7 Ways To Plan Your Next Trip

Trip planning can be a daunting task. Where to start? What’s step one? What’s next move and what's next move after that?

In a continuing effort to help you get out the door and into the world, I’ve created this 7 easy steps on how to plan a trip. It works for any kind of trip and no matter how long you’re going for! Take a look at this checklist and maybe start planning your trip right now?

1. The most important: Where To Go?

It’s a lot easier to mentally get behind “I am going to Bora Bora in the summer” than “I’m going to Asia” or “I’m going somewhere soon.” Not only will your trip become more concrete for you and easier to commit to, but it will make planning easier as well. Get specific with your plans. Get detailed. The more focused and concrete your goal.

Check out the best time to visit all destinations. Usually, the ideal season to visit beaches and mountains is completely different.

2. Pack light and make all the necessary adjustments

After the bookings are done, it is always advisable to pack your stuff keeping in mind the destination and the influence of external factors on it

In summary, normal in any trips, you will need some extra:

- extra shirts, sweaters, jeans

- Some items like sunscreen, mosquito repellent or lotion sound like unnecessary items but they are very vital in preventing any skin-related diseases, specially is in some tropical places

3. Take care of your health and get ready before the trip(For sure)

If you travel to North America or Europe, you should visit a travel clinic before travelling to get your vaccines, a general antibiotic, and an anti-malaria (if needed). Also don't forget travel insurances

Having to pay for an hospitalization in some country can cost a lot of money, there are so many insurances out there so you can freely do your research which one will suit you

4. Research the destinations

Fourth step in how to plan the perfect vacation is deciding where you want to go, and narrow it down. Don’t overwhelm yourself at first by thinking you have to pinpoint a destination in the first step.

First, decide what time of year you want to get away and then identify the place you want to visit. Do you want to see the beautiful beaches? Are you exploring the mountains? Do you want to explore a big and small city with their culture? Answering these questions will help get you on your way.

Also don't forget to research the time and the season of the destinations you will go, it will help you a lot

5. Decide the duration of your trip

Are you going away for a week? A month? A year? long-term trip or short-term trip? There is a fine line between getting bored and enjoying every moment at a destination. 

The length of your trip is a huge factor in determining how much money you need. Spend some time mulling that over until you have your answer.

6. Plan your trip budget

This is the most important step and will affect the rest of your trip-planning process. Determine how much you want to spend on everything from hotels and gas to souvenirs and meals. Don't worry if you doesn’t have a ton of money—there are many ways to plan an affordable vacation or staycation.

Also, don't forget to save your money from now, you will need at least 6 months for saving so you can travel with less-worry

7. Book your accommodation (If you have not)

This is by far the most overwhelming of how to plan a trip. ( My opinion, but if you do it right, it will become your favorite part.) But the further out you do it, the more options and lower prices you will have, making it quicker and painless-er (or just go with it).

Don't forget to take a look at your budget per night, day,..., far from those steps above I guess you also know what your budget are.

Important tips: Regardless of what or through what you book, always look for users photos at the feedback or review sections. Also some things to consider like: cancellable reservations, free breakfast will also help you a lot

So, there are 7 steps so you can ready and plan your next trips. I hope you are ready to plan your next one. If you have any questions, please let us know via the comment sections