park! Cool off in this secluded watering hole after a day of hiking at this perfect Missouri retreat

From @tsteffes

2. Amazed by all the colors of autumn in New Hampshire

Enjoy a ride on the famous "Conway Scenic Railroad" through Crawford Notch State Park! This old-fashioned railroading experience takes visitors through a journey on historic rail routes in vintage cars from an 1874 train station in North Conway, New Hampshire.

From @altitude413

3. Capture this incredible view on a boating tour across the waters of Charles River Esplanade

Massachusetts. Enjoy the beautiful parks and gardens of this calming waterfront retreat, along with the historical architectural views of both Cambridge and Boston. Who’s ready to take a trip to the East Coast this Fall

From @juansurface

4. Who needs Mars when you have Canyonlands like this in Utah?

This remote state park will be unlike anything you’ve seen, and the closest you’ll come to setting foot on martian-like landscape

From @brianjohnsadventure

5. Ross Lake Resort is an amazing hidden gem located in the heart of North Cascades National Park

The resort is made up of twelve individual cabins that look like they’re almost floating on water. Who’s ready for a remote getaway

From @penny_lane24

6. The largest volume waterfall in the Rocky Mountains of the United States

is nearly twice as high as Niagara Falls. Yellowstone river finds its way down these falls through Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

From @rucha95

7. From the Big Apple to vast beautiful mountainous regions, New York has it all

The sunrise across the beautiful fall colored forests of Adirondack Mountains located in Upstate New York. Enjoy the views of scenic byways and rushing waterfalls while hiking through the endless peaks of New York’s rural treasure

From @isaacrosey

8. Little Crater Lake is one of the most secluded scenic spots found in the beautiful forests of Oregon, USA

This crystal-clear gem was named after Oregon’s famous Crater Lake National Park and can be found in the incredible Mount Hood National Forest

From @kaihphoto

9. Manatees, perfect weather, and good company. Weeki Wachee is hard to top

A bird’s eye view of the enchanting Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Florida. This waterway is the perfect location to spot manatees in the wild. Kayak or swim right next to these gentle sea cows and always remember keep a safe distance in respect to these friendly sea creatures!

From  @ajmccahill

10. Would you stay here to watch the stars, sunset, or sunrise

A beautiful and unique experience in Joshua Tree, California

From @bambi.thalia

11. The western Maine lakes and mountains region is beautiful this time of year.

In a 1 hour drive, we hit 4 waterfalls with more unexpected stops along way!”

Check out this iconic view of Smalls Falls captured on road trip through Phillips, Maine

From @brykdelaney

12. Climb in Las Vegas, Nevada, A quick drive from the bright lights of the Vegas, you will find amazing landscapes and adventures waiting to be explored

From  @estherjulee

13. San Francisco’s Chinatown is a hot tourist destination located near Portsmouth Square, the historic heart of San Francisco

The Chinatown neighborhood is one of San Francisco’s biggest attractions. Rich in both culture and fantastic food, this city is well worth a visit

From @vrushabh4

14. Did you know that the tallest artificial ski jump in the world is right here in Michigan?

Copper Peak is 143 meters tall and over 350 meter above Lake Superior. With the most unique panoramic views, you won’t want to miss the fall colors of the Ottawa National Forest

From  @bradvaara

15. Take a trip to this beautiful destination located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Cozy up to a campfire with smores and friends

while enjoying the clear starry sky at this A Frame house

From  @itscallierowe

16. Acadia National Park is a stunning national treasure found right outside of Bar Harbor

a small seaside resort on the coast of Maine. Known for its beautiful display of fall colors, you’ll find spectacular views in every direction! What’s your favorite fall hike?

From  @breezydaysahead

17. Bar Harbor is every roadtrippers' dream destination, at Maine

Famously known for its delicious Maine lobster, this coastal stop has the perfect combination of ocean views and beautiful nature with Acadia National Park only minutes away.

Who’s ready to plan their Coastal Maine road trip

From  @miniandmebysharon

18. Jaw-dropping views of Lake Michigan and South Bar lake near Empire Bluff Overlook

This 1.5 mile round trip trail leads to spectacular views overlooking the sand dunes, beaches and forests on the shorelines of Lake Michigan.

From  @michiganskymedia

19. Who wishes they could start everyday with a view like this, at Indian Head

Indian Head Trail located in Upstate New York, is a beautiful rural hike with incredible trails and waterfalls to explore! Enjoy the fall changing colors of this gorgeous viewpoint of Lower Ausable Lake

From  @buddytravelr

20. The alluring landscape of South Dakota’s Badlands National Park has been a backdrop in many films

including Nomadland, Armageddon, and Dances with Wolves

“There are so many stunning overlooks, many of them west facing - our favorites were the Yellow Mounds, Sage Creek & Conata Basin. We'd recommend going off the paved loop road onto the dirt road called Sage Creek Rim Road

captures the stunning views of Badlands National Park during golden hour

From  @jetsetjebbie

21. A beautiful bird’s eye view capturing a kayaking adventure on the Huron River

With canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and hiking, Huron River Water Trail is a Michigan treasure ready to be explored

From @jointhearc

22. One of the many highlights of visiting the extraordinary Ross Lake National Recreation Area is the opportunity to kayak

through the canyons, coves, and waterfalls of Ross Lake! You can find many boats and floating cabins for use docked in the main recreational area.

Ross Lake is home to the North Cascades National Park situated in the beautiful state of Washington. It’s a vast wilderness of conifer-clad mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and lakes

From @pnwtrailchick

23. The whitest, most pure sands I’ve ever seen. A sunset unlike any other

Endless dunes topped with singles, couples, families, all escaping the world and soaking up the richness of this place!”

Enjoys an amazing sunset in the pristine White Sands National Park in New Mexico

From @taylajayne_13

24. This Maryland wonder is the perfect destination for a camping getaway with wild horses roaming freely through the beach

You’ll truly feel like you’re dreaming with the white sand dunes, campfire adventures, and endless views

Fun fact: The 300 ponies that live there are said to be the descendants of a sunken Spanish galleon ship

From @poorinaprivateplane

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