Top Destinations To Travel This October 2022

1. Good morning from Prague 

From @camera_mama

2. Japan in breathtaking shot, Tag someone you want to visit Japan with

Did you know that Japan is 15 million years old? Japan's first emperor, Jimmu, is reportedly the founder of this country. Japan came into existence in 660 B.C. Buddhism impacted Japanese culture to a large extent, if we go by historical records

From  @bluephoto_gallery

3. Croatia, you have my heart forever, at Rovinj

Croatia is home to what was once the smallest town in the world in the Guinness Book of Records. The town called “Hum” has a population of only 17 people

From @_explorer_bz

4. Hotel dining of your dreams…this is what a day of 5-star dining looks like, at The Yorkville Royal Sonesta Hotel

From @theyorkvilleroyalsonesta

5. The sunsets in Bali will blow your mind away with its magical, scenery view. The sky is a color pallet literally

From @findingourforever_

6. Sunsets in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, a major port city in northern Germany, is connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River. It’s crossed by hundreds of canals, and also contains large areas of parkland. Near its core, Inner Alster lake is dotted with boats and surrounded by cafes

From @daynightphotography

7. This Fountain is kinda speak up, at Brno, moravske , Czechia

The Czech Republic is home to the largest ancient castle in the world

From @tanya_havrylchyk

8. Here's 7 places to visit in Portugal, save this for Portugal trip later

1. Sintra (An Unesco Town near Lisbon)

2. Coimbra ( The 3rd biggest city in Portugal)

3. Guimarães (The birthplace of Portugal)

4. Porto (The 2nd largest city in Portugal)

5. Aveiro (The Venice of Portugal)

6. Algarve ( It's actually a region in the South)

7. Lisboa (The capital city of Portugal)

From @filipeinportugal

9. Dreamy South Carolina (water)fall hiking

From @evolutionistemily

10. Eagle’s Rock with all it’s glory and beauty

Eagle’s Rock is the highest free-standing tower in Ireland at 330m. It has only be climbed twice, first in 1971 and then in 2012

From @bokehm0n

11. Random quick-shots in Belgium

Belgium holds the world record for the longest period without a government. Belgium produces more than 220,000 tons of chocolate per annum

From @atlasinmyhand_

12. Life hits different in Paris, There are 20 arrondissements in the city

From @vrnqd

13. This is your sign to go to Ireland, at Guiness Lake / Lough Tay is in County Wicklow

Colour of this lake is quite dark resembling a pint of Guiness. Lough Tay means Tea lake

From @_lifeasweknow_

14. Switzerland beauty, Facts: Zurich is not the capital city

From @edelschein

15. Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall Voss Norway

The waterfall is one of the most visited tourist sites in Norway. From the parking lot, the path goes along the waterfall, up a hill, and behind it where visitors can walk dryshod "into" the rumbling water

From @travelzaz

16. Today we are showing you guys the magical Paris all day long

Did you know: The Eiffel Tower was once yellow

In fashionable Paris, even the Eiffel Tower must keep up with style trends. Over the decades, the “Iron Lady” has changed her looks with the application of a spectrum of paint colors. When it opened in 1889, the Eiffel Tower sported a reddish-brown color.

A decade later, it was coated in yellow paint. The tower was also yellow-brown and chestnut brown before the adoption of the current, specially mixed “Eiffel Tower Brown” in 1968. Every seven years, painters apply 60 tons of paint to the tower to keep her looking young. The tower is painted in three shades, progressively lighter with elevation, in order to augment the structure’s silhouette against the canvas of the Parisian sky

From @grandiexplorer

17. Norway is a concrete version of paradise

Trolltunga is a rock formation situated about 1,100 metres above sea level in Ullensvang Municipality in Vestland county, Norway. The cliff juts horizontally out from the mountain, about 700 metres above the north side of the lake Ringedalsvatnet

From @celinejessen @trolltunga_adventures

18. Venice should be on you travel bucket list

Once you reach the city center, you won’t spot any cars: boats essentially take the place of cars in central Venice, and canals take the place of roads

From @wanderlust__ever

19. Morning walks in Prague looks like

Walking around the streets and alleys of Prague is one of the best experiences you can have

From @anaturewalk

20. Good morning from Prague 

From @photographerinprague

21. Sunrise in Prague is just too beautiful too see

From @spoti

22. Morning walk in Prague, just too beautiful

From @ksenia_yarochkina_prague

23. There’s no time to be bored in a place a beautiful like Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

DID YOU KNOW THAT Cape Breton Island is named after its easternmost point Cape Breton. The 10,311 square kilometers island occupies 18.7% of Nova Scotia’s total area

From @sincerelydarlin

24. A masterpiece in Strahov Library, Prague. Strahov Library is the 2nd oldest church library in the Czech Republic

From @ivanolt

25. We still can't decide which is our favorite field. Save this post for your next trip to the Netherlands

From @polabur via TT

26. Welcome to 'Hup Pha Sawan', Thailand

Heaven Valley (Hup Pha Sawan) is located in Pak Tho District, Ratchaburi. These statues on jungle covered hills combine the beliefs and faith of Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism together

From @florisgone

27. Blinded by the beauty

Facts: The French Eat 25,000 Tons of Snails Each Year. France Produces Over 1,500 Types of Cheese

From @adeelinparis

28. Today we are sharing things to do during Halloween in London. Are you excited for Halloween?

Halloween in the UK this year is on Monday October 31 2022, and the city is offering some of its most monstrous attractions yet


29. 30 things to put on your Parisian bucket list. Save this post for your next trip to Paris

From @polkadotpassport via TT

30. Daydreaming in China

Fantasy Qiandao Lake - Time Tunnel Natural Landscape, Gandaohu Town, Hangzhou City

From @khanjipeerwala

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