The Beautiful Norway

1. The first sunlight in the mountains of Senja

From  @maxrivephotography

2. Dancing auroras in Senja

From @kayvanhuisseling

3. The amazing landscape of Senja Island

From TT

4. Waking up in Senja, good morning

From @erkkikemppi

5. Devils teeth in Senja

From TT

6. The sunlight through the tree

From TT

7. Senja landscape, Norway

From @s.bjorkoyfoto

8. The power of the Senja mountains

From @tomashavel

9. All shades of Winter blue colors over the bridge connecting Finnsnes and Senja island

From @przemo_

10. Enjoy the white view with my best buddy

From @michelphotography_ch

11. Winter in Senja, Norway

From @aapentlandskap

12. The epic landscape of Senja, Norway

From @maxrivephotography

13. Amazing scenery in Senja

From @traveling_christine

14. Dinner and Aurora only at Senja

From TT

15. Oh Ersfjord, in Senja, truly beautiful

From  @teletoby1

16. Where the northern light, mountain and beach together

From @jengkrog

17. Northern lights above the beach in Senja

From TT

18. Amazing view over Senja

From @dzzdzz012

19. The Earth spinning and the aurora dancing in Senja, Norway.

From @astro_mackem

20. Wonderful day at Bergsbotn, Senja

From @jengkrog

21. Amazing view only at Senja, Norway

From TT

22. Can you name this epic place in Senja

From @przemo_

23. Bathing and relaxing while waiting for the northern light to show up

From TT

24. The road to the midnight sun in Senja

From @jengkrog

25. Beautiful Senja. How incredible is this place? The peak furthest to the left is actually Segla, from the less obvious side!

From @adventure_cal

26. Stunning arctic beaches of Senja

From @trulsfromnorway

27. Magical view ever, would love to visit Norway again in this winter

From @pedersen_95

28. Magical times, enjoy the aurora light dancing at Norway

From TT

29. Ride with the doggo gang, how cool is this


30. Magical wonderland in Senja

From @northmas

31. The great cormorant spreading its wings in front of the famous “Devil’s teeth” mountains in Senja islands Norway. Even tho I have visited Senja Islands countless of times it’s still one of my all time favorite places. You can always find something new in here

From @kpunkka

32. Dreamy hike to the cliffs of Senja

From @jonathan_priskorn

33. Together we catch the sun at top of Senja mountain, what a beautiful view

From @advaagland

34. Husøy in Senja is a small city island, take a look at  this 

From @przemo_

35. Winter hiking in Senja

From @jameslloydcole

36. Aurora seen from our new restaurant and bar, right outside

From TT

37. Winter in the fjords of Senja

From @przemo_

38. Northern lights over Senja island

From @trulsfromnorway

39. Glorious views from Mount Hesten on Senja, Norway

From @ossifotografie

40. Hiking in Senja

From @kristineedr

41. Follow the northern lights

From TT

42. Magical nights from Senja Island

From TT

43. Beach life when the colorful sky beats the Polar Night

From @jorgenwang69