The Wonderful Scotland Travel

1. Autumnal scenes from Loch Ard, one of the prettiest lochs or lakes in the trossachs! Looooove this season

From @jamesalroca

2. McCaigs Tower, Oban with a view from above

From @davidmccordphotography

3. Cute Castle houses, I would absolutely love that to be my house.

From @adamjason1

4. Isle of Skye is just too amazing

From @imchristinasophia

5. Edinburgh Castle view from St Cuthbert's Churchyard.


6. Mull Of Kintyre / Panoramic - The famous house and beach, at Saddell Bay

From @better.perspective

7. Caught some nice light the first night in Scotland, at The Hub, Edinburgh

From @fitzsimonsphotography

8. The steps with the waves, at Gardenstown

From @ally_deans75

9. The wonderful snow at Balmoral castle

From TT

10. The waves slowly coming, at Lerwick, Shetland, UK

From @myislandlivingshetland

11. The lone house, at Sutherland, Scotland

From @bokehm0n

12. Great reflections at Balmoral Castle

From @lfb_photographies

13. New Slains, Aberdeenshire

Built by Francis Hay, Earl of Erroll from 1597 he had converted to Catholicism and subsequently supported the rebellion of George Gordon, Earl of Huntly, which attempted to reverse the Scottish Reformation.

The uprising was defeated and in 1594 the family’s original residence, Old Slains Castle, was destroyed by King James VI in retaliation. Hay fled the country but returned in 1597 and made peace with the King. He recovered his estates but opted not to rebuild his former family seat and instead opting to build this, New Slains Castle.

The castle was still an impressive structure in the late nineteenth century and it is thought to have influenced the author Bram Stoker at the time he was writing Dracula whilst he was staying at a cottage in Cruden Bay in 1895. A claim which has been verified recently by a researcher studying the author, seemingly Stoker terrified folk by “method acting” the role he was writing, perching on cliffs looking menacing as the count.

Slains remained in use until 1916 when it was sold and latterly had its roof removed descending it into the ruin it is today.

From @j_roberto_b

14. The amazing aurora dancing right above us

From @cruiselochness

15. The night at Inverness

From @landoflightphotography

16. Groomy day at Duntrune Castle

From @sophiegardner

17. A dolphin friend come and visit us at Orkney Islands

From @visitorkney

18. Another Circus Lane shot from 4am, at Edinburgh, Scotland

From @paul_scotland_snap

19. You’ll want to save this one for upcoming trip to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is filled with beautiful locations but these are my top 3: The Vennel, Dean Village, and Circus Lane. You can’t come to Edinburgh and not see these places. And the major plus to these locations is that they are all easy to get to

From @explorewithbrandy

20. Hidden gems in the Scottish Highlands

From @bokehm0n

21. Hope this can give you a taste of Scotland, at Dun Trodden, just outside of Glenelg

From @munrobagpiper

22. Go to the place you feel alive

From @backpack_aprilpaul

23. Where the mist meet the mountains, at Glen coe, Scotland

From @discovermyscotland

24. Kilchurn Castle behind the mist

From @kristyashton

25. Beautiful, just like a painting

From @provincialleisure

26. The McCraig’s Tower offers an amazing view over the the Oban Bay

From @bokehm0n

27. Did you know Fingal’s Cave is one of the best examples of volcanic basalt columns in the WORLD & dates back around 60 million years?

From @traveltwo_

28. The royal Edinburgh military, at Edinburg, Scotland

From @nora_around_the_world

29. There's something magical about this city, at Edinburgh, Scotland

From @zoya_badi

30. Edinburgh, Scotland. A rare sunny day to capture this spectacular monument.

The Scott Monument is an iconic sculpture in Edinburgh. You can’t miss it, literally!

From @chowe1024

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