Bucket List Destinations To Travel This March 2023



1. Netherlands has a different color palette on its own

The Netherlands is known for being the world's second-largest exporters of food and beer

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2. Escape to the serene beauty of the Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Take a moment to unwind and soak in the stunning views of the majestic mountains. From peaceful hikes to cozy mountain lodges, there's something for everyone in the Swiss Alps. Let's take a deep breath and let nature rejuvenate us

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3. Welcome to Diamond Beach, at Iceland

Where giant chunks of ice have washed ashore and sparkle like diamonds on the black sand

This volcanic sand beach is situated next to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon on the South Coast of Iceland This stunning beach is also a great place to see Icelandic seals and is one of the best places in Iceland to spot orca whales

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4. Random shots we just love about Seoul, South Korea

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5. Around the beautiful allies of Lisbon, at Avenida da Liberdade

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6. Today we takes you guys on a mini tour in Hokkaido, Japan and we’re mesmerized

Save this post to remind you to visit Hokkaido ASAP

Tip: Visit Hokkaido from late January to February if you are looking for the best snow. Hokkaido sees its heaviest snowfall during this period making it perfect for those that want to ski or snowboard. It's also fantastic for nature lovers who want to see some snowy scenery

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7. What do you like doing most in Osaka?

Tokyo may have more money and Kyoto more culture; Nara may have more history and Kobe more style. But Osaka has the biggest heart

Osaka was once the capital of Japan. Osaka is the third largest city in Japan after Tokyo and Yokohama. The population of Osaka sits at around 2.6 million – that's just over half of New Zealand's entire population in one city

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8. Even better than in movies, at Slovenia

Did you know that rafting and kayaking down the beautiful Soca River valley is particularly popular, as are pursuits like canyoning and paragliding. The valley's combination of rivers and mountains make it perfect for outdoor activities like these

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9. A place full of 2300 snow-covered birch trees, at Taksin Hall, Hokkaido

It was a place that went well with winter thanks to the white birch trees, and it was a very healing space because there were only trees and snow in the forest! There is a gallery right next to it, so you can look at paintings and buy pretty postcards of Sapporo's winter scenery

- Weekdays/Weekends 10:00-16:00 Closed on Wednesdays

- No entrance fee

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10. Sunset in Seoul hits different

Although many people say that cities can't be beautiful, I beg to differ. Seoul is a beautiful city when you stop to appreciate it, and there's no better time to witness this beauty than during sunset

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11. The breathtaking beauty of Rome

Rome is the most visited city in Italy. It ranks as the 3rd most visited city in Europe after London and Paris, and overall 16th most visited city in the world

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12. A meal to eat while watching the snowy landscap, at Sapporo, Japan

A neat Korean table made with local ingredients and a snowy scene were added to make it a memorable meal during this trip to Sapporo

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13. Sharing one of the most beautiful cities in Germany

Dresden remains a major cultural centre of historical memory, owing to the city’s destruction in World War II. Each year on 13 February, the anniversary of the British and American fire-bombing raid that destroyed most of the city, tens of thousands of demonstrators gather to commemorate the event

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14. Beautiful vibes in Busan, South Korea

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15. Don’t you just love riding the railway in Busan. Tag someone you want to visit Busan with?

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16. One of the prettiest views for sure

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17. Take this 20 seconds trip and see what is so great about Busan

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18. The color blue in Busan. Busan seems to be everyone’s favourite, is it yours?

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19. A glimpse of Busan, a city with a rare kind of beauty

Located at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula and with over 3.6 million people, Busan is South Korea's second largest city and is known for its beaches, local seafood and events such as the city's renowned international film festival

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20. Busan, South Korea is always a good idea


21. And we’re down, we go TO LAKE BLED! Never enough of this mesmerizing destination, at Slovenia

Did you know that as you approach lake bled you will hear church bells ringing over and over again and there is a legend that whoever rings this bell will have their wishes come true


22. Here are 15 reasons why you should visit Ireland this year

Destinations to travel around Ireland .Save this for your next trip to Ireland

📍 Downpatrick Head, Mayo
📍Ballysaggartmore Towers, Waterford
📍Carrauntoohil, Kerry
📍Glassilaun Beach, Galway
📍Doolin, Clare
📍 The Fastnet Lighthouse, West Cork (Atlantic Ocean)
📍Gowlaun, Galway
📍Clifden, Galway
📍Pine Island, Galway
📍Fernwood Treehouse Dome, Galway
📍Cape Clear Island, West Cork
📍Powerscourt Waterfall, Wicklow
📍Knockadoon Cliff Walk, Cork
📍 Baltimore Beacon, West Cork
📍 Cliffs of Moher Coastal Walk, Clare

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23. Italy and its wonders

When we say Italy, Pizza, Pasta and the famous Rome come to our mind. Italy is worldwide famous for its Art, culture, food, beautiful location, and architecture

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24. Magical Lisbon, Portugal captured beautifully. Is Lisbon in your bucket list?

Lisbon is known for its food, nightlife, colorful buildings, fado music, and friendly locals. Lisbon is also one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, with a history of 2,700 years. Due to its excellent trading location, the Phoenicians settled in Lisbon around 1200 BC

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25. Magical Paris by night

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is known worldwide for the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame cathedral, and the Eiffel tower. It has a reputation of being a romantic and cultural city. The city is also known for its high-quality gastronomy and the terraces of its cafés

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26. Step into the jungle paradise of your dreams. Tag someone you’d stay here with!

The Kayon Jungle Resort is a Luxury Boutique resort with just 38 suites and villas. Each unit has its own distinctive character with bespoke furnishings, hand-carved embellishments and personal touches to enhance overall quality of stay

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27. The magic of the sea is forever, at Dauin, Negros Oriental

Diving in Dauin and around Apo Island offers a unique bundle of extraordinary experiences. Dauin is a small coastal town on the southern coast of Negros Oriental. It offers all the charm of a small beach town combined with the convenience of big city life only 30 minutes away. Although there’s plenty to discover above the surface (more on that later), the main reasons to visit Dauin are under water

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28. The vibe in Laos is beyond compare. Tag someone you’d take with you on a chill trip to Laos

Did you know that Laos has four international airports as Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Savannakhet, and Pakse. Travelers mainly fly into either Vientiane or directly into Luang Prabang. Both airports have international flights as well as connections throughout Southeast Asia

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29. This beautiful place is a whole different vibe

Nara Park is known for its tame deer. While some caution is advised, it is possible to walk up to the deer and take a photograph with them or feed them with deer crackers on sale along the side of the road. Fans of animals will also love Sarusawa pond

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30. We taking you guys on a quick tour around Busan

Busan is known as the summer capital of South Korea with Haeundae beach as the largest beach in the country. Busan has the busiest ports in Korea. It ranks 5th among the busiest ports in the World. Busan has 15 major administrative districts and 1 country

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