Top Scenic Mountain Ranges In The US

The vast United States has many beautiful landscapes. Those are rivers, streams, and majestic mountains creating a space that is both majestic and poetic. Therefore, you should not miss these forested mountains in your journey to discover the US. Here are the most majestic mountain ranges that we would like to recommend to you:

1. Rocky Mountain

Known as the longest rocky mountain range in the world, the Rocky Mountains, are a complex of millions of majestic rocky mountains located in western North America. The Rocky Mountains stretch from the US border to the end of Northern British Columbia, Canada.


This is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world with many stunning and impressive scenes. Coming here, you can visit beautiful places such as Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, Lake Maligne, Mount Robson, Mount Edith Cavell, etc. This is a complex consisting of millions of majestic rocky mountains, pine forests, Hundreds of waterfalls, glaciers, canyons, snowfields, and countless streams, ponds, etc are located in a large national park from the northernmost tip of British Columbia, Canada to New Mexico, USA.

The special thing about the rivers and lakes in the Rocky Mountain range is that all the water has a beautiful jade green color because the water flows from the glaciers formed during the first ice ages on Earth. The water is pure and cold, so bacteria and microorganisms cannot live, then people use this water to make bottled pure mineral water. The air is fresh and cool.

Occasionally visitors will see boards providing information about flowers and animals in the forest. Here and there, the chairs placed along the river are ideal for a minute stop to admire the view and read a book.

Not only mountains, but Rocky Mountain also has very famous lakes such as Lake Louis, Lake Moraine, etc. These places are considered a paradise on Earth. Even though it is summer, it still snows on Rocky Mountain. This seemingly mythical thing sometimes happens here.

Rocky Mountain is also known for its glaciers and snowfields. The most famous are probably the Columbia snowfields. When the ice melts, the water flows into the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic seas, including some rivers in Canada. There are many parking lots, located quite close to the highway so people can easily explore the snow in the summer.

One point that makes any visitor excited when coming to Rocky Mountain is the ease of watching wild animals crossing the road, relaxing next to the highway, or even in town. Because a large campus is a national park, wild animals can be anywhere they like without fear.

Words cannot describe the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Even many people have boldly stated that it takes months to discover the places on the map, not to mention the untapped points. Indeed, the trip of tourists, even if it only lasts a few days, is "riding a horse to see the flowers", but because of the beauty of the Rocky Mountain "fascinated", they still feel happy and a worthy trip.

2. Smoky Mountains

The jewel in eastern Tennessee, the Smoky Mountains offers breathtaking beauty. Do you want to go deep into the wilderness and connect with nature? Or are you looking for a romantic landscape and idyllic setting for an unforgettable honeymoon? In the magnificence and splendor of the Great Smokies, every travel dream comes true.

The Smoky Mountains are home to hundreds of breathtaking nature trails and their ravishing scenery that invite adventurers. Each path offers unique benefits and takes you on a breathtaking journey full of waterfalls and alpine wonders. Hikers can look forward to nature trails that lead up into the mountains. The cool thing is that you do not need advanced hiking skills to enjoy the trails. Many routes are suitable for families with young children.

The picturesque and peaceful town of Gatlinburg is the cultural center of the region. It welcomes families, honeymooning couples, backpackers, and tourists with its old-world charm, decadent cuisine, and vibrant cultural scene. Most visitors prefer to rent a cabin in Gatlinburg to enjoy its proximity to all major attractions. Imagine staying in a luxury alpine hut, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and mountains along with a soft blanket. Nothing is more peaceful and refreshing! Gatlinburg also has an interesting energy source with fine restaurants, crafts, and farmers' markets. We highly recommend immersing yourself in the Gatlinburg experience without holding back.

We highly recommend going to Cades Cove and exploring the historic churches, warehouses, factories, and cottages. Interestingly, many of these structures date back to the 19th century. The Mingus Mountain Agricultural Museum and Factory are also one of the must-see places, especially for young people.

The Smoky Mountains are famous for their numerous spectacular waterfalls. That is right, and the area is home to over 100 falls. Adventure seekers and waterfall lovers can explore 2,000 miles of breathtaking cascades and creeks surrounded by vibrant wildflowers. Hikers can explore the trails leading to Rainbow Falls or Grotto for an unforgettable adventure.

Every hiking trail in the area welcomes nature lovers with the rich scent of rare wildflowers. The Great Smoky Mountains are home to more than 1500 species of extremely rare wildflowers. The local flora and fauna are fascinating, colorful, and peaceful.

There is nothing more rewarding than diving into a natural swimming pool after a long and strenuous hike. We highly recommend going to the Sink, a breathtaking place where the river turns into beautiful pools. The water is crystal clear and has a waterfall nearby making the experience more surreal and calm.

3. Appalachian Mountain Range

The Appalachian Mountains are the long mountain range in eastern North America, the northernmost part of Canada but mostly within the United States. The Appalachian Range is 150 to 500 kilometers wide.

The Appalachian is not a single mountain range. Each peak and short ridge also has its local name. Appalachian has hundreds of short ridges and thousands of peaks like that.

The Appalachian contains about 6,400 colorful plants, 255 species of birds, 78 mammals, 58 reptiles, and 76 half-water species.

Stony Man Mountain Pass the image of this mountain looks like a man's face
“Old Logging Railroad” parallel to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Go deep and climb about 200m from this railway line, you will see the very beautiful tower that descends from above very long.

The Linn Cove Viaduct, North Carolina on the Blue Ridge Parkway National Highway is the most famous part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Linn was the proper name for a family in that area hundreds of years ago.

The way to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the Appalachian Mountains, is located in North Carolina's Mount Mitchell Park. This path is spiraled, so you must be very slow when moving up and down. Mount Mitchell peaks at 6578 feet.

Shenandoah Plateau is a national forest only about 120km from Washington DC with the main road through it called Skyline Drive. Skyline Drive follows the back waves of the Blue Ridge - a mountain range in the Appalachian Range and winds through many peaks above 1,000 meters high. When it is not yet autumn, this part of the mountain has a very special blue color from afar. Shenandoah National Park has its color every season, but autumn is at its most brilliant when the vast forests in the valley turn yellow, brown, purple, and orange.

Skyland Resort is famous for having the best blackberry ice cream in the area. Blackberries are black, but when made into cream, they have a deep purple color. The blackberry ice cream in the nearby historic Marby Mill is also delicious. The Marby Mill is quite interesting with its steam-powered mill built more than 100 years ago.

4. Blue Ridge Mountains

Although the mountain range stretches from Georgia to Pennsylvania, many of its most majestic peaks and breathtaking views lie within the borders of the state of Tarheel. So if you are looking for some of the best places to see fall colors in the Blue Ridge, check out these top spots starting around early October. There is no better position to enjoy the views. The beauty of the changing leaves compared to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

The Grand Mountain, located near Linville, NC, is the highest peak east of the Blue Ridge Mountains so it is a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers. However, it is also one of the best places to see fall colors in NC thanks to the variety of plants and trees. This cultivar grows at varying elevations in the area, with some parts reaching 2,000 feet and others reaching over 5,000 feet, so you will see all sorts of colors including bright yellows and oranges, reds of blood, rusty sepia, and even deep colors of wine and purple.

Only about a 20-minute drive from Grandfather Mountain is another beautiful spot for fall colors - Linville Falls. This spectacular waterfall drops 90 feet from the top to the Linville Canyon below and is considered one of the most photographed waterfalls in North Carolina. There are many views you can stop by along the way including Chimney View and Erwin View, all of which are great places to see fall colors.

Wander through lush gardens, tour the monumental mansion, and learn about the building's history, just in time for this opulent Asheville, North Carolina mansion. The sprawling gardens on the grounds were born at the hands of the landscape architect who designed New York City's Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted.

Vast green lawns, seasonal flowers, and shrub gardens are a sight spread out here. There's nothing better than experiencing this 3,000-hectare property on a bicycle or horseback. Float on the serene French Broad River when you join a guided rafting trip or go sightseeing by yourself in a kayak. An elegant chariot drawn by Belgian horses will take you around Biltmore Estate Castle.

5. White Mountains

Washington Mount is the highest peak in northeastern America and stands at 6,288-feet (1,917 m).

The National Forest attracts plenty of visitors throughout the year; however, leaf-peepers stop falling to see the colorful hues of burnt orange, gold, and fiery reds in autumn. The road takes you along the Swift River to some majestic trails.

The forest also has eight Nordic ski resorts and alpine to enjoy in the winter. As Jana Johnson, the park's wildlife and recreation manager, explains, White Mountain National Forest is truly a wonderful place to visit year-round.

Adventure travelers can camp even in winter. You can sleep in a well-equipped tent, watch the snowfall, and see the white space, each exhale creates a white smoke.

This first-in-the-world climbing cog railway has been making its dramatic 3-hour round trip to the summit of the highest peak in the Northeast (6288’) for over 150 years.


Some of the most beautiful mountain ranges are found in the United States. With sheer grandeur and pristine natural surroundings, many flocks to explore the tranquil beauty of these mountain ranges.

Some seek to tackle icy cliffs, and others opt to uncover panoramic views on scenic drives. Throughout the year, these majestic ranges welcome millions of visitors to explore the surroundings. So, why not grab a water bottle and your hiking boots, and get ready to explore some of the most picturesque mountains in the US? Let us start planning a trip to the mountain ranges in the US right away by referring to our 5 above recommendations!