Ecuador Travel Guide: Do Not Miss it on Your Vacation Pack

 Ecuador is a small nation but it is worth indulging in everything as a traveler. To plan ahead, you need to use an Ecuador travel guide carefully.

From the snow peaks of the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Coast beaches and colorful architecture of Quito, Ecuador is a worthy destination to visit. There is strictly something for any tourist in this small country, as well as a must-see attraction in South America. To support you plan a trip, I have rounded up the Ecuador travel guide for many of you.


About Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country, but it provides a variety of climates and sightseeing. The nation has two different seasons – a wet season and a dry one. From January to May, this is the wettest and coldest period of the year. In other words, it enables you to determine a trip to Ecuador. 

The Amazon jungle is strikingly wet. The highlands are particularly humid and warm. If you choose January, add Galapagos to your list. This is because it coincides with the winter break and the natural conditions are flawless.

Quick facts
  • Area: 283, 560 square kilometer
  • Population density: 66 per square kilometer
  • Capital: Quito
  • Political institutions: Republic


Spanish is an official language in Ecuador. Other local languages and dialects could be used in Amazon and highland areas. 


Ecuador’s official currency is the US dollar. Nonetheless, the country has its coins (centavos). Both cash and credit cards are accepted. It would be better if you always have cash. This is because some boutiques do not offer credit cards, especially small bills.


Tropical is the main climate in Ecuador. It expands along the coast and in the Amazon jungle. The center of the country is cool and dry. Some months, it provides a wide range of weather between days and nights. 

In general, the wet season is available from June to December while the dry period appears 5 months of the year (July to November). Rains always come in every year. Ecuador is a true tropical zone in South America.

Top destinations to add your bucket list

It is not easy to make a list of the best destinations to visit in Ecuador. The country provides a wide range of attractions for travelers. From wildlife spotting to adventure activities, you do not want to miss any place. Is that right?

Galápagos Islands

Galapagos Islands were discovered in the 16-the century. Named after many huge tortoises on the islands, this destination is a mysterious intrigue for any traveler. Accredited by UNESCO, Galapagos has a manifold ecosystem that surprisingly enlarged without any external influence. 

13 large islands, 6 smaller islands, and 42 isles; Galapagos was a big national park in Ecuador as well as South America (in the 1950s). Today, Galapagos is still one of the most dynamic volcanic regions on the globe. The formation of the islands remains in progress.

Rare bird species are the most attractive spot on the islands. Penguins, flightless cormorants, albatross, finches are unique that you cannot find anywhere in the world.


Ecuador is aware of several natural wonders in South America. However, most fascinating cities also provide authentic culture. Quito, a capital city, is a good example to mention. This is an international travel hub, where visitors often start their journeys. 

As the historic city center, Quito retains everything from religious momentousness to authentic architecture. You could enjoy all the panoramic views of Ecuador from this city. Since 1978, Quito has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, bear in mind that Basilica del Voto Nacional is a top attraction to take snapshots.

Amazon rainforest

Do you know that Amazon is a part of Ecuador? Aside from the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest is another tremendous natural destination in South America. Although it is not as large as Brazilian and Peruvian forests, the Amazon jungle in Ecuador is still a fascinating ecosystem. 

There are thousands of plants and animals that you can learn about in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Wildlife expands along Napo River with Cuyabeno and Yasuni national park.

How could we get there? From Quito to Coca, it takes you about 35 minutes by flight. From Quito to Tena, you should drive for 3-4 hours. Coca and Tena are two hubs to visit the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. For those who depart from Coca airport, select a boat, a lodge, or a cruise to reach.

Baños Agua de Santa

Named after the hot springs spotted around the town, Banos provides a lot of unique things to any traveler or seeker. For those who love adventures, there is no shortage of bungee jumping, rafting, mountain biking, etc. Do not forget to book your accommodation before arriving. 

Some of the outdoors is highly expensive. However, the good news is that you can choose plenty of low-budget activities such as cycling and mountain hiking in Ruta de las Cascadas.


When traveling to Ecuador, do not miss shopping activities. Otavalo is one of the largest markets in this nation as well as South America. Handicrafts, pieces of jewelry, clothes, and hammocks; there is an endless option to buy. 

Spending a day visiting Otavalo is perfect. If you have a short time to go shopping, reach this indigenous market. Booking your budget-friendly accommodation in Otavalo and discovering life deeply is also a good idea.

When should you visit Ecuador?

The best time to travel is usually an essential part of your vacation plan. Peak seasons in Ecuador are numerous, decided by holidays. Dazzling fiestas appear in every corner from agriculture to culture. 

Geopolitical and religious anniversaries are also a good period to look up. In order to understand the local life, you should attend one of hundreds of festivals and celebrations. 


Carnival is one of the friskiest fiestas in spring. Holy Week, on the other hand, is a great time to enjoy beaches. Religious parades that occur throughout the nation are worth an event to join.


Summer is warm and dry enough to wander, especially in the Sierra. Locals celebrate the birthday of Simon Bolivar, a revolutionary leader and a liberator on 24th July. On 25th July, this is the founding day of the Guayaquil. 


Early November is the time to take part in a few festive days like All Souls Day. Cuenca residents have an off day on 3rd November because of the city’s Independence Day.


Winter is the best time for Quito. Residents celebrate the anniversary on 6th December. People give several activities such as live events, dances, parades, dances, etc. The final quarter of the year is also great for a tropical season in Galapagos.

Final Words

When it comes to a travel plan to South America, Ecuador is one of the most fabulous. Although Ecuador is a small country, getting around is not difficult. Additionally, activities are numerous and the best time to go is 4 seasons in the year. Bring the Ecuador travel guide with you and enjoy the journey!