10 Places to Visit in Moscow you Can’t Miss

Do you know what the most populous city in Europe is? Most people wouldn’t guess that it is actually Moscow. There are approximately 13 million people in the Moscow metro area, which amounts to approximately 1/10th of all Russians.

This former capitol of the Soviet Union is still the political and financial center of Russia. Just because it is a current business and government city, in no way means that it is boring and not worth a visit. Assuming the political tensions get solved, Moscow is a fascinating city you need to visit.

While lots of people can’t explain the nuances of Russian architecture, most can spot and appreciate it immediately. One of the best ways to see the historic sites is by taking a boat tour down the Moskva River that meanders through the city.

1. Resurrection Gate or Iberian Gate and Chapel

The Resurrection Gate is now one of the most common ways to enter Red Square. This gate is also the only standing part of the wall that was the entrance to to Kitai-Gorod, or Moscow’s historic central business district.



2. Kolomenskoe Estate

Reconstruction of the Great Wooden Palace at the Kolomenskoe museum-reserve in Moscow. The palace reconstruction was completed in 2010.

3. Dormition Cathedral



Located inside the Moscow Kremlin. It is famous landmark of Moscow. Russian Orthodox cathedral decorated with ancient frescoes.

4. Izmailovo Kremlin

One of the coolest places to visit in Moscow.

The Kremlin in Izmailovo is a complex located in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow.

Built in 1998-2007. Wooden building stylized under Russian architecture of the XVI-XVII centuries

The nearest metro stations are Partizanskaya and Izmailovo.

5. Stalinist Skyscraper tour



6. St. Basils Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the main Red Square attractions. Legend has it that Tsar Ivan IV blinded the architect after completion of this masterpiece, so the architect could never create something so beautiful again. Ouch, way to say thanks for the hard work.

7. Moscow University

8. Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Created to thank Jesus for saving Russia. If you are interested in visiting this and so many other cathedrals in Moscow I recommend this tour that will take you to The Cathedral of Christ the Savior and so many other of the most popular churches and cathedrals in Moscow. You will learn about the history of each monument from the guide and about the Russian Orthodox Church.

9. Zaryade Park

Zaryadye Park is one of the main tourist attractions in Moscow.


10. The Cathedral of the icon of the Mother of God “Sign”

Located in Zaryadye park, the Cathedral of the icon of the Mother of God “Sign” of the former Znamensky monastery.

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