Waikiki Hawaii 2021 Travel Guide

Hawaii absolutely is the most famous place for those who want to have a “ truly relaxing trip ” in the summer. People know Hawaii as an islet but don’t know there are 137 different islands here. In one of those 137 different islands, Waikiki Hawaii is the best remedy to help visitors get away from the rat race and recharge your battery.

What makes Waikiki become special?

 Located on the south shore of Oahu island, Waikiki is known as “ spouting waters “ in Hawaiian. Even though Hawaii has lots of islands, Waikiki still stands in the most priority choice’s of visitors because its beaches and every hotel room is just two or three blocks away from the ocean.

Finally, if you choose Waikiki Hawaii for your trip, there will be a ton of activities checklist you have to do here. Let’s jump right into this article to figure it out



Checklist to do in Waikiki Hawaii

-Enjoy the Waikiki Beach

Waikiki is dubbed as “ the greatest beach ” in Hawaii, so what stops you to visit this? Unlike other beaches, the water in Waikiki Beach is suitable for those who are not a strong swimmer, that’s why you can lie all day here to enjoy the blue sea.

-Surfing at Waikiki beach 

At the Waikiki beach, you can still try the Hawaii attraction activity . That's why every visitor loves this place by its unique beach.

The white sand combines with the clear blue water like crystal, even though the never ending small waves,... Everything will make this become a perfect spot for visitors from beginners to professionals to become surfers.

-Local cuisine in Waikiki

With your trips here, there is sure that you can’t visit all the places here by one or two times. BUT, you can try all the local cuisine to know more about this place.

Waikiki isn’t a picky place for everyone, they have a restaurant for every price point. Even if you want to save your money at a local restaurant or in a five star restaurant, you still can experience the best of fine dining! That’s why Waikiki is always “ home ” for visitors.

-Trying the park in Oahu

There is more to Waikiki than just a perfect beach. Not many visitors knew there were over fifteen parks for you to visit!

Especially, each park has their own unique activities based on your demand. For example, for those groups who like to hike, then the Diamond Head State Monument will be your proposing spot!

-Music and dancing will make up your emotion

As you know, music is always the best solution for your mood, they can make you ecstatic right after one song, or even make you more affection when working. In this case, this makes sense too. 

This area will be your “ territory ”, they usually have some great nightly concert options at almost every hotel. 

At every destination, you will feel the different vibe in each country. With Hawaii, you try the local grills or bars for your music taste. And if you don’t like those, you still can find live Jazz in this locale.

-Go shopping in Waikiki 

Nothing reminds you of Hawaii then the souvenirs, you might think Hawaii is just beaches for your trip? Luckily Hawaii can solve all your problems by their own way. You can try the local stores at the Kahala Mall. 

Called “ local” but if your fashion is “ Luxury”, then I bet nowhere suitable than the Luxury Row - Chanel. Besides, as we said before, Hawaii can solve all your problems, if you are not the one who likes luxury, then the International Market Place is calling you for those unique stuff and clothes there. This market is a big funkier, you can find all the jewelry and entertainment you need here.

-Doing some exercise

Lilo and Stich might be familiar with your childhood, but have you ever wonder why in Hawaii, more than half of people are looking healthy and muscle ? Don’t need to think more, Hawaii is exactly the place for those who are the type that loves to incorporate a workout on vacation. Besides, the most checklist workout you need to do here is canoeing. Unlike the usual canoeing, this is outrigger canoeing!

Get excited now? Yes, this experience will be your mark of the “ youth ” ! You can go on a multi-person outrigger or even single! Don’t worry, there will be an instructor to support you. This will be the most memorable test ever for your strength !

-Broaden your view by a helicopter tour

Have you ever thought you would have a moment in a helicopter? This might sound “ impossible”, but yes, in Hawaii, all your dreams can become true in an easy way! Just need to call all adrenaline junkies to come over, then try the adrenaline pumping! I promise, you will never feel more freedom like this.


This tour will last about 60 minute with an open door helicopter, so you can relax while watching the whole view there.

-Watching sunset

You can’t miss this moment when you’re in Hawaii! Why? Because, “ flying ” here might be easier than finding a bad place in Hawaii to watch the sunset.

That’s why you can watch the sunset at your hotel, on the beach or even in a romantic restaurant dinner. 


After all, you have lots of places for watching the sunset, but in my opinion, sinking your feet under the sand of Waikiki with your favorite drink, soda in hand, will be the most unforgettable moments!