US Ultimate Travel Guide: The Best Lakes To Visit This May

Besides being famous for its economic, political and military power, the United States is also known as a country with diverse, and unique natural flora and fauna. Possessing a growing region with a tropical to polar climate, the United States is home to more than 17,000 species of native plants, fauna with more than 400 species of mammals, 500 species of reptiles, and amphibians, and 700 species of birds. and more than 90,000 species of insects.

The system of lakes here is also a tourist attraction in the United States every year. The lakes on the grounds of the park and national park always give visitors the pleasure of being immersed in nature and discovering new things.

Let's also learn about the best lakes in the United States through the article below.

1. Yellowstone Lakes

Let's also learn about the best lakes in the United States through the article below.
Yellowstone is known as the oldest and largest national park in the United States. Located in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Wyoming, Yellowstone extends as far as parts of Idaho and Montana.

The reason it is called Yellowstone is that the characteristic yellow color of the mountain rocks here creates a majestic natural scene.

Named after this national park, North America's largest freshwater lake - Yellowstone Lake also inherits picturesque beauty.

You can join the camping experience at the camping sites, the morning sunrise on the shores of Yellowstone Lake is really a beautiful and wild experience. Please pay attention to choosing the right time to enjoy this feeling because during the peak tourist season in the third quarter of every year the campsites here are full, besides, it is also necessary to exercise good health and equip yourself with good health. Dress appropriately as the night temperature here will be very low.

Come to Yellowstone by the door closest to your state by 4 doors in 4 directions: Northeast Gate, West Gate, South Gate, and North Gate.

2. Finger Lake, New York

Perhaps the top-down shape of the Finger Lakes makes us think of fingers, so this lake has been given such a lovely name.

With many lakes arranged vertically, parallel to each other, of which Lake Cayuga is the longest lake with a length of 39 miles, and Lake Seneca is the largest lake with an area of ​​​​173.2 km2.



With a unique terrain, Finger Lakes has a super long lakeshore, rich flora on both sides of the lake creates vivid colors for the scene here, which is the seasonal change of the trees.
Located 244 miles southeast of New York City, it takes you more than 4 hours by car to come and admire this unspoiled beauty. Known by many tourists, the services here are also quite complete and comfortable. Also, other attractions such as Winery, vineyard, and boat rental services for fishing here are also deployed.


Coming to Finger Lakes, you can freely choose a place to stay, small houses are located near the lake, and more comfortable hotels may be a bit far from the lake. If you like to discover the newness and inherent wildness of Finger Lakes, try setting up a tent to sleep right on the lakeside, relaxing in the evening with a simple barbecue. So that early in the morning you can welcome the dawn with a lot of new things.

3. Lake Powell, Arizona

On the Colorado River that originates from Mount Louji, Lake Powell – is a man-made reservoir and a favorite vacation spot for many tourists. 168 miles long, 40km wide, the length along the entire lakeshore is up to 1960 miles, longer than the coastline of the West Coast of the United States. The second-largest storage capacity in the United States after Lake Mead, storing 25,166,000 acre-feet of water.

The cliffs surrounding the lake have undergone time under the erosion of the Colorado River to create ravines, the lake's shoreline becomes winding with indescribable flexibility.
It is estimated that it would take nearly 17 years to refill Lake Powell, from March 1963 to June 1980.

With the peaceful water surface, you can experience boating in groups to see the surrounding scenery, this is also one of the interesting things that create the excitement of tourists when coming to Lake Powell.

If you are a lover of neglected and airy natural scenery, you can have a picnic or camp on the top of the mountain, but the road will be quite difficult to go, so it requires you to have good and resilient health. Boating along the lake and choosing a suitable place to camp is a wonderful experience.

4. Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Blessed with the rich beauty of forests on both sides of the lake and peaceful, green water, the Lake of the Ozarks has long had a developed tourism industry. More and more activities are organized when you come here to relax.

About 50 miles east of California, you can easily get here by personal vehicle.

The activities that can be experienced when you come to this place can be boating to see the scenery on both sides of the lake with beautiful architectural villas, you can fish on the lakeshore,... the boats here are always ready for you to rent.

The resort is also built quite a lot so that visitors here can fully experience and relax during their vacation. When you wake up, the scenery here will greet you with the lightest, freshest possible. A jog along the lake will give you a new source of energy.

5. Lake Mille Lacs, Minnesota

A lake with a fairly large surface area of ​​536.1 square kilometers, but the depth of Lake Milles Lacs is only about 42 ft, equivalent to 13m. Tourism here is very focused on and promoted exploiting to create more and more exciting services.

Minnesota has a continental climate, with cool summers and snowy winters. Tourist activities such as fishing, boating, golf, etc. will take place most of the summer and this is also the peak tourist time in Lake Mille Lacs. Especially the seafood here is very fresh and diverse species, most visitors come here to experience fishing because it is an interesting and wonderful activity.

6. Lake Norman, North Carolina

Lake Norman is North Carolina's largest man-made freshwater lake, within 5 years, through the construction of Duke Energy's Cowans Ford Dam, Lake Norman was formed.

With an area of ​​129km2, 54.72km long, the ecosystem here is also quite diverse with wide mouth bass, American catfish, bluegill, and yellow perch,...

With North Carolina's location bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Norman enjoys a year-round mild climate with warm summers and cold, wet winters. You can visit Lake Norman at any time of the year for a relaxing getaway or simply a stroll outside the city center for a peaceful experience.

Whatever your budget, there are travel plans that are right for you in Norman Lake. Some of the places that are free to visit here include Blythe Landing with free volleyball and fishing, and Davidson Farmer Market – where you can harvest locally grown produce, bike, and hike for free fees at Jetton Park or Davidson Nature Preserve,…

7. Eklutna Lake, Alaska

About 1 mile wide and 7 miles long, Eklutna Lake is slender with two banks of the lake running the length of the lake. Looking down from above, Eklutna Lake is covered with a deep green color of the surrounding mountains, the flora is lush and growing.

Typical activities when coming to Eklutna Lake must be mentioned such as cycling around the lake, climbing, canoeing, skating, and playing ice hockey,… Especially if you want to spend the night here then it is best to rent Cabins built in different locations, spread along the lakeshore because this area has a lot of bears, and be careful with your food.

You can travel to Eklutna Lake at all times of the year, depending on the activity you want to experience, and choose the right time.

8. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva is located in the city of the same name, in Walworth County, Wisconsin, United States. Having a length flowing through the city, Lake Geneva has a modern beauty, reflecting the city lights at night, and creating a colorful picture.

Flowing down to the outskirts of the city, on both sides of the lake, trees gradually appear, as well as villas with classical architectural blocks mixed like modern houses.

The lakeside road is planned with a residential area on one side and an unobstructed panoramic view of the lake on the other, helping the houses built by the lake have an expensive location. You can enjoy your stay here to have morning jogs by the lakeside and breathe in the fresh air.

9. Crater Lake, Oregon

Formed more than 7,700 years ago, Crater Lake has a deep concave shape with deep blue watercolor, surrounded by a high undulating mountain range. The highlight of Crater Lake is a small mountain rising up in the lake bed, like a castle in the middle of clear blue water.

Here you can have exploration activities such as climbing, camping, ... or simply raise your camera and take beautiful pictures from the coffee shop built next to the lake, helping us capture the wild and majestic beauty of Crater Lake.

The places to stay here also have a fairly well-organized service with large hotels, motels, ... decorated, beautifully designed but equally comfortable.

Although the tourist activities in the above lakes may have the same, in a different geographical location, weather, climate, and scenery will bring us different interesting experiences.


Other special things that make the difference between the above places are also tourism services, indigenous people, local cuisine, etc. If you have a chance, try it once or if you have already experienced it, we are honored of receiving your comments below this article.

Thank you for reading my article and wish you a lot of interesting experiences in your discovering a new lands journey.