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Tokyo is the state-of-art capital and the most popular city in the world. It’s a metropolis like no other. Like Kyoto, Tokyo offers you a wide range of temples, museums, and drink and eat at many delectable restaurants, but you can do fun things in Tokyo you won’t find anywhere else.

I am sure you will have the craziest experiences in the vast city when spending your time feeling enchanted, bewildered, and, of course, 100% safe. Additionally, Tokyo wears so many various faces. It walks you from the traditional to the new, from small scale to big scale. It seems deep, immense, and so plentiful. 

To learn more about different aspects of today’s Tokyo, such as shopping, culture, entertainment, museums, temples, gardens or restaurants, you should visit the best places in Tokyo.   

Cosplay Go-Karting

Cosplay go-kart is to dress up as one of your favorite characters, then drive a go-kart across the city. I think it’s the coolest thing you can’t miss out on. Driving a tiny car on the actual streets among trucks, buses, and vehicles with a cosplay suit is fun.


When the late afternoon falls, you will view the golden light, sunset and bright neon lights once darkness covers. If it’s your first time trying a go-kart, don’t worry. A go-kart is easy to drive; however, you need an international driver’s license. Make sure you get it if you have it on your visit to Tokyo.

A tip: You should rent a two-hour course better than the shorter one because it takes you a little time to get familiar with driving the go-kart. Hence, you still have time to enjoy driving around the streets after getting used to operating.  

Tokyo DisneySea

You might spend a day on a Tokyo tour at DisneySea, but it deserves your time. It’s Disney like no other or possibly the best in the world. The theme park includes seven ports of natural spots and ocean legends like Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Arabian Coast, and Mysterious Island.

All attractions tend to be adult entertainment, a little different from the neighboring Tokyo Disneyland. You will get excited to participate in a Broadway show and enjoy a cocktail held in a 1920s cruise liner. 

What a fun day out! 

Tokyo Disneyland focuses on the classic structure while Disney park features the fairytale castle and Splash Mountains. For an extended stay, you can spend the whole day on each. Also, Osaka offers you thrilling rides and the compelling Harry Potter World.

A tip: A one-day DisneySea ticket costs 7500 yen or $69. To avoid a queue on your visit, you should book early.  

Robot Restaurant

The word robot restaurant implies a restaurant served by many robots. It doesn’t. It’s a show or the weirdest thing to experience your visit to Tokyo. The performance includes robots, ninjas, dragons, blue-haired dancers, guitarists on swings, creepy clowns, drums, a handful of neon lights, and music.

TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum

TeamLab Borderless is the digital art museum, an interactive museum in Tokyo. That is, you walk along corridors in the dark, then select any door to view three-dimensional displays in which you find creative use of lights and projections. No map helps your visit; discovery offers moments of fun.

For example, in a place, waves crash down on the walls. You stay in a small bean bag and float in the sea. In another spot, the room spins around a considerable net on which you lie. For children, they have play areas in the Athletic Forest even more interactive.

A tip: You should save at least three hours for this exploration and eat before your visit as there’s no food service inside. First, get to Floating Nest, the Crystal World, or Forest of Lamps before long queues for them appear.

TeamLab Borderless is open from 10 am to 7 pm per day. To avoid the crowd, don’t go on public holidays and weekends. It is in the Mori Building in Odaiba, a five-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station.  

Ghibli Museum

Don’t forget the whimsical Ghibli Museum if you love Studio Ghibli. It’s a chance to learn about drawings and props from classic films you may see in My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away.



If you want to book tickets, it is on sale on the 10th of the month for the following month. The ticket costs 1000 yen or $9. You find more information on the Ghibli Museum website.


Harajuku is a vibrant neighborhood in Tokyo. It gets crowded on public holidays and weekends. You will find excitement in wandering along to view cosplay kids, taking a look at fashion shops, and enjoying the well-known crepe stands. 

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji represents a Buddhist temple in one of the most traditional neighborhoods, Asakusa. There are ancient wooden stores mingled with concrete, modern shops, an old and modern blending.

The red temple has attracted the crowd, but you can avoid it by walking through the gardens to one of the calm shrines. People come to the temple to pray for good fortune. If you want a panoramic view, come up to the 8th floor of Asakusa. The admission is free and opens 24/24.

Ota Memorial Museum of Art

The Ota Memorial Museum sits in a small gallery full of exhibits of woodblock prints. The ticket costs 700 - 1000 yen or $6 - $9, depending on the show. It’s closed on Mondays and some holidays. To understand practical information and prevention measures, click here before a visit to Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

The best time to visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is the cherry blossoms of red-turning leaves in autumn. It’s romantic to take a stroll across teahouses, pagodas, and ponds in late summer. Japanese, French, and English gardens give a feeling of serenity.

Kaiseki meal

Kaiseki is one of the traditional multi-course meals decorated with seasonal ingredients. It can give you a memorable experience in having meals in a private mat room. It’s expensive. The economical way to enjoy it is to have lunch which is cheaper than dinner.



If you are vegetarians, you can have such a ryori or shojin ryori, the equivalent of kaiseki. 

Ramen Vending Machine Restaurant

At these machine restaurants in Tokyo, you can order meals and pay, at the entrance, at the vending machine, then take a seat and show a ticket to the chef or a servant. You will see thousands of ramen bars in Tokyo. 

Department Store Food Basement

The department store’s basement is full of culinary food, including odd-flavored kit kats, pickled vegetables, a wide range of rice crackers, and hundred-dollar cozy melons. Also, you have another choice by picking up a picnic lunch in a great place.  

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

To discover the vibrant city of Tokyo, the best place to have a general view is at the Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. The North Tower is open for the public till 11 pm.

From there, you view lit-up highways and skyscrapers in the darkness. If you are lucky, you get a scene of Mt Fuji on a clear morning. 

Memory Lane

Walking along the memory lane, you feel an atmosphere with mouth-watering smoke from grills and red lanterns hung from ceilings. A handful of guests sit at the counter, eat food, and talk together. All menus are designed for the Japanese. 



Golden Gai

Golden Gai is a route system including narrow lanes in Shinjuku. This area showcases tiny, cosy bars rather than fancy restaurants. You should pay attention that many of them don’t accept foreigners. When you see signs in English, you are welcome out there.

Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory

It’s an observation deck that gives different views of the city as fantastic as your visit offers. Also, you witness the city’s scenery of the meeting of the day and the night. And you have a chance to take selfies.


In a life of a technology-obsessed world, social media platforms may bring the world’s beauty to armchair tourists all over the world. But travel offers much more interesting than viewing gripping shots on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Travel is meaningful to all ranges of age. A trip grounds and rejuvenates you, challenges and educates you; better than that, it humbles you.

A trip to Tokyo gives you pleasant stories when experiencing a cosplay go-kart to share with your loved ones or buddies. Or moments of cool things to do in Tokyo will be cherished memories or irreplaceable learnings. Or in other words favorite,e trip broadens your horizons.  

Like other famous cities with different characteristics in tourism, Tokyo certainly should be one of your new year’s resolutions because you want to know what cool things to do in Tokyo in your upcoming trips. 


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