Top Best Cities To Live In Norway

Norway has a lot to offer and that’s without mentioning cities such as Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger and are fantastic destinations in their own right!

Even though Norway is mostly known for its unimaginable beauty of nature, the cities don’t have to be any less awe-inspiring. With a mixture of old and new, modern or traditional, including trolls or Vikings, an abundance of activities and attractions are ready for you to enjoy. Below you will find a list of most popular cities in Norway that are waiting to be explored by you.

Top Cities To Live ( And To Travel To ) In Norway

1. Bergen - The old town

Known as the “City of Seven Mountains”, Bergen is another ideal city for anyone in Norway. .It earned this name because of its topography of several mountain ranges.

Located right in between seven mountains and seven fjords Bergen is absolutely fabulous. From boat rides, to hiking in the mountains, or simply taking Fløibanen up to the top of Fløyen, one those seven mountains, you’ll get to experience all of what is unique about Bergen in no time. When visiting Norway, Bergen is the best city to point out the Norwegian saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing”.

2. Oslo

Oslo is the one of the best cities to live in Norway.

You can find everything here including, quality health care, educational services, leisure, great people, and a charming atmosphere. In addition, people can benefit from a lot of job opportunities. Just go there and get the life of your dreams.

3. Kristiansand

Kristiansand is a perfect city in Norway,  who are fond of the coastal life, as this city is among Norway’s top summer destinations because of its beaches and fjords.

One of the southernmost larger cities in Norway, Kristiansand is easy to reach from any of the Oslo’s airports. It takes several hours to reach the city which is relatively small and has definitely sea resort feel. In my opinion, one day is enough to see the few streets with old wooden houses in Posebyen, the old quarter. Take a stroll on Markens Street, the main pedestrian street that will bring you to the coastal promenade. Evenings here are quiet unless you visit during one of the numerous festivals organized in the city.

4. Reine

Reine is the most beautiful village as picked by Allers, a popular weekly magazine in Norway. Tourism is the main source of economy of Reine.

Transport facilities are also quite good in Reine. People can access it easily through European route E10.

5. Trondheim

Trondheim is a popular city choice in Norway

Trondheim is an old city in Norway. Even though it is considered as an ancient city, it has its charm carried by the city’s collection of churches, rock carvings, mansions, and harbor houses. It is where the Nidaros Cathedral, Northern Europe’s second-largest church, is located. Essentially, Trondheim had played a significant role in the religious history of Europe.

6. Tromso

If you’re looking for a city that offers activities and attractions, Tromso is one of your best bets.

As a gateway to the Arctic, it used to be home to many explorers back in the day and many new nowadays. Modern explorers will find two of Mother Nature’s finest phenomena at your doorstep: the northern lights and the midnight sun.

7. Alesund

Alesund was a little disappointment, probably because after all the grandiose views around Stavanger and Bergen, the city looked like a fishing village that became a city. It has its charm, of course.

Two streets with coffees and restaurants make the small centre a little bit more interesting. If you visit Alesund, don’t miss to walk up to the Fjellstua Viewpoint. It is an easy walk, starting near the city centre. It is one of the best panoramas you will ever see and walking up the stairs, especially in the early morning, very pleasant.