Beautiful And Amazing Travel Destinations

1. That magical bioluminescent glow at Jervis Bay, Australia, is an unforgettable and captivating sight to witness

From @jordan_robins

2. Take a moment to immerse in this glorious lakeside view, at Montana, USA. This spectacular hideaway was shot in Montana, a state known for its vast reservoirs and glacier-carved bodies of water. Many of its lakes feature campgrounds and boat rentals so visitors can enjoy and bask in the tranquility of nature

From @wanderingbackpack

3. Showing you the best seat in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. With its unique geography and climate, the northernmost emirate of the United Arab Emirates also offers white sandy beaches, an upscale cosmopolitan scene, remarkable desert landscapes, and a range of family-friendly activities that spell fun for everyone

From @tomjauncey

4. Sea lion kisses coming through, at Perth, Western Australia. Dotted along Western Australia, the city of Perth is home to abundant marine wildlife. One of its most notable marine wildlife encounters is with sea lions, which are known for their playful, intelligent, and inquisitive nature

From @dylan.dehaas

5. In for the thrill at Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park, New Jersey, USA. Would you ride this skateboard rollercoaster

From @themepark_explorers

6. The quaint atmosphere of Cheongsapo, Busan, South Korea. Charming and lesser-known, Busan is truly a gem of a city known for its great beaches, laid-back ambiance, and flourishing art scene

From @hello_dongwon

7. Mesmerized stunning footage of this refreshing waterfall at Seljalandsfoss, Iceland. Known for its beautiful and unspoiled natural landscapes, Iceland never fails to impress with pristine sights like this. With a drop of 60 meters, Seljalandsfoss is a widely popular and breathtakingly stunning waterfall on the south coast of Iceland. There's a path behind the waterfall you can walk on, but make sure to bring a raincoat to avoid getting extremely wet from all the drizzle

From @josemostajo

8. Electric blue magic at Venice Beach, California, USA. Over the years, bioluminescence has been spotted on the California coast in places like Venice Beach. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction that produces light energy within a body of an organism, such as marine algae. This incredible glowing algae can appear during different seasons in Southern California, but has usually been observed in the months of spring in the last few years

From @louiscole

9. Basking in summer's glory at Delpen, Lofoten, Norway. Located in Lofoten, Delpen offers a magnificent vantage point where you can sit back, relax and bask in picturesque mountain and sea views. Famous for its superb natural landscapes and vibrant coastal culture, Lofoten is a nature lover's paradise. Whether you're looking for dramatic ocean views, lush greenscapes, or idyllic fishing villages, the destination overflows with summer fun

From @iverp

10. Living in the city but being close to nature at Stockholm, Sweden. Despite its modern and dynamic reputation, Stockholm offers fantastic opportunities to enjoy and bask in nature. The capital of Sweden doesn't just offer a vibrant city life filled with museums, restaurants, and shopping spots, but also nature reserves, hiking trails, and national parks where you can immerse in nature's serenity. The capital is effortlessly photogenic, too—may it be in the cities or the countrysides

From @mariwka

11. Discovering Turkey's gems at Suluada Island, Turkey. In this sun-soaked coastal destination called Suluada Island, you can let go of your worries and live in the moment amidst a tropical paradise. The name Suluada means 'watery island', referring to the freshwater sources of the island. Commonly compared to the Maldives, the island offers fine white sand, crystal clear waters, and picturesque landscapes

From @kesfihuzur

12. Ultimate zen underwater at Ginnie Springs, Florida, USA. Nestled on the south side of the Santa Fe River to which it's connected, Ginnie Springs is one of the clearest and most fascinating springs in Florida. Besides river tubing, visitors can go swimming and snorkeling in its pristine 72-degree waters all year round

From @bjgriffinmusic

13. A precious moment at Currumbin Beach, Queensland, Australia. Once you realize you aren’t gonna be around forever, that’s what makes life so magical. This creative take was shot in Currumbin Beach, one of Australia's jewels in the Gold Coast's crown. The hideaway is enclosed by Elephant Rock and Currumbin Rock, creating a naturally secluded beach. A family-friendly tropical paradise, it's sought-after by surfers and sunbathers

From @twosometravellers

14. Dreamy seaside hangouts at Moorea, French Polynesia. Swaying palm trees, vibrant blue skies, and calm waters, Known as one of the most strikingly scenic islands in French Polynesia, Moorea is a true gem that's loved by couples, families, and locals. The island possesses jagged mountains, sandy beaches, and a relaxed vibe that makes you never want to leave

From @lifewithelliott & @meganhassa

15. Living the dream at Skageflå, Geiranger, Norway. In Geiranger this is one of the most beautiful destinations in Norway that brims with pristine natural landscapes

From @gossegoss & @roamingpuppers

16. Would you try this dizzying waterslide? At Royal Caribbean, Miami to the Bahamas. This thrilling waterslide is one among the two waterslides found on the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship of the Royal Caribbean Group. Talk about having a memorable journey to your destination

From @kierra_summer

17. Marveling at the foggy views at Lysefjorden, Norway. Located in the Ryfylke area in southwestern Norway, Lysefjorden is a vast 42​-kilometer fjord. Its area is particularly well-known for the Preikestolen cliff, which overlooks the fjord and offers an incredible vantage point over the dramatic landscape.

From @pilotviking

18. Glorious view in Lama Monachile, Polignano e Mare, Italy, an Italian beach town that will undoubtedly make you fall in love. Located in the middle of the city center of Polignano a Mare is Lama Monachile, a charming cove known for its vivid turquoise waters, pebble beach, and its surrounding rugged cliffs. With its outstanding scenery, it's truly a sight you'll never forget

From @terplanet

19. Waking up for sunrise, this is Villa 11 at the incredible North Island in the Seychelles. Would you take a dip in the pool or ocean?

From @tomjauncey & @jeremyjauncey

20. Van life daydreams to Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia. Whenever you're feeling stuck in a rut, remember that there are so many beautiful places out there you have yet to see. This was shot in the Daintree Rainforest near Cape Tribulation in Queensland, Australia. The rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse rainforests in the world, being home to a large percentage of Australia's animal population. The area also offers a handful of stunning beaches with dazzling sunshine and crystal clear calm water

From @75vibes_

21. Basking in nature at Okanagan, a region in the Canadian province of British Columbia known for its quaint towns and pristine natural landscapes. Known to be one of the warmest regions in Canada, the Okanagan Valley is especially ideal for fun summer road trips. Here you can explore beaches, mountains, valleys, and lakes

From @angelaliggs

22. Amidst the snowy landscapes of Switzerland, at Snowpark LAAX, Switzerland. a massive playground for freeskiers and snowboarders. It boasts 4 snowparks, 235 kilometers of slopes, and the world's largest halfpipe. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's fun and adventure for everyone around here

From @borismouton & @lorenzopeeters

23. Chasing waterfalls in Salto Utiariti Waterfall, Brazil, a country home to world-famous waterfalls and stunning natural attractions. Tucked in the municipality of Campo Novo do Parecis in Mato Grosso, this immense waterfall is called the Salto Utiariti. It has an imposing height of 85 meters, urging onlookers to marvel at it in awe and wonder

From @douglassertao

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