What Are Top Five Reasons to Visit Oahu, Hawaii?

Due to being busy with work, you have been delaying your holiday trip for a while. With the end of 2021 soon upcoming, it’s time for you to make a plan for this event. A visit to Oahu would be one thing in your mind. Why?

Undoubtedly, there are many things to see, experience, taste, and enjoy – Oahu, Hawaii, is a top destination in the United States and worldwide. 

According to one tradition, Oahu is the child of Papa and Lua. It’s a fascinating introduction for you to explore along with Honolulu and the renowned Waikiki Beach. Following are the top five reasons to go to Oahu. 

The rich culture

If you want to do with the culture, let explore it through sight, sound, smell and touch. You would feel the islands’ natural beauty through skilled villagers’ exciting dance and traditional songs under large, circular tree shapes.

Next, you attempt Hawaii’s original games that give you a relaxing time and cultural findings. In the games, you discover the way of lauhala weaving or taste freshly cooked poi (the root of taro baked, pounded, moistened, and fermented.) 

Further, you have a chance to meet and chat with the locals who will share with you the culture and spirit of their homeland and Oahu with the outside world. They are proud and honoured to answer your questions by saying: “Come to talk story.”

Also, Oahu is a place for you to visit art museums and galleries where you’ll find attractive selections of traditional Hawaiian handicrafts such as Kapa ( sort of cloth), feather capes and quilts, and volcano paintings.

The history

Where do you know to go if you care about World War II? A visit to Oahu helps learn about the physical affection caused by the war and a place to experience heartbroken historical events. Every visitor can’t miss out on this opportunity.   

In this visit, you explore that the historical tragedy started in 1949 when Japanese plans hovered over Pearl Harbor and bombed as much as Pearl Harbor suffered. A visit to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harper is a helpful lesson for your children’s education.  

To make a trip there, you take the ferry over the waters to see the USS Arizona battleship, which sank on the fateful day that made shocking news worldwide. It’s a constructive trip to equip you with the first-hand sight of the World War II ravage. 

The next trip you should make is a visit to the unique royal residence in the states. The home of King Kamehameha III is open to the public to view a wealth of antiques and royal houses. In the Iolani Palace in Oahu, you view the royal life in old Oahu.


Shopping might be one of your plans because you buy something not just for you but also for your beloved ones. You have to spend some time shopping on a fun adventure in Oahu. You are guaranteed to buy what you want.  

Waikele premium outlet

In a 5-hour shopping spree, you select discounted merchandise at more than 50 brand names such as Armani, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Converse, Kate Space, Saks Fifth Ave, and lots of others that hold your feet. 

Ala Moana Shopping Center

This centre is one of the largest outdoor malls in the world. You find over 300 original shops and fancy restaurants that give you the challenge to decide where to go, what to buy, and when to leave. Ala Moana ranks in the top ten malls in the country. 

The weather

While it’s hard to predict the weather for months or even weeks before your vacation trip, it’s convenient to see Oahu weather trends to guess what to expect ahead of your trip to Oahu. Forecasting the weather in Oahu may be daunting and confusing for you.

Oahu is a little drier on the west and wetter on the east. In the summer months, daytime highs stay in the low 90s while the temperature in the winter dipped below the low 60s. Hence, November through March is the rainy period. 

This article would caution you; however, some forecasts say it will rain every day - this is not true; thus, don’t worry about it. Also, there may be sporadic, brief showers that won’t turn out your vacation a total washout.

The beach, a must in a visit to Oahu 

Video about snorkling in Oahu

Do you know what captivates your heart at Oahu? You will see living in Hawaii means living on a beach. In Oahu, surfing is not just a hobby; and it’s a way of life, a way of passion, and practice of the profession.

Temperature highs

The ideal water temperatures range between 77 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Your options are whether to swim in the clean, clear, warm Pacific, whether to go snorkelling at Hanauma Bay, a natural reserve, or whether to lie on soft sand. 

What to do

Oahu island is one of the best beaches in the world to surf. If you miss out on surfing lessons there, it’s a shame! Though big waves exist for competitions, some beaches are much calm, which is helpful and convenient for surf beginners. 

Further, beaches give you a feeling of a true paradise where you look for an exciting adventure on the sea, gentle waves suitable for your surfing lesson, or a romantic sunset scene, or a family-friendly swimming space.

In conclusion, a visit to Oahu is healthy for your mind and body. In terms of the spiritual aspect, visits to ancient, traditional museums and galleries provide you with a sea of knowledge about culture, customs, and history. 

Furthermore, you witness the destruction and cruelty of World War II waged by the Japanese army. It is a first-hand lesson about world history, constructive for your children, even for you to be confident to tell your friends after the trip. 

In the latter aspect, a healthy, plentiful range of Hawaii’s dishes offer you a different choice to explore Oahu’s gastronomy, which mainly comes from Pacific Polynesian islands, improving your overall health and reducing mealtime