The Best Things To Do in Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki is renowned as the most famous ideal beach resort in the world, blessed with the magic of the South Sea. From Los Angeles airport to the city about 4 hours. After resting, Waikiki beach welcomes visitors with clean white sand with green coconut trees and breakwaters higher than the water.

Temperatures are between 75°F and 85°F with light winds on most days. Annual precipitation is less than 25 inches with the heaviest during November, December, and January. The temperature of the ocean varies from a summer high of about 82°F to a low of about 76°F during these months. The most wonderful winter.

Here we introduce 8 interesting things to do at Waikiki you should experience so that you have an enjoyable trip you will never forget:

1. Surfing in Waikiki

The waves rarely exceed three feet.

Locals head to the beach before sunrise and swim to catch the first waves of the new day.
Since the 1930s surfing lessons have been given at Waikiki Beach, it is the perfect place where tourists have a chance to learn about this ancient sport. Board rentals are available.

The waters of Waikiki have been a veritable playground since the 1800s when Hawaiian royalty used longboards for surfing. Because it is a protected bay, Waikiki is a prime spot to learn the sport, the waves are often gentle rollers that provide surfers with a smooth, long ride. There are plenty of outfits that offer lessons for beginners too, and if surfing does not seem appealing, there are plenty of other adventure options such as skiing to kayaking. All of these are interesting things to do at Waikiki for you.

2. Visit Honolulu Zoo

More than 750,000 people visit the Honolulu Zoo annually. It is the largest zoo within a radius of 2,300 miles and is unique in that it is the only zoo in the United States that originated from the King's grant of royal lands to the people.

The Honolulu Zoo is a 42-acre zoo with hundreds of species of animals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The grounds also include a wide variety of tropical plants, creating a botanical garden setting. Hawaiian animals on display are the Hooseian Goose, Nene, and the Hawaiian Hawk. Native Hawaiian trees can also be seen. In addition, there are many favorites such as tigers, elephants, monkeys, and Komodo dragons. The Honolulu Zoo is the only zoo located on the royal estate. Today, the Zoo represents three tropical regions: the African Savannah, the Rainforest, and the Island Ecosystem. There is also a zoo and playground for children.

The zoo allows visitors to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages, and lunch can also be purchased at Kapahulu Market, which has a wide range of shops to cater to all tastes. If you buy a drink here, you can ask for more for free during your tour.

If you come here from June to August, the zoo will be an attractive evening destination with many concerts by famous national and international musicians. See the website for upcoming show schedules.

The Honolulu Zoo is located in Kapiolani Park, between Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. The zoo is open every day, except on Christmas Day. Admission is inexpensive and parking is for a small hourly fee. There is free parking at Waikiki Shell Stadium.

3. Enjoy the sun on the Waikiki Sea

Waikiki's main attraction, by far, is the stretch of sand along the coast. Waikiki has a wide range of beaches, nearly all of which are ideal for swimming and other water sports. The beaches begin on the west side with Kahanamoku beach, named after the famous Olympic swimmer, just in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and extend to Sans Souci Hilton each in Diamond Head to the east.

They overlap so smoothly that visitors find them indistinguishable. Kahanamoku Beach is separated from Gray Beach by a narrow channel. Next up is Royal Hawaiian Beach, without a doubt the most popular and crowded part of Waikiki. Next is Kuhio Beach Park, with the Kapahulu stone wall built before part of it. This is the only part of the beach that is not suitable for swimming.

Further beaches, located outside Waikiki, include small Kaluahole Beach, Diamond Head Beach Park, Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park, which is somewhat dangerous for high waves, Kaalawai, Kahala Beach, home to Kahala Hilton Hotel, and Wailupe Beach Park on the west side of the artificial peninsula of the same name.

In Waikiki, sun umbrellas are often brightly colored, becoming beautiful accents for the beach. On those white sandy beaches, the flow of people is busy, they come here and immerse themselves in the cool and clear water like seeing the bottom. In addition, the services of bathing, relaxation, and shopping are also an unforgettable factor that makes up the Waikiki beach tourism season.

