Interlaken, Switzerland Travel Guide

Interlaken is a fascinating place in Switzerland by its breathtaking and surprising view of the world. In this article, let’s venture out about these natural beauties.

Many people might don’t clearly understand “ Interlaken ”. Let me have a short explanation about this world, in German “ Interlaken” means “ between lakes ”.

Its name also is the explanation for this charming place because the Swiss town of Interlaken is situated between two lakes. These two lakes are popular with a lot of tourists: Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

To all the tourists who have a plan here, after visiting Interlaken, you can continue your trips by visiting nearby places, such as Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald, Wengen, Thun, Murren, and Brienz.

Interlaken Travel Guide

How to get into Interlaken?

In Switzerland, you can easily access an online train website to have your own ticket here. This way is quiet of easy, you don’t need to move far to visit this “ Heaven ”.

What makes this place become special in Europe?

Many people are impressed with this place because of the screen in the “ Crash landing on you ” movie. They have been attracted not only by its amazing views, they have been “ drunk ” by the vibe.

What should you do if you have a day in Interlaken?

Don’t only take pictures or relax in this amazing place? There is a ton of fun for you while in Interlaken. You can try skydiving, river rafting, canyoneering, bungee jumping, or even kayaking,... every activity is fun as well.

Activities you should do in Interlaken

Below are the best activities to do while traveling in Interlaken!

-Tandem Paragliding Experience

You can’t skip this finest activity when you are in Interlaken. The feeling of flying in tandem with an experienced pilot will be the most memorable experience ever in your life.

In case you haven’t tried this before don’t be worried because you don’t have to have any experience of this. Just relax and let the wind lead you to the most incredible view in Interlaken.

-1-hour Scenic Lake Brienz Boat tour

Interlaken not only has a majestic mountain, you can try this tour to explore more and more scenery. Seeing the waves crash against the cliffs and touch the crystal clear water will make your day!

Just have a break after a long day of journey with some champagne in hand.

-Aboard the highest railway station in Europe in Jungfraujoch

Interlaken became the top spot because of the highest railway station in Europe. The Jungfraujoch is a viewing point in the Bernese Alps with an altitude of 11,332 ft/ 3,454m.

Don’t waste your trip just by seeing this place one side. Have a sightseeing by this station instead, the view is mesmerizing!

-A day trip to Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is one of the popular tourist destinations in Switzerland, this place will become a must-go in your Switzerland itinerary. The village is nestled into one of the most picturesque areas in the Swiss Alps. It offers a fresh vibe that could convert anyone into a romantic.

To not miss any best spots, you can try the e-bike tour to explore this appealing view.

-Staubbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen

Located in the Bernese Alps and tall 967 ft ( 24m), 100 ft ( 30m ), this charming view will fresh-up your mood just by the local waterfalls.

Staubbach Falls is Lauterbrunnen cascades hundreds of feet down to a sheer rock cliff just beyond the streets of the town. You won’t believe this place is real after seeing this screen.

-Grimsel Canyoning Experience from Interlaken

Is it unbelievable when I say you can try to repel down sheer cliff faces, zipline through the mountains, leap off of rock ledges and take natural slides into swirling pools just in Swiss Alps canyoning tours ?

This tour only operates in May - October, so if you're gonna have a trip here, make sure you choose the correct time to explore these activities.

-Visit the Fairytale Village of Grindelwald

Some might think “ is that Grindelwald in Harry Potter? ” That name can be chosen for this town because it is absolutely magical like its name.

You won't regret spending time here! In Grindelwald, you can try seeing ST. Beatus Caves, The Oberhofen Castle, and the First Sky Cliff walk.

-Skydive over Interlaken

This activity attracts a lot of tourists when they get to Interlaken. You can go skydiving from a helicopter over the Swiss Alps in Interlaken.

All of the Wiger, the Monch, and the Jungfrau peaks view will be in your eyes with this tour!

The tour includes free pickup at your hotel or train station. You will be skydiving in tandem with the instructor so don’t worry about experience necessary.

-Jungfraujoch 20 minute scenic flight from Interlaken

You will have another choice beside skydiving, a helicopter tour through the Grindelwald valley will be absolutely suited for you. As you can see, Jungfraujoch is the location of the highest train station in Europe, also known as the highest post office in Europe.

The Jungfraubahn is a train that runs from Kleine Scheidegg to the highest railway station in Europe at Jungfraujoch – Referred to as the ‘Top of Europe’.


With the stunning view and unmatched in Interlaken, this is the most activity you must do to enjoy the view.

-A day trip to Oberhofen Castle

Oberhofen castle is located in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The uniqueness of this castle sits on the shore of lake Thun. It serves as a museum that even offers training on how to be a medieval knight or lady. You will get shocked by its beautiful vibe and the fresh air.

Generally speaking, it’s an amazing wonder to see in person! If you love the small guide, don't forget to let us know and share with your friends