9 Tips To Note Before You Travel

Would you like to go on a tour set up by a professional agency or you would rather travel by yourself? If you leave it up to the tourist company, alright, there is nothing else to worry about. If your choice is the latter, well … maybe you will feel interested in below tips before packing your bag and buying the transport ticket.



Nowadays, thanks to the Internet explosion, you can look for various sources of inspiration for your own set up with just a few clicks on Tripadvisors, booking.com, airbnb, .., bunchs of reviews and good deals are laid out in front of your eyes.

All factors should be taken into account: how to go, where to stay, order of places to visit, best way to get around the destination, weather conditions, or financial concerns, … . This step is essential for a stress-free journey. A reasonable plan will help you save time, money and maximize your experience.


In current global situation, corvid test should be the top concern no matter where you go. It would be perfect if you have got the 2 second dose of vaccine before the trip. But if not, please make sure to do some researches on the entry requirements at your destination. If you are going with your kids, in case they are not yet vaccinated, the highest priority is to check if the kids can get on transports and if they will have to stay in quarantine when you guys arrive at the places.

Unexpectedly long quarantine may ruin the mood for travel and affect the personal plan afterwards. Some regions allow domestics travelers who are not fully vaccinated. But it is highly recommended to use face masks and keep in pocket a sanitizer bottle for your family’s and your own safety.


Important papers including passport, covid test certificate, medical record, flight reservation, accommodation reservation, … should be kept in a safe but easy-to-find place in case of emergency. You can copy them into two sets and keep separately.

Not only for check-in process before getting on plane, you should always bring your papers along during the trip to avoid the fine when a police officer randomly stops and checks the ID paper of passengers on the street.


It is advised to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight for domestic travel and three hours before for international travel. As many countries have more than one time zone, you need to have your watch or phone aligned correctly with the local time, especially when you use transfer flights to move from place to place. A little negligence and over shopping at duty-free store, you may not make it on time running through a spacious airport to reach the departure gate.


One or two days before the flight, to void any issues, you need to check your information on the ticket: name, date and time of departure, … and contact the agency to update if any discrepancy. Even if every information is correct, it’s no harm to crosscheck if your flight will not be changed at the last moment: being delayed or moved to earlier time. Always notice the phone or email message alert to timely update and plan ahead your transportation to the airport accordingly.


Prevention is better than cure. When you go on tours, they definitely buy you the travel insurance. It should the same when you go by yourself. In many cases, as long as the journey is safe and sound, travelers do not get much benefits from it. However, accidents can and do happen while traveling. Once they happen, the insurance will be your day saver. You can get an amount of compensation for the trip cancellation with the covered reasons, for your loss of luggage, or for the medical payment when your health insurance will not work overseas.


Obviously, a visa card gives us the convenient shopping power in every regions and countries, we still need cash to enjoy better the local buying tradition such as fairies, flea markets, street food stalls, …. Should we exchange money before or after the flight?

The simple rule: the more common the currency is, the cheaper it will be. So exchanging money AFTER you travel will provide you with a more favorable exchange rate. No worry that currency exchange services are available at any airport and tourist destination, but for the best offer, try a local bank or ATM bank and do not forget to shop around for reference.


As there many things happening each day around the world, to stay away from any possible inconvenience, you better understand generally the social features of where you want to go, which will be the best time of year to visit, the city is currently with or without protestation. For instance, you may probably love to visit the church Notre Dame de Paris but it has been put in maintenance since 2019. Or it may turn you down by the fact that you cannot access to any transport, nor metro nor bus, in the protesting areas.


Every regions have their own culture to explore and rules to respect. Equipping yourself with basic knowledge before traveling not only keeps you safe but also allows you to intergrade easily and make a friendly atmosphere with local people. It is super interesting and useful to learn some simple phrases or keep a dictionary with you when going to a foreign country. You don’t know when you may face a trouble and need some help from local people. Besides, while digging into the local information on the internet, you will discover various kind of formats of travel: home exchange, work exchange for room and board, …, thanks to which, you may at the same time enjoy your trip differently and save your budget significantly.