Bucket List Destinations For You

1. Revelstoke Views, what a stunning vibes, at Revelstoke, British Columbia

From TT

2. Exploring the nature of Kootenay National Park, with the amazing view of the mountain

From @calsnape

3. Rare Albino Moose at Alberta

From TT

4. The Sunshine Coast, British Columbia really is a magical place, how amazing is this pool

From @thismattexists

5. This alpaca is happy it’s the weekend

From TT

6. The glorious waterfalls from above, at British Columbia

From @braybraywoowoo

7. Breaking the Free Solo World Record by walking 210 feet across a line with no harness, at Squamish, British Columbia

From @downtofilm

8. Revelstoke sunset views, at Revelstoke, British Columbia

From @vincentschnabl

9. There are few places that have ever truly left me speechless, Kate's Needle is the name of this peak

and all I can say is it's a good thing I am a photographer. Northern British Columbia is the place, and this valley...I would bet it has never been photographed before, certainly not seriously or from this perspective. The remoteness here is not surpassed anywhere on the continent. The peak, it rises 3000 meters vertically from the stream you see running below. Some of my most memorable treks, including a month long solo, took place among the glacial giants of this range like Chutine, Ratz, Burkett and the Devil's Thumb. But Kate stands by herself, the southern beacon of the range, her summit piercing the sky. Access to this valley on foot proved incredibly difficult so I had never come by here before. This scene was too wide for the power of Google Earth and too thick with brush to allow any foot travel. I could have never imagined quite what it would hold..... When I saw it, I knew I must return

From @marcadamus

10. Kelowna, British Columbia view at dawn

From @okanaganview

11. Camping at Kootenay National Park, in front of me is the beautiful Floe Lake

From @calsnape

12. Fall into midnight, at Kelowna, British Columbia

From @okanaganview

13. The inescapable pull of a place called home, one of Washington's most iconic volcanoes (Mt. Baker), was too good to let go

Since that time, I've made several attempts to leave B.C. in some effort to find "home" elsewhere and ditch this nomadic life for good. But I've come to realize how amazing it is that, as a nomad, I have so many places that I can go to and call home. The ability to pick up and leave at any time is such a gift and freedom that I am eternally grateful for

From @fameisficklefood

14. Morning dip, enjoy the fresh air morning at British Columbia

From @jess.wandering

15. Two humpback whales show up for breakfast in Great Bear Lodge, British Columbia

From @marlosha

16. The sun rise and take all the fogs away, at Kelowna, British Columbia

From @okanaganview

17. Emerald Lake Exploring, at Yoho National Park

From @brianjohnsadventure

18. Pool party! What would you do if you saw bears in your pool? At British Columbia

From @mrkush604

19. Exploring the pur-ture (nature) how happy

From @sukiicat

20. The amazing road trip with the pastel purple sky at Kelowna, British Columbia

From @okanaganview

21. Kelowna city, British Columbia at night, when all lights turn on

From @okanaganview

22. Emerald Lake is located in Yoho National Park. It is the largest of Yoho's 61 lakes and ponds, look at the reflection

as well as one of the park's premier tourist attractions. Emerald Lake Lodge, a high-end lodge perched on the edge of the lake, provides local accommodation. A 5.2 km (3.2 mi) hiking trail circuits the lake, the first half of which is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. During the summer months, canoe rentals are available; in the winter, the lake is a popular cross country skiing destination

From @thekiwifrog

23. Wut is that hooman why you put that in my head

From @sukiicat

24. Very hard not to fall in love for such a breathtaking place, at Moraine Lake, Alberta

From  @paulo.travels

25. Chasing the sunset

From @calibreus

26. This dude is ready to hibernate for the next 5 years, at Squamish, British Columbia

From TT

27. Enjoy the morning road trip with friends

From @okanaganview

28. The sun is rising behind the mountain ranges, it's a new day

From @okanaganview

29. Even the cat enjoying the fresh air too, at Alberta

From @sukiicat

30. The sun is down and the sky is burning, how beautiful 

From @okanaganview

31. Me at Monday, that mood is not ready for a new week

From @sukiicat

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