12 Destinations to Travel in October

Are you looking for the best destinations to travel in October? We are here to help you choose some places to visit this autumn. 

Is October the best time to travel? Of course, it is. The month has harvest festivals, Halloween parties, and nice weather of the year. Whether you are looking to visit striking sceneries, you need to make a bucket list. Here is the list of 12 destinations to travel in October. 

Best destinations to travel in October 

Asheville, NC

Located in Western North Carolina, the city is a precious gem with beautiful scenery, unique art position, and Southern traditions. It is safe and peaceful, so you can go around and enjoy somewhere such as Hipster haven, the quaint mountain town, Bluegrass home. Asheville provides something wonderful for you to discover its identity and roots.

Epicureans and history buffs, for example, are interested in the grounds of Biltmore Estate. This is because they ought to try their taste buds in a brewery or a culinary smorgasbord. As a culture hound, wandering the River Arts District by bicycle or exploring parks and forests by hiking, zip-lining, full-throttle hiking are also fantastic ideas.  

Bali, Indonesia 

If you want to see and touch how heaven is, you could visit Bali. This Indonesian island creates daydreams of the striking landscape. Towering volcanoes, lush canopies, sandy shores, turquoise waters, and curving coastlines conjure a real paradise. 

No matter what type of traveler you are, you will revel in Bali a lot. Simply lies down at the oceanfront resort and relishes spa treatments. You are also able to indulge in decadent cuisine and luxurious sunbathing at once.

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Several temples and volcanoes, on the other hand, allow you to light on Kintamani. At night, you probably find out how hilarious and the dynamic atmosphere is.

The Maldives, India 

The Maldives is an archipelago in the South West point of India and the West of Sri Lanka. The island provides white sandy beaches, a peaceful sky, colorful coral reefs, several tropical trees, and flora. 

With more than 1000 small coral islands, you will explore how marine life and blue water are. The Maldives is also home to some luxurious resorts, underwater villas, and restaurants.

New Orleans, USA

Culture hunters ought to love New Orleans. This is because the city inherits festive activities with street music events on a regular basis. It is also a melting pot between French, African, and American culture pieces.

Planning a worthwhile trip to NOLA makes you happy and amazed at cultures.

Vienna, Austria 

Austria is the hometown of Mozart and Beethoven, so you can find a lot of Western music traditions there. At the same time, you might wander numerous grand imperial palaces and indulge in urban vineyards.

October is the harvest season of grapevines and this is the greatest time to see how to make wine bottles. Try different samples from both cellar and kitchens of winemakers. It is a good idea to enquire about wine operations from them. For those who do not have a wine business, you can frolic the paddles during the mild autumn.  

Hawaii, USA

Why could you visit Hawaii in October? The summertime was over. Rainfall decreased. This is also the time for hunting the best prices before the winter holidays. There are numerous things to do in Hawaii, one of the best destinations to travel in October.

Go swimming in some secret holes of Kauai, chilling out at charming local bars, surfing in Oahu and Maui – the list goes on extra miles! 


October is the dry period of the North and South. It is a good time to explore natural terrains and buzzing city scenes. Sapa is the entrance to trekking or walking around the streets in Hanoi, for example, is a wonderful activity to try.

 In the South, the Mekong Delta is the world of canals and streams. HCMC, on the other hand, is a vibrant city with craft coffee shops and boutiques. When it comes to culinary arts, some of the best local food you will ever taste in Vietnam. 


Cyprus is a Mediterranean island, which has an idyllic climate and warm beaches in Europe. The beautiful coastline, beachfront hotels, and Troodos Mountain make your trip overwhelming in October.

Vineyards, hillside villages, and beautiful tavernas are the heart of this destination. This island also has a rich history and eclectic culture; do not forget to take photos.         

Kyoto, Japan 

Where could we enjoy the cherry blossom period? Enter Kyoto. Cherry petals flutter in the wind; a pair of dressed geisha goes around wooden tea houses, the sound of water flows in a peaceful rock garden – these create a romantic picture in life.

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These days, Kyoto has developed as a hub for local culture, art, and education. There is no doubt that hundreds of travelers visit this city to discover imperial Japan each year. 

Seville, Spain 

Seville is the capital and biggest city of Andalusia. It is also the province of Seville in Spain. Although Seville has hot weather, October is the perfect time to visit. The winding streets are less hot and humid, but the landscape is still romantic.

It is a great opportunity to take snapshots in galleries, coffee shops, and gastronomic tours. 

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a big archipelago with two inhabited islands and lots of islets. In general, travelers often visit Thira – the largest island and home of Santorini’s main towns. Fira and Oia are also major towns. If you want to reduce stressful stuff in mind, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni are worth coming to. 

The black-and-red sands with colorful beaches make you surprised a lot when visiting Santorini initially. Then, discover the archeological delights at Ancient Akrotiri or Ancient Thera. Indulge in three empires and learn Roman cultures. 

Additionally, reach a stunning view of the caldera and turquoise water in pools. These create unique and varied pieces for this archipelago.   

Final Words

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a tremendous idea to draw attention to additional precautions if you travel this autumn. You should review conditions “cancel for any reason” in the insurance (travel insurance and medical insurance). Moreover, it is crucial to find out extra requirements such as vaccination rates. Add them to your list of the destinations to travel to in October.