Underwater Pictures and Videos Life That Will Amaze You

1. A pacific footballfish that washed up on one of the beaches

From @castateparks

2. The fish are so beautiful together

From @adammartinphotography

3. Not only are saltwater crocodiles the largest reptile in the world, but crocodiles themselves also first appeared over 240 million years ago during the Mesozoic Era

From @ally.photog

4. Perfect balance with the dolphin

From @handzmade ,@aaron.underwater

5. Summer Time in Hawaii

From @kammerankeola

6. Through simplicity comes great beauty.....

From @caymanjason

7. Under the waves, amazing

From  @mitch_gilmore_

8. Professional diver, I never saw what ducks did under the water, now I know.

From @ants_stern

9. Babies carrying, what a nice fish

From @bobtec

10. Diving under a wave is the best thing ever

From @outdoorkindaguy

11. Here's come your paw, Fish are friends, not food.

From @calypsostarcharters

12. Hippocampus Bargibanti AKA Pygmy seahorse is now vulnerable due to degradation to sea fans and reefs all over the world

From @michiel.van.staveren

13. Gorgeous Tambja morosa a.k.a Gloomy nudibranch. spotted in Amed, Bali

From @maxdivebali1599

14. Underwater texture and movement

From @benthouard

15. Take a listen to the best sound in the entire world

From @dolphindronedom

16. Southern Right Whale in Patagonia

From @magnus_lundborg

17. A Giant Spider Crab wants to take a bite of my camera on a night dive under the pier....no Nightmares for me I absolutely love this kind of interaction

From @onebreathdiver

18. Humpback whale encounter in Ningaloo Reef

From @alexkyddphoto

19. Barrel Sponge Spawning, A mini underwater volcano exploding with eggs at Banda sea

From @marine.animals

20. What can you find 1,600 meters below sea level?

From @nautiluslive

21. Wait for the wave to hit...

From @outdoorkindaguy

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