Destinations To Travel This November - 2021

Dive into tortoise water, walk around the beach bank, enjoy the sunset or sunrise; pick destinations to travel in November may meet yours.

Is it correct to assume that we should not take a vacation plan in November? Although this month has Thanksgiving, it is still a convenient time to pick some destinations to travel to in November. As a smart visitor, you also obtain several benefits to travel in the shoulder season. Here are 15 options for you to take into account. 

15 great destinations to travel in November 2021

In general, November is a low-peak period of traveling. From accommodation prices to people, they are not hot. This is a fabulous time for those who would like to save budgets and avoid chaos. 

If your jobs are not overloaded, arrange the time to award yourself a tour. Of course, your mind will be refreshed and new again after a trip. Are you ready to choose the destinations to travel to in November? 

For those who love natural landscapes…

Maui, Hawaii, US

Maui could be a new piece in the Hawaii picture, but it provides everything in the “Aloha State”. Stunning wildlife, diverse culture, and fascinating history; these three reasons make travelers plan a trip to go. Apart from those, there will be an opportunity to attend hula dancing, playing golf, snorkeling alongside sea turtles, etc.


Maui is a must-see wonderland to land off all months of the year, but November is the most stellar time. All of the best resorts open from December to February or in the summertime, November is less crowded.

There is no shortage of attractions to discover such as Haleakala National Park, Maui Ocean Center, Waianapanapa State Park, and so on. So, if you need deep relaxation, pack your journey promptly.

Oracabessa, Jamaica

GoldenEye is a luxurious resort with a rich history in Oracabessa, Jamaica. There are huge cottages, villas, and huts available there. The region is a small kingdom that Ian Fleming created in World War II.

Another great point is that visitors do not know this is a kingdom for relaxing and enjoying. This is because they do not display any sign to recognize on the roads. As a mega-resort, you only know authentic cuisine areas with nice service included. What a real experience in the 14th James Bond novel!

Tulum, Mexico 

Tulum is an attraction for any traveler, from luxury visitors to bargain hunters. Like a jewel on the Mexico East coast, it especially entices people. In the dawn or sunset, Tulum usually beams such as twinkle nightlife, Maya ruins, and the Caribbean Sea.

Moreover, several cenotes and beaches are endless in Tulum. Tulum looks like an oasis with beautiful sightseeing and diverse shorelines. It enables you to laze in the white sand, sunbathe, and enjoy the waves. 

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are located on the Southern Atlantic Ocean. They are not famous destinations for visitors, but taking a trip in November is worth it. To reach those islands, take boats. You can take a flight to an airport near the Falkland Islands.

The destination might show you how wonderful the Antarctic wildlife on another side of the world is. Home to penguins, whales, and dolphins; please bring your camera with you. Perhaps, you also take snapshots of fur seals and albatrosses wandering around.

Vancouver Island and Victoria City, Canada

Why are Vancouver Island and Victoria City the best destinations to travel to in November? Surprisingly, the amorous waterfront of Victoria City is also the vacation capital in Canada. This is also the most premier attraction in the Pacific Northwest for travelers with the mildest climate all year round.

Though it takes 90 minutes to ride from Vancouver by ferry, it is worth taking a trip and touching the world in another way. Located on the south of Vancouver Island, the city is rooted in the Colonial area. Thus, British traditions continue to display their streams such as drinking afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress and a big cup of craft beer at a pub.

Victoria City provides nostalgic sightseeing; it still appeals to people in an array of a museum, rich architecture, and romantic views in the harbor. Beaches, fishing towns, and wineries probably delight jaded visitors.

Palm Springs, California, US

November is a month to remove hot weather from Mother Nature. Because of the California desert, the temperature increases triple digit. Fortunately, the last quarter of the year is quite cool. Hiking in Joshua Tree National Park is really tremendous when the temperature turns down to 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Palm Springs is a place where travelers relish fancy boutiques, high-end coffee shops, luxurious restaurants, and numerous recreation areas. For those who love sports, retain your energy to take part in playing golf and tennis, go swimming, skiing, etc.  The options are endless in Palm Springs! You never feel bored! 

Patagonia, Argentine

Patagonia is located in the Andes Mountains. Terrains and landscapes are enchanting with glaciers, lush trees, turquoise skies, and smooth lakes. The natural beauty is boundless.

Patagonia is on the Southern tip of the South America region; it is pristine and wild in lands and life. To visit, you need to take a flight from Buenos Aires initially. Then, come to Patagonia on the second flight. Attractions are endless, so it would be better to bring a map or a local guide. There are four main stops to draw attention: 

  • Argentina's Lake District

  • Peninsula Valdés' marine wildlife sanctuary

  • A lot of deserts and melting glaciers in the Southern

  • Chilean border 

Andalusia, Spain

Culture is a captivating highlight in Andalusia of Spain. It is also a daunting task if you visit this spot in the summertime. It is peak time and there is no good chance to save lots of moments on your camera. Residents is less than the number of travelers, so you do not realize the local activities with ease.

