Wonderful Things To See Around The World Today

1. Is Bora Bora on your bucket list?

From @jeremyaustiin & @missangievilla

2. Letting the locals show you around, in beautiful Florida springs

From @getupandgoweekiwachee

3. When you’re hungry, but sleepy. That’s love/ hate relationship

From @butta.bella

4. Barcelona, Spain at day from the aerial view

From @world_walkerz

5. Around the beautiful Switzerland natural side

From @eintravelgirl

6. The view from tropical paradise Bora Bora, ready to enjoy this place again soon?

From @erubes1

7. Calm and peaceful moment at Switzerland

From @eintravelgirl

8. New friend we meet today at this amazing place Bora Bora

From @ambaldauf 

10. Enjoy the Bora Bora mountain view from the plane

From @michutravel

11. The calm old stone village at Switzerland, beautiful

From @eintravelgirl

12. Enjoy the boat ride around Switzerland

From @eintravelgirl

13. Amazing view of Barcelona from night. Located on the country's northeastern coast, Barcelona is known for its wealth of art and impressive architecture

From @world_walkerz

14. 6 years old and a better skateboarder than I’ll ever be

From @paigeetobin

15. Welcome to the paradise, at Bora Bora. Ready to enjoy the most beautiful place ever?

From @karyle_leiana

16. Today at Switzerland is a wonderful day

From @eintravelgirl

17. 2 sides of beautiful beach, one is ocean and the other is deep ocean. At Bora Bora

From @karl_shakur

18. Smooth moves, when work’s over on Friday

From philthis_ on TT

19. The beautiful view from tropical Bora Bora is amazing, enjoy it

From @braybraywoowoo

20. This giant shelf cloud, looming over Lviv, Ukraine. beautiful but suspiciously scary

From @mr_deema

21. Take a road trip around the Switzerland, it's a beautiful moment

From @eintravelgirl

22. Taricaya turtle release at Peru

From @mikaelaswildlife & @taricaya.eco.reserve

23. Enjoy the ocean vibes at Bora Bora

From @karl_shakur

24. Spotting the rare pink dolphin

While we’re not sure whether this video was edited or not, pink dolphins actually do exist! The endangered Amazon river dolphin and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin both have a pink shade to them (especially males). Did you know this?

From TT

25. Is this is the most beautiful and blue lake at Switzerland?

From @eintravelgirl

26. Lunch time in the Great Barrier Reef

From @livsoceanworld

27. The calm and beautiful track at Switzerland

From @eintravelgirl

28. A Maldives sunset never disappoints us

From @juliagal_