10 The Most Destinations Around The World That Just Like Fairytale

You might think the fairytale place we all mentioned is “ Disneyland ”? But no, fairytale places must be the most charming, idealized and beautiful,...More than that, to be the fairytale destination, that place must make you feel like the main character writes about your own adventure ( love ) story.

In this article, we will show you 10 destinations known as the fairytale places in the world!

Where are the most fairytale destinations in the world?

We have summed up the most 15 fairytale destinations in the word here, so check-out the list below to know which one will be your “story”.

Etretat , France

Unlike the vibe that France brings to you, Etretat is the small town in France, it will bring you the “old-fashion” vibe ever in your life.

Etretat , France

You might feel like you have been lost in the Tangle story by its breathtaking view.

Being royal in Neuschwanstein Castle - German

This will surprise you, I bet no place on Earth looks more like storybook illustrations than Neuschwanstein Castle! What makes Neuschwanstein different was its architectural styles, a harmonious combination of reality and history. Every turret, throne hall,... Even the windows, all of them are picturesque, seem like this castle is the standard inspiration for authors of fairytale stories.

It goes without saying this, but castles always remind us of an adventure or the fight to prevent a war, an enemy. With outstanding, this story behind the top- beautiful castle is also not less idyllic. Feeling curious now? Write down these destinations for your next trip now to figure it out!

Lavender Farm in Provence - France

Speaking of France, many people might imagine the delicate fragrances from flowers, one of them is Lavender. Lavender farms aren't rare as much, but its fragrance has been welcomed and convinced all people even if they aren’t nature lovers.

Indeed you can come across blooming fields of lavender all over the South of France in Summer ( lasting June to August ).

Those Lavender farms below here are definitely worth the effort to create them:

-Le Musée de la Lavande

-Notre-Dame de Sénanque



Baobabs, Madagascar

Remember the visual in “ The Lion King ” in our childhood? When we see that screen, we might wish we had a chance to be there, right? Then here we are, avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar!

Avenue des Baobabs is located in western Madagascar, it takes around 40 minutes drive from Morondava. Madagascar was completely off the beaten track, travel here, you will know what is “wildlife safari”!

Mont Saint Michel, France

Have a flash looking, this may lead you to the Mermaid Princess’s castle memories. This stunning landscape was real in France.

This destination is the main reason why France is known as “the city of light”! In addition, from my experience, you might need more than a one-day trip for this journey. With this journey, be ready for walking and climbing the amount of stairs by preheating your spirit and a good pair of shoes is necessary

You can embody the main characters by its vibe because there was a real village with residents! Besides, be nice and respect their life and privacy.

Colmar, France

Colmar is a small town which is located northeast France. Aside from the attractions in Paris, Colmar fastly dubbed as “Beauty and the Beat” village when the movie was officially pubbliche. Thus, this place becomes one of the most must-go places each year.

Colmar is a town in the Grand Est region of northeastern France, near the border with Germany. Its old town has cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered medieval and early Renaissance buildings. One of the town’s many claims-to-fame is as the origin of the Statue of Liberty in New York. Heritage they are proud to show off wherever possible.


Colmar doesn't have a lot of activities to do, moreover visitors are fascinated by its places of interest. With this town, wandering will be your priority to enjoy all the views, so don’t forget to pack your comfy shoes and snack ( or you can try the local restaurant)! To remark on these places in your journey book, be sure you have visited those:

-St. Martin’s church

-Petite Venise

-Musee Bartholdi

However, France is popular with wine, so don’t forget to have a glass of Alsace wine. Cheers!

Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Have you ever wondered what the path leading to grandma’s house in Little Red Riding Hood looks like? As a traveler, you can’t exclusive this unique destination in Northern Ireland. Many people don’t believe those scary pictures in Dark Hedges were real, it has a reason.

If you already get bored by the ghost house or want to experience the feeling in a scary movie, then try walking here to challenge yourself. Those gnarled trees will make your imagination more diverse! However, remember to bring a spray of avoid insecticides to protect yourself.

Freedom in Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is located in central Turkey, it is listed as a fairytale destination not because it became a movie inspiration. This place is famous for its wild, the cave dwellings with the unique emerge rock formations, and of course, can not forget the “symbols-activity” : hot air balloons soar above the blue sky.

This flight route usually lasted 2,5 km and started from Goreme village and landing at Cavusin village. To enjoy this activity, the height might affect the temperature, so prepare packaged with gloves, coach, and scarf indeed.

Eilean Donan castle - Scotland

Eilean Donan became one of the best castles in Scotland because it solved the quest many people wonder: Where are the most fairy tales destinations in the world?

With Outstanding, Eilean Donan castle which fascinates visitors not only as a fairytale destination, people know it as an icon of this beautiful country.
In front of this majestic construction, you can totally imagine how brave a knight was when rescuing the damsel in distress from the castle.

Eilean Donan now is allowed for visitors to wander around the fabulous internal rooms to enjoy the castle viewing period furniture as close as possible.

Nuuk, Greenland

You might be surprised when you take your first step in here by the fresh air, strong coffee and diverse personalities! The architectural house in Nuuk is eye-catched by its colorful paint, people first eyes seeing this might think this was a village for tiny in fairytales!

However, Mother Nature has given Nuuk as a present, that’s why this destination is a must-go to your journey!