However, November is a shoulder period to do that! Tourists do not select this month on their trip. Interacting with local people is easier and wandering some breathing rooms. There are several heritage sites in Andalusia. The climate is also cool and a little bit humid on all days. You are pleasant to indulge in.

For people who are adventure hunters…

Kerala, India

Kerala in India is also the most marvelous destination to travel to in November. This is the tropical Malabar Coast, which contains many palms, beaches, tortoise water, and mangroves.

In November, the dry season comes and the temperature reaches 28 degrees Celsius. The weather decreases humidity as well. Lying down in a treehouse (Wayanad) is a good idea when you would like to take a nap. What a peaceful day! Or you can stay on a houseboat (shikhara) to stroll around the shore and view the whole area. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Providing rich American history, Spanish influences, and energetic scenes of art; Santa Fe is an astonishing city to discover in America. What could you see in this city?

Visit the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, enjoy the driving moment on Canyon Road, and go around the historic district. In the historic hub, you could learn huge mysterious things such as Fernando Botero sculptures and hand-woven Navajo rugs.

Venice, Italy

If you have ever visited Venice, your life will not be “completed”. The idiosyncratic glamour of Venice attracts any traveler. In other words, no place in the world can copy and paste. Yup, there is no doubt that it is one of the most prominent and beautiful on the planet.

As a famous destination, Venice is always crowded throughout the year. How could we avoid this issue? Well, add it to your list “destinations to travel in November”. This is the low-peak season to explore everything in November without much hassle. Spend all day to reach cultural sights and landmarks. 
The opulent Cipriani or Belmond Hotel, for instance, is a common spot to look up in a scenic tour. This is a tremendous place to discover cultural parts in rare books and manuscripts.

Denver, Colorado, US

Rocky Mountain getaway is a well-known destination for several travelers. The bad news is that they missed Denver when landing off Colorado. What could we indulge in there? The Mile High City, for example, offers a unique combo between a cosmopolitan city and a natural environment.

To dive into the local city life, you should make reservations at some restaurants or coffee shops; try many brews, and stroll around museums. Moreover, prepare a tour for hiking the Rocky trails or skiing on the slopes. These are authentic experiences that most Denver locals love and do in their metropolitan surroundings.

Residents have a dynamic culture prospering high-quality cuisine and craft beer. Take a full day on hiking paths, brewery roads, and shopping streets; you might relish the atmosphere. Culture, cuisine, and arts are the three main keys to this city.  

Athens, Greece

November is the cold month in Europe, but Athens in Greece is warm enough. The mild climate allows you to walk around the town, take snapshots of galleries and museums. The average temperature is often 16 degrees Celsius. There was no blazing heat of the summer in Athens at that time. Is it excellent, huh?

In general, visiting a museum is not attractive at all because some people do not like history and archeology. However, the National archeological museum of Athens inherits plenty of pieces from the prehistoric era. This is a rare chance to understand the East civilization and ancestors from the other sides of the world.  

Auckland, New Zealand 

November is the perfect time in New Zealand because this is a shoulder period to create a holiday. With the moderate weather and sunny days, outdoor activities are a good idea. Accommodation rates and transportation fares are low-budget during this time. Tourist crowds are less than other months of the year.

The most popular outdoor excursion is Mount Eden and Cornwall Park. Then, add other things to your list – biking, strolling, hiking, etc. When it comes to a park, flora and fauna are a specialty in Auckland.

Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom 

Did you know that most British queens feel good affection for Scottish highlands? Most of their annual summertime usually reaches this region. Balmoral Castle is a temporary accommodation.

From there, the royal family visited Victoria and Albert Museum, Braemar town, and Cairngorms National Park. Well, Cairngorms is the biggest park in the United Kingdom. To explore pieces of ancient art, taking a few days in Fife Arms will be a sumptuous chance. In short, the Scottish highlands are one of the most splendid destinations to travel in November.

What could you pack in your excursion?

You are going to have a vacation and plan destinations to travel in November. Nevertheless, you are not sure what to bring on the go. Is that right? Please keep in mind that you have to select comfortable, breathable, and easy outfits to come with you. 

Do not bring luxurious clothes because you will get stuck in some materials and weather, and unexpected circumstances. Make a small list and check it again when you complete the vacation plan. On the other hand, ensure that you know the average temperatures and common weather on those destinations. 

  • Short or long-sleeved T-shirts 

  • Light sweaters 

  • Jackets

  • Insect repellent

  • Close-toed shoes 

  • Boots

  • Water shoes

  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Shorts and pants

  • Fleece pullovers 

  • Sweatshirts

  • Masks 

  • Hand sanitizer

Final Words

Deciding to have a vacation this autumn is good but it would be better to think of safety precautions due to the pandemic. Pick your destinations to travel in November, pack outfits, and do not forget to invest in travel insurance for flights. 
It is also essential to get medical insurance because it might be covered during the trip. Research vaccination rates in the country you are planning. Follow the local news to make sure that you are driving on the right track. Prefer outdoor excursions and avoid crowds. Prepare safe tasks during the flight and accommodation.