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1. Fall memories, prefect vibes at Vermont, United States

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2. The endless beauty of the Faroe Islands

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3. Cheer, enjoying the van life, in any road, at Vermont, US

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4. The Weeping Wall of Glacier National Park, at Montana

Weeping Wall is a geological formation found along Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, in the U.S. state of Montana. It is a waterfall that seeps out from the side of the Garden Wall, and is fed by runoff from snowmelt. 100 feet long with gushing torrents of water during run-off, this cliff is a popular scenic stopping point.

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5. The cabin in the wood, what a beautiful autumn vibes

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6. Topping Tulips, at Zeewolde, Netherlands

From  @mikevdwesteringh

These endless flowers fields are currently a dream itself. When in the Netherlands, you have to visit one of their breathtaking tulip fields. Tulip season spans from the end of March until mid May, but the flowers are usually at their finest halfway through April. Witnessing millions of tulips blooming is a dream come true, especially with that colorful varieties from red, pink, white, yellow, and purple. Travel tip: When in Netherlands pay a visit to Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is one of the world's largest flower gardens, situated in the municipality of Lisse, in the Netherlands. According to the official website, Keukenhof Park covers an area of 32 hectares and approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the gardens annually.

7. Dreamy underwater fairytale at Florida, US

Crystal clear water with a swarm of fish in this natural Florida spring and then the manatee's surprise appearance makes this clip even more incredible. Manatees are curious by nature and often initiate interaction with humans; so if you happen to see manatees while swimming, snorkeling, diving, or boating, it's important to avoid doing anything disruptive. You can "look but don't touch" while practicing passive observation from a distance, avoid excessive noise and splashing, and resist the urge to feed them

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8. Enjoy the sunset, with beautiful view

From  @kjp

9. Snowboarding at night in Ruka, Finland

From @sannioksanen & @mutsku123

10. Aerial view of Vermont with mountain range view

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11. A bibliophile's dream at Admont Abbey Library, Austria

More than 70,000 books make this library in its hall, Admont Abbey Library in Austria a truly a book lover's paradise! The Admont Abbey Library is an Austria-based monastic library located in Admont, a small town next to the Enns River in Austria, and is attached to the Admont Abbey. Admont Abbey Library is the largest monastic library in the world, and is noted for its Baroque art, architecture and manuscripts

From @madelinestraveling

12. In the middle of the mountain ranges, enjoy the river

From @dope4travel

13. Taking base jumping to the next level, at Washington

From @adrenaline.addiction & @nikofilmz

14. The hidden gem, waterfall in the mountain, at Faroe Islands, Denmark

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15. The lip drool says it all, what a cute pup

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16. Houses with grasses roof, at Faroe Islands

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17. Jumping into the summer like…

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18. This little fella has a gift for you, an autumn leaf

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19. A twin puffin enjoy the view of Faroe Islands, Denmark

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20. Never miss a chance to make someone smile whenever you can, at Khumjung village, Nepal

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21. Morning with a pup like this!

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22. Have you heard about the Faroe Islands before?

While it might not be on the radar of every traveller, the Faroe Islands are certainly worth visiting

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23. The house with the beach view, at Faroe Islands

Made up from 18 rocky, rugged islands, it offers a spot for endless adventures, whether you prefer hiking through green valleys, discovering fjords or admiring the views from coastal cliffs

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24. How sweet are these guinea pigs enjoying a rainy day?

These footage shows Guinea pigs or domestic guinea pig, also known as the cavy or domestic cavy are small, sociable, 'chatty' rodents. There are different breeds and varieties of guinea pigs, with a wide variety of colour and coat lengths. Typically live for 5-6 years, but some may live longer. Traditionally thought of as good first pets for children, but it should always be an adult that takes responsibility to ensure they are properly handled and cared for

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