The Beautiful Of South America

1. Who else can't wait to hit the road? At Mount Fitz Roy, El Chalten, Argentina

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2. Walking around Colombia's capital of Bogota, you can’t miss spotting the Cerro de Monserrate

the large hill that rises above downtown Bogota, one of the cities most popular tourist attractions because, as you can imagine, from its peak at 3200 metres above sea level, you get amazing views of the city below

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3. Orcas playing off the coast of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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4. Aerial view of Torres del Paine

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5. Huacachina, Ica, Peru from above, how amazing is this

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6. Sunrise at Cerro de Monserrate - Bogota D.C. Magical view

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7. Valle de Cocora - Colombia in a country full of beautiful landscapes

Cocora is one of the most striking with a broad green valley framed by sharp peaks. Everywhere you'll see the palma de cera - wax palm, the largest palm in the world that grows up to 60m tall and is Colombia's national tree. Set amid the misty green hills, they are breathtaking to behold, and the valley is protected as part of Unesco's Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia Heritage Site

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8. The most beauty park in the world, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

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9. A new friend I meet today, and this buddy is enjoying the sunlight, at Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

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10. What an epic day in Jericoacoara/ Brazil

Jericoacoara is a beautiful village in the northern state of ceara with endless beaches and sand dunes. It was my first time being on sand dunes .. exploring the dunes on a buggy was one of the most fun things I did on this trip." says nevinixavier

From nevinixavier

11. Take the suspension bridges for up close views of Glacier Grey

There are two two suspension bridges on the W trek which offer amazing views of the glacier, Grey Lake, and surrounding landscape but the second suspension bridge is arguably the better of the two. It hangs over a rocky gorge, with green forests on either side. Off to the left, you can see Lake Grey, and it puts you practically parallel to the front wall of the Grey Glacier

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12. Morning, and this buddy enjoy the fresh air of Torres del Paine park

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13. When you just can't get any cuter, at Arequipa - Perú

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14. Las Lajas Sanctuary - surreal beauty and intriguing history, at Ipiales, Nariño, Colombia

Year 1754. A mother and her deaf-mute daughter were caught in a strong storm and the two sought refuge in the valley. The daughter looked up to see a “lightning-illuminated” silhouette of Mother Mary standing atop the mountain who supposedly saved them that day. Shrines were built in that very spot until, in 1916, the construction of this basilica eventually took place, the process spanning almost 35 years to build"

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15. A foggy morning at Torres del Paine, how beautiful

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16. Beautiful Salto Cristal Paraguay waterfall

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17. The Andes mountain range - the most beautiful backdrop for the grand city of Santiago, Chile

Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile, as well as one of the largest cities in the Americas. Situated in a valley between the Andes Mountains and the Chilean Coast Range, the city is home to more than 5.2 million people

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18. Iguazú Falls - the largest waterfall system in the world

with over 275 falls that span 3km... Make sure it's on your bucket list

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19. The magic of this place, at Ventisquero Colgante Queulat

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20. The beautiful pastel sky with the snowy mountain range afar, Ventisquero Colgante Queulat is amazing

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21. Hot Springs at Termas Del Sosneado anyone? At Mendoza, Argentina

BATHING IN NATURAL THERMAL BATHS IN ARGENTINA! Located 6 hours south of Mendoza, the Termas del Sosneado are free. The water is not too hot but perfect for taking a relaxing bath. It is possible to camp in the surroundings and take a few short hikes. We would have liked to stay there longer but we are expected in Esquel, 1500 km south. Ah and I forgot, the baths are free

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22. Paracas National Reserve was beyond expectations, at Ica, Peru

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