The Best Backpacks For Any Travelers - 2021 Guide

A good travel backpack will help us store our belongings and things to bring on our trip. It is no exaggeration to say that backpack is an indispensable companion for everyone, especially those who like to move. Therefore, when preparing to travel, we should bring the best backpack.

Choosing the best travel bag is a crucial aspect of our trip preparations. 

The greatest backpacks — the ones that last the longest and keep their shape no matter how much you damage them — include all of the following features that make them resilient, long-lasting, and weatherproof….

  1. Material that is resistant to water

While our pack doesn't have to be completely waterproof (unless we're going on some long multi-day hikes), we should make sure it's built of a semi-waterproof material so nothing gets wet in the rain (most travel backpacks come with covers we can put over them in case of a severe downpour).

Additionally, ensure that the material does not remain wet for an extended period of time, since this will cause it to get musty. I'm looking for a material that's thick yet not too heavy. Nylon fiber that has been treated is excellent. We should be able to pour a cup of water over it and not have to worry about getting the insides wet. I don't travel much during monsoons or torrential downpours, but I have been caught in little rainstorms before. Because it's made of good material, I've never had to unzip my backpack to find wet clothes.

  1. Zippers that can be locked

Ensure that each container has two zippers so that they can be locked together. In a hostel, I'm not worried about someone breaking into my suitcase and stealing my dirty clothes, but I prefer to lock up my possessions when I travel. These locks include a unique release valve that allows the TSA to unlock the lock without breaking it, allowing them to inspect our luggage. TSA locks are available at any large retailer, such as Target or Walmart.


If our backpack does not have two zippers, we can use Pacsafe, which wraps a locking metal mesh around the entire bag and can be fastened to a heavy object. Pacsafe is an excellent bag protector, especially if we will be leaving our bag unattended for an extended period of time.

One thing to keep in mind with Pacsafe is that the metal mesh adds a lot of weight to our backpack, making it difficult to carry.

  1. Multiple Compartments

Multiple compartments are required in a decent bag. This allows us to organize our belongings into smaller areas, making it easier to locate the items we require.

My clothing, for example, are in the main compartment of my bag, my umbrella and flip-flops are in the top, and my shoes are in a separate side section (so they don't get dirty). It eliminates the need to rummage through our bag.

  1. Internal Structure

The majority of today's backpacks have internal frames, which means the support rods and frame are concealed inside the backpack. External-frame backpacks, in which the rods are distinct from the main pack and protrude out (think of the backpacks we see in classic hiking movies or movies about people touring Europe in the 1970s – a big, bulky metal frame), are still available. Don't waste your money on one of those. Make sure we get a backpack with a frame inside. Not only will it look nicer, but the rods will not get snagged on anything, and our bag will be thinner, making it easier to move around.

Internal-frame packs are also lighter than external-frame packs since the frame is made of carbon fiber or strong plastic, making them easier on our backs and more durable.

  1. Hip belt with padding

Because the majority of the weight we'll be carrying will be pressed against our hips, we'll need a cushioned belt to make supporting the load more comfortable. The belt will provide support and evenly distribute the load on our back, resulting in reduced strain.

The hip belt should be adjustable so that we can tighten it for additional support. For simple access, look for a bag with zipped pockets in the hip belt. These pockets are ideal for storing loose change, transit passes, and other small items that require immediate access.

  1. Shoulder Straps with Padding

Because the weight of our pack will be pressing down on our shoulders, these help carrying our burden more comfortable. The pads will relieve pressure on our shoulders while also assisting in relieving pressure on our lower back. Make sure the padding is thick and formed of a single piece of material, since this will reduce the likelihood of it splitting and thinned out.

The simplest method to find out is to go to a store and try on a bag. Allow a member of staff to fill the bag with items so we can feel how it feels on our shoulders when fully loaded.

  1. Padded/Contoured Back

A lumbar-shaped pack is more pleasant to carry because it helps distribute weight more evenly, similar to how contoured chairs help disperse weight. It allows for a more natural arch, which ensures that no back pain occurs. Furthermore, this style of pack leaves a tiny gap between our back and the bag, allowing air to circulate and keeping us cool (lugging our bag around can make us sweat!)

  1. Loading from the front

A front-loading backpack is one that allows us to access all of our belongings just zipping open the face from the side. We can only access our belongings through a hole on the top of a top-loading bag. This makes finding our belongings tough (especially if they are at the bottom of our backpack). Invest in a "front loading" bag to ensure easy access to all of our belongings.

On the other hand, a bag that can be loaded from both the top and bottom will suffice. Just make sure we don't buy a bag with only one opening, as this will make it difficult to retrieve our belongings.

As previously stated, there are numerous variables to consider while selecting the finest backpack for travel. If we're going to use our backpack as a carry-on, we'll want one that's well-designed and roomy enough to hold everything we need.

Here are ten tough and stylish backpacks that will have our back on our next adventure

  1. Best Overall: Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack

Tortuga's Outbreaker is a travel bag that might just replace our suitcase. It's the ideal bag for an explorer, made with super-durable waterproof sailcloth and featuring locking zippers. The lay-flat design makes packing a breeze, and smart features like an adjustable suspension system keep it comfortable even when it's fully loaded. One reviewer claimed to have been able to carry six months' worth of clothing, gear, and supplies for a long hiking trip. For even more organization, we may purchase a set of packing cubes that are sized to fit exactly within. 

  1. Best Weather-proof Backpack: Nomatic Travel Pack


After an excellent successful Kickstarter launch campaign, the Nomatic Travel Pack has become a traveler favorite for its 20-plus thoughtful features, which include its clamshell-style opening, TSA-ready laptop sleeve, and luggage handle pass-through sleeve.

Outside, it's designed with weatherproof materials which will rise to any conditions we've unwittingly found ourself up against. And inside, we will find dedicated pockets and sleeves for nearly everything we own. Expansion capabilities also leave room for some extra souvenirs. Fans of the backpack claim that its smart design reduces the need for additional luggage, allowing us to travel lighter.

  1. Best Anti-theft Backpack: Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 15L

This slash-proof anti-theft bag is available in three colors and is woven with a secret stainless steel wire mesh, making it suitable for high-volume pickpocketing situation.

The zippers are all lockable, and one of the straps also acts as a locking mechanism, so we can secure our bag to the alfresco table we're dining at and enjoy our meal without worry. RFID-blocking technology is also included in the bag's interior ID and card compartments. "The security elements are quite impressive "One reviewer lauded the work. "It's ideal for the subway, and I don't have to worry about being pick-pocketed because unlocking the secured zippers is a difficult task."

  1. Most Comfortable Backpack: Bellroy Transit Backpack

The shoulder straps and padded air mesh back panel give this Incase pack a comfy fit, even when we're carrying it for hours on end. The compression straps on the inside hold our clothes and belongings in position and tidy, allowing us to pack more.

It's slim, but with plenty of room for our tech and other day-to-day must-haves, and it comes in five colors. Its adaptable design, clever divisions, and stash pockets make it great not only for catching flights, but also for doing errands, going to the gym, and any other stop on our day-to-day journeys. 

  1. Best for Adventure Travel: Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

If we utilize a set of Osprey packing cubes, this capacious bag from the manufacturer might fit up to a week's worth of clothing. There are separate compartments for our toiletries, laptop, and other sensitive items in the front-loading main compartment, which is easy to access.

The front panel is filled with pockets, and there are separate compartments for our amenities, laptop, and other sensitive items. Furthermore, if we're compelled through gate check, the shoulder straps and hip belt zip into the rear. It can also be used as a duffel bag if necessary.

  1. Best Packable Backpack: Zomake Ultra Lightweight Backpack

This Amazon best-seller backpack is made of exceptionally lightweight and sturdy nylon and folds down into a sandwich-sized pouch so we can fit it into our luggage without taking up too much room. The budget-friendly backpack has a 20-liter capacity and plenty of organizing pockets to carry everything we need for the day when it's in use.

  1. Best Commuter Backpack: Knomo Beauchamp Backpack

A padded 15.6-inch laptop compartment and other compartments are included in this nylon backpack. According to our tests, it's durable, comfortable to wear, and splash-resistant for any unexpected showers. Despite its small weight, the backpack has ample room for our daily requirements, making it ideal for the office, the gym, and wherever else our day takes we. While we're on the road, an RFID-blocking zip pocket in the front half protects our credit cards safe.

  1. Best for One-bag Trips: eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack

Thousands of happy customers have given this carry-on a thumbs up. The 22-inch bag unzips all the way around sort of a suitcase, but it's considerably lighter to hold and comes with a slew of clever features to create packing a snap, including tie-down straps and a secret passport compartment. Its mesh internal panel pocket allows we to pack more freely, while the compression straps keep everything in situ.

The padded laptop sleeve within the pack can hold electronics up to 19 inches long, and we may love what percentage hidden pockets it has.

  1. Best Simple Travel Backpack: Fjallraven Kånken Water-resistant Backpack

Originally employed by Swedish schoolchildren within the '70s, the Kånken backpack is now a staple in travel gear thanks to its functionality, sturdy design, and funky Scandinavian look. Available in additional than 20 colors, the backpack is water-resistant and even incorporates a rain flap to forestall moisture from getting inside.

It can comfortably hold a 13-inch laptop and be worn as a backpack or held sort of a briefcase due to its snap-together carrying straps. we predict its greatest feature is its removable foam insert, which may be used as a cushion once we have to take a load off.

  1. Best for Traveling With Kids: Venture Pal 40L Travel Backpack

Stocked with strategic and easy-to-access pockets, this kid-friendly and sturdy backpack ensures that everybody within the family is reachable of their stuff the least bit times.

Even when fully packed, the bag doesn't feel uncomfortable due to its padded straps, handy chest buckle (which helps evenly distribute weight), and stress-relieving bartack stitching. Parents also will enjoy the backpack's water-resistant wet pocket for bathing suits and spill-prone snacks and beverages.