The Beautiful Of Australia

1. Look who we meet when we visit Yardie Creek Cape Range National Park

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2. You'll find these towering cliffs at Steep Point, the westernmost point of mainland Australia

This is the northern end of the Zuytdorp Cliffs, which plunge some 170m to the ocean below. The area is a mecca for fishermen - it's one of the best land-based fishing locations in the world with fishermen using ballooning equipment to carry bait out into deeper water to catch gamefish. Steep Point is also known as the 'jewel in the crown' of Shark Bay diving, and you'll discover some pretty impressive blowholes in the area.⁠

You'll need to be an experienced 4WDer to explore Steep Point, or you can explore with the guidance and expertise of a local tour operator.⁠ Remember to take care when exploring, and stay a safe distance back from the cliff edge.⁠

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3.Today we are showing that why Exmouth should be on everybody’s bucket list

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4. The best kind of coffee date at Ningaloo

the right idea when they woke up early for a sunrise coffee amongst Ningaloo's sand dunes. We don't need much convincing to get out of bed to watch the sun light up the World Heritage Area's pristine coastline but if we did, this is exactly the sort of peaceful moment that would twist our arm


5. Mother Nature's colour palette at Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon) at Port Gregory

Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon) is a vibrant and stunning contrast to the landscape and coastline around it. Take to the skies to experience views like this and truly appreciate the colors of the landscape

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6. the wild flowers camping day at Wildflower Country in Western Australia

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7. Follow the [orange] brick road and you'll discover fields of pink and yellow, at Coalseam Conservation Park

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8. Gero blues at Glenfield Beach, ⁠⁠Western Australia


9. Beautiful Coalseam Conservation Park with the view from above, stunning wildflowers blanketing the landscape

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10. There are countless magical moments to be had on the Ningaloo Reef, and this dugong encounter is one of them

They're usually quite shy, but you will sometimes come across more inquisitive dugongs when you're snorkeling on the reef. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them

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11. Waving hello to the weekend, perfect shot on one of their recent sunset whale watching cruises

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12. Calm waves at Point Moore Lighthouse⁠⁠, Geraldton, Western Australia


13. Welcome to Kalbarriwa

There's nothing quite like seeing a mob of emus cross the road in front of you, but when it's backdropped with ocean views and an epic coastline it becomes extra special

Encountered this welcoming committee to the coastal town. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for native wildlife on and around roads when you travel along the Coral Coast Highway

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14. If you want to see the wildflowers this season, don't delay - head to the Coalseam Conservation Park

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15. Not so useless reflections. Did you know that Sharkbay's Useless Loop produces the purest grade of salt in the world?⁠

You can see the massive salt piles from Denham and Eagle Bluff, but if you want to see the ponds and experience the views like this then jump on a scenic flight

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16. There's nothing quite like a peaceful morning beach walk⁠, at Jurien Bay, Western Australia

picturesque shot of Jurien Bay's old jetty along the Coral Coast Highway earlier this year, perfectly capturing the peaceful contrasts between the turquoise blue water and white sandy beach

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17. Drummond Cove⁠⁠, Geraldton, Western Australia from above


18. These are tammar wallabies, and the Houtman Abrolhos Islands are one of the few places you can see them in Western Australia

The wallabies are currently known to inhabit 3 of the islands, including East Wallabi Island where

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19. So nice, the beautiful sunset at The Pinnacles - Cervantes, Western Australia

One of the best things about the Pinnacles is how much the landscape changes with the time of day. If you're planning to spend a day or two around the Turquoise Coast, , there are plenty of ways to fill your time

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20. Mesmerising⁠ blue, this hypnotic reel of Ningaloo's coastline and it's definitely the type of soothing

Did you spot the tiny turtle wallowing in the waves? Hint: you can see it from about 3 seconds in and it floats down the middle of the video

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21. The rugged Quobba coastline, at Blowholes At Quobba

the Blowholes is full spout, and boy is it stunning . Remember to stay a safe distance from the edge and watch out for large waves and powerful swells when you see this natural phenomenon

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22. Just when you thought Shark Bay, Francois Peron National Park

Shark Bay daisies, or 'Bilirung' to the local Malgana people, perfectly backdropped against the colourful landscape. With wildflowers blooming brilliantly throughout the Coral Coast, here are our top tips to get the most out of your wildflower experience:

1. Take nothing but photos. Did you know that picking wildflowers is illegal, and can attract a hefty fine? Please remember to look but don't touch to avoid damaging the precious flowers

2. Watch your feet. Wildflowers are delicate and it's important to avoid trampling them. Stick to defined paths wherever possible

3. Any camera will do! It doesn't matter if you're using your phone or a professional camera, you can still capture great wildflower photos. Breeze, angle and lighting are the most important factors when photographing wildflowers

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23. Glass off. Francois Peron National Park is always breathtaking

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24. Who knew that orange, yellow and pink could look so pretty together? At Coalseam Conservation Park

everlasting carpets in Coalseam Conservation Park, and they did not disappoint. We're currently experiencing one of the best wildflower seasons on record - if you've been thinking about going to see them, don't delay

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25. You'll feel like you've just stepped onto another world at the Pinnacles Dessert

but trust us you haven't! You're just 2 hours from Perth at the Nambung National Park... The limestone structures are estimated to be 25 - 30,000 years old, standing as high as 3.5m and are a must do when travelling along the Coral Coast Highway

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