Best Places to Visit in Switzerland All Year Round

Swiss is the home of endless natural beauty with a rich history and diverse cuisine. Read the best places to visit in Switzerland list to astound you.

Switzerland is a prominent nation for its chocolate, cheese, delightful towns, and picturesque landscapes. Everywhere you step, you can reach a little bit of history, beautiful lands, fantastic outdoors, and appetizing cuisine. Before booking your trip, you should make a list. Pick your best places to visit in Switzerland in the list below and plan your vacation.  

11 best places to visit Switzerland in between 


Located in a valley at the Western edge, Geneva is the best place to visit in Switzerland and a calm land for a slow-moving journey. Outdoor coffee shops and boutiques nest in cobblestone streets, but other modern brands stretch in the cosmopolitan areas. 

Lying along the banks of Lake Geneva in Western, the city is also known for its wonderful views. Geneva is the headquarters of the Red Cross and the United Nations. Enjoy an orchestra concert in the Victoria Hall with elegant seating that makes you fantastic and fancy. Even dining here is considered an art activity. 

Outside the luxurious point, Geneva also provides adventures with sailing on the lake, jogging in parks, etc. If you spend a few days in this destination, skiing down Mont Blanc is a common activity.  


Zurich is not a cosmopolitan financial center in Switzerland but also in Europe. The city is also well-known as a foodie heaven and a romantic area to appeal to any traveler. You can spend time going around Lake Zurich, enjoy some bars and restaurants, and go biking Lindenhof Park. 

Do not miss fondue – a special sauce in Switzerland. Furthermore, Champagne truffles are famous dark chocolate pieces of Teuscher. So, you should try at least one time in life. 

For those who love archeology, Zurich also meets yours. There are more than 50 museums, 100 art galleries, and several tourist attractions. Well, you may spend a few days visiting. Kunsthaus Zurich, for instance, is a popular fine art museum with an impressive collection of art pieces. 

A desire for an authentic experience in this stunning destination is true. This is because Zurich might be a modern and classical city with an unhurried pace. 

Château de Chillon, Montreux

Chateau de Chillon (Chillon Castle) is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. This place can inspire many artists and writers for centuries. Lord Byron, Victor Hugo, and Jean Jacques Rousseau are widespread luminaries in this architectural treasure. 

The complex area has about 25 buildings with three courtyards. The Great Halls, beautiful views of Lake Geneva, the Gothic underground rooms, the Camera Domini highlights in Chillon Castle.

Schweizerischer National Park 

Switzerland is a country with different sceneries at every turn, especially in Schweizerischer National Park (near Zernez). This is the only national park in Switzerland as well as the Alps. Snow-crusted glaciers and fascinating meadows, everything you can explore in this park. 

Moreover, there are many hiking trails to indulge in (21 hiking routes). You never forget all the moments when starting the best places to visit in Switzerland. Sometimes, you meet local residents on the go such as red squirrels, ibexes, red deer, etc. Schweizerischer is their home!


Matterhorn is a giant mountain with a pyramid shape. Standing at 4,478 meters; the mountain is a top place to try climbing. Every mountaineer from around the world often practices this destination for challenging the summit. Skiing on the Theodul Glacier is also a tremendous idea. 

If you are not a hiker or a climber, reach a cable car. A high cable car station in the Alp provides good cable cars and wonderful views of the mountain peak. From there, you could take snapshots of the whole Swiss view. 


Lugano offers you a different view of Swiss. Located in the South, the city nests on the shores of Lake Lugano. Another breathtaking point is that Lugano combines two cultures – Swiss and Italy. The second Monte Carlo image will appear in this city.

You even think that you are traveling to Italy when seeing plenty of museums and Mediterranean breezes. Outside the Lugano, spectacular villas are making a splash around the lush hillsides.       


Constructed by wooded hills and covered by the turquoise Aare River, Bern is always beautiful from every angle. Although Bern is not a famous city in Swiss, it still attracts travelers in many ways.

Cellar shops and bars, fanciful folk figures in the 16th-century fountains with the eye-catching Zytglogge image – these are magnificent places in Bern.

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Bellinzona is a familiar city of medieval castles rising in the Alps and this is also the capital of Ticino. At this place, you also enjoy the cuisine of Italy and discovering culture. 

It is an amazing experience and a precious chance to understand two cultures at the same time. In any corner of the street, you probably find a nice splash such as the historic center, Renaissance churches, and draped-flower alleys.

If you want to see how beautiful a castle is, find the hilltop Casterlgrande. Take a full day to discover sightseeing. Do not forget to bring bottles of water and comfortable shoes. 

Jungfrau region

Jungfrau is the icing on the Alpine of Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland. It shows you how magnificent landscapes are because Jungfrau has sky-high peaks, glaciers, and thunder falls. 

Outdoors in this region are a blockbuster scale as you can ski, hike, sled, climb, and even do zip-lining among mountains. In a nutshell, engaging in hazardous and exciting activities may take a week or more.  Jungfrau is deserved the best place to visit at Switzerland.  


Do you love cheese? If yes, you should come to Gruyères. This is the cheese capital of Swiss and a famous place for fondue around the globe. Les Gruyères is made here.

Even if cheese is not your must-taste, local cream and meringue dessert are worth it.


When you decide to visit Zurich, you also could add Bahnhofstrasse to the list. This is the most beautiful and expensive shopping street in Swiss and Europe.

Whether you are doing business in the market for goods or not, taking a wander is a good experience.

Final Words

Nice-looking lands, stunning lakes, and mountains, warm towns, and villages, tasty chocolate and cheese – why could you ignore Switzerland? Perhaps, you take months in Swiss and see how perfect everything is. Make sure that you check in all of the best places to visit in Switzerland before coming back to your country.