Waikiki will bring unforgettable experiences to tourists. Not stopping there, you are also lucky to see seven colors of the rainbow right on the beach. The impressive and romantic scene of the Honolulu rainbow appearing over the Waikiki Sea will surely be a beautiful image kept forever in the minds of visitors who have witnessed it. Here, rainbows are easy to appear, because Honolulu is the land of rainbows.

4. Conquer the top of Diamond Head mountain

Formed about 300,000 years ago, after a violent eruption under the Pacific Ocean, Diamond Head is a crater that is no longer active. With a gray crown, the steel diamond Head crater is a colorful perspective array, adding to the picture of Honolulu city more vividly. It is the natural beauty of green as the main theme of Diamond Head that millions of conquering enthusiasts visit every time they travel to Honolulu. The road to the highest point of the crater is not too long and steep conquering this Diamond Head mountain requires active participants to have enough health and climbing skills.

If you want to get to the top of the mountain, you have to walk 1.3 km and climb 171m high stairs. Reaching the top of the mountain, all fatigue seems to disappear, replaced by majestic natural scenes of mountains, sky, and blue sea. Visiting and conquering this Diamond Head mountain gives visitors a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Honolulu, as well as understanding more about the formation and eruption of the volcano.

5. Take the submarine to explore the underwater world

The submarine Atlantis is a passenger submarine that offers visitors the opportunity to see the undersea world. They jumped about 100 feet over ship and plane wrecks. The guide points out different sea creatures. Submarines can be a good option for families who don't like scuba diving but still enjoy the underwater experience. On rare occasions, whales have examined submarines smaller than these mammals.

The coral reefs around Oahu are very deep and have been damaged both through human activities and tropical storms. Several attempts have been made to sink ships and planes as ways to give coral reefs and colorful fish some protection to flourish.

6. Coffee Farms in Kona

Whether you like coffee or not, when traveling to Hawaii, you should visit a coffee farm in Kona even once. When coming here, in addition to exploring the coffee garden and coffee factories, you can also enjoy a delicious cup of coffee brewed directly in the garden.

In addition, if you travel to Hawaii, the USA in November, you also have the opportunity to participate in the extremely interesting Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. Some famous coffee farms in Kona, Hawaii you should visit are Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation, Hilo Coffee Mill, Greenwell Farms, etc.

7. Cuisine

Not only attracts tourists with pure water, modern famous resorts, and hotels, but Waikiki is also an address for you to enjoy fresh seafood dishes in this tourist paradise. Unique Hawaii is also what attracts the most visitors here. America travel.

In addition to delicious seafood dishes, take the time to enjoy many unique dishes that must be tasted even once such as Poi, Li-hing-mui (salted dried plum), Haupia cake, etc.

Traveling to Hawaii to Food Court, you can enjoy Asian dishes at cheap prices.

As for the China Town area in Honolulu, there are many Chinese people with fragrant bowls of pho that visitors can't help but pass by.

8. Shopping

Waikiki is a shopper's paradise. Kalakaua Avenue is full of designer shops and most hotels have their shopping areas.

For foreign visitors, DFS Galleria Hawaii is the only place in Hawaii that enjoys tax-free savings on the world's top luxury brands.



The newly renovated Royal Hawaiian Center is a large shopping mall centrally located on Kalakaua Avenue near the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Goods for shopping in Waikiki are mainly clothes, souvenirs, statues, corals, shells, bamboo, and coconut crafts. Because it's a market, the goods here are also doubled, even three or four 4 times, so you have to know how to pay or you will be "spoiled".

If you want to shop in Waikiki for items such as jewelry, jewelry, perfume... then you are invited to the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Plaza. The house is located in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, consisting of three floors extending to three blocks of the street.


Opposite the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Plaza is another interesting shopping mall: Waikiki Business Plaza. The highlight of this center is the basement with all kinds of dishes from all over the world such as America, Italy, China, Japan, and Korea, which are very popular with Asian tourists.


Coming to Waikiki must be a great experience for all tourists. Not only the poetic and romantic scenery but also the warm, friendly and open welcome of the people here make you feel extremely comfortable. In addition, thanks to these interesting activities and the above best things to do at Waikiki, Waikiki welcomes three million visitors every year. So, book yourself a trip to Waikiki to enjoy the wonderful things in this sea paradise!