Beautiful Natural Around Us

1. Colorful street decoration with balloon, only at Águeda, Aveiro, Portugal

From @criss1016

2. Beautiful sunset at Finland 

From @jukkarisikko

3. Those house at Agueda, Aveiro, Portugal just like candies

From @travelforpun

4. Big church near the river at Amsterdam, Netherlands

From @arden_nl

5. A small view of a city at Águeda, Aveiro, Portugal

From @stayclassydk

6. When you accidentally open the front camera, this adorable "cat" live at New South Wales, Australia

From @wildcatcentre

7. Fill up with the umbrellas, how beautiful is this? At Agueda, Aveiro, Portugal

From @linotvet

8. A well villa design at Águeda, Aveiro, Portugal

From @travelforpun

9. A beautiful wooden bridge at Finland with the autumn background

From @jukkarisikko

10. Autumn is coming to Finland 

From @jukkarisikko

11. Amsterdam, Netherlands view from above

From @arden_nl

12. The yellow mix with the green at Finland 

From  @jukkarisikko

13. A corner of Águeda, Aveiro, Portugal

From @the.salty.vibes

14. The Amsterdam city view, Netherlands from above, how beautiful is this

From @arden_nl

15. Aerial view a street at Amsterdam, Netherlands

From @arden_nl

16. Colorful house design at Amsterdam, Netherlands

From @arden_nl

17. A happy golden retriever under the sky of colorful umbrellas, at Águeda, Aveiro, Portugal

From @logan.goldenretriver

18. Look how beautiful those houses and the reflection too

From @arden_nl

19. An good afternoon at Amsterdam, Netherlands

From @arden_nl

20. Amazing gloomy sunset at Australia

From @benmuldersunsets

21. The red sunset at Gold Coast, Australia

From @benmuldersunsets

22. The golden hour of the sunset in Gold Coast, sunlight through the dark clouds

From @benmuldersunsets

23. Beautiful autumn in Finland in a farm

From @jukkarisikko

24. Magic of autumn in Finland

From @jukkarisikko

25. Breathtaking sunsets of Gold Coast

From @benmuldersunsets